Monday, July 11, 2016

how to style: sneakers!

Sneakers are an absolute summer staple.  From busy weekends, to activities with the kids to exploring new locales while on vacation... every gal needs a stylish pair of sneakers on hand for summer.  And crazy but true - fall is nearing (yikes!) - and sneakers are an absolute must-have for fall as well.

Since sneakers are must-have now... and a must-have later for fall I thought I would re-run this very popular post from last year updated with my favorite sneakers picks now in stores.  There is tons of great outfit inspiration here for summer and fall if you are needing some tips on how to style your sneakers this season or next.  But here is my best tip for styling sneakers: there is no wrong way to do it! From jeans to shorts, to dresses or from sweaters to tees, to tanks... pair them all with sneakers for a fun and modern look that is always comfortable and cool.

1. pink slip-on vans (so so cute!) 2. adidas "stan smith" (according to Jess Lively all the girls in Paris are wearing these right now!) 3. black nikes (these are on my wishlist right now!) 4. white converse all-stars 5. new balance baby blue sneakers 6. white/gold sneakers (drooling!) 7. navy canvas superego (comes in TONS of colors!) 8. burgundy nike air (LOVE these for fall!) 9. leopard slip on sneakers


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