Thursday, March 30, 2023

mother + daughter spring beauty with Kohl's!

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The fresh start of a new season always feels so good. I've been busy cleaning out closets, junk drawers and generally resetting lots of areas of my life now that spring has officially arrived. Longer sunnier days are just what we all need after a long winter. It's the perfect time of year to refresh everything from closets to my makeup routine. 

My daughter and I recently went shopping for some fresh beauty finds for spring at Kohl's. They carry all your favorite beauty brands with Sephora at Kohl's! I was looking to add some fresh color to my spring beauty routine and my daughter wanted a refresh on some everyday basics. We both found our favorite brands like Merit, Tan-Luxe, Ilia, Fenty Beauty and Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez.  

We got FREE and fast shipping from Kohl's and right now you can take advantage of an extra 15% off your purchase of $100+ with code: CATCH15OFF. Read on to see what new favorites we are loving from Sephora at Kohl's....

My daughter's picks: 

Why she loves it: I love the Rare Beauty Highlighter in the shade Exhilarate. This highlighter is the perfect not-too-chalky, soft texture and goes on very lightly.

Why she loves it: I love the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb because it doesn't go on thick or sticky. After using it my lips feel plump and hydrated.

Why she loves it: The Tan-Luxe Super Glow Drops are perfect if you want a little bit of glow and a little bit of tan. I love this product because it's the perfect shade of bronze and it has SPF 30.
Why mom loves it too: These drops are super subtle and glowy for that just back from the beach look with no streaking (it's not permanent) and it's easy to add to your daily moisturizer. I'll be borrowing this one from my daughter for sure.

My picks: 
Why I love it: This is the perfect soft slip gloss that isn't sticky and adds just a hint of color. It's perfect for everyday wear and already has a permanent spot in my "purse" lipgloss collection. I'm in shade "Au Naturale"

Why I love it: This bronzer in shade "Drawn In" packs a punch and a little goes a long way. I use my fingers to dab a little on my cheekbones like blush for a fresh from outside look. 

Why I love it: I'm never fully dressed without blush and this Merit blush is my favorite brand. I went with shade Beverly Hills and it has the perfect sun-bronzed hue that complements the Ilia Bronzer really nicely. They make a great pair.


Friday, March 24, 2023

easy weeknight meals with Walmart +!

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Spring is such a busy time of year in our household that it's imperative that I meal plan in advance otherwise we are sure to end up in a fast food and pizza downward spiral. Both kids are playing sports, my son is graduating in less than two months and work is super busy for both my husband and I these days. Since this is the last few months that we will all be home until my son moves to college, weeknight meals are more important than ever. I try to get a meal on the table for us all to sit down to at least 2-3 nights a week. If that's not possible I still try to make dinner and eat with whoever is here and then save a plate for whoever is not. Plus, my high schoolers are extra hungry in sports season when the days are long and there is a lot of brain and energy output so a good hearty meal is always appreciated before they dig into homework.

Enter my very helpful Walmart+ membership! I can get dinner on the table easier with FREE delivery of groceries from my local Walmart with my Walmart+ membership. I love that my local Walmart carries all the grocery brands our family loves including tons of organic and gluten free options and I can get them all delivered exactly when I need them for FREE (for deliveries over $35, see terms and conditions)! You can sign up for your FREE 30-day trial of a Walmart+ membership HERE!

Today I'm sharing 4 really easy weeknight meals that our family loves that are also super simple to get on the table on weeknights. I hope these meal ideas help make your life a little easier too!

(above) Breakfast for Dinner
Everyone in the house loves breakfast for dinner. I use the pancake mix to make waffles because our family loves waffles the best and because they freeze well for future breakfasts. I'll make the entire box and whatever doesn't get eaten goes in the freezer. Then the kids can pop the frozen waffles into the microwave the next morning for breakfast. In addition to waffles, we love berries, hash browns and lots of bacon. Yum!

(above) Salmon "Rice" Bowls
For the base of this meal, you can do regular rice or cauliflower rice, we use and love both. I like to switch it up. I will bake the salmon or have my husband grill it and then throw some veggies on top. Oven roasted broccoli is a favorite or you could add snap peas, avocado or greens like arugula. For veggies I say that whatever you have on hand or whatever your family likes best works! I love this frozen pre-seasoned salmon because it's easy to have waiting on hand in the freezer and bakes up in under 30 minutes from frozen. That means dinner is on the table QUICK!

(above) Chicken BBQ Sammies
My kids claim to not like anything from the crockpot, but they always gobble up this meal. I put the chicken breast in the crockpot with about half a jar of bbq sauce and cook on low for 8 hours. Then I shred the chicken and quick mix up a salad and this meal is on the table in no time.  We use the rest of the bbq sauce for drizzling on top of the chicken when it's done cooking. This meal also makes fabulous leftovers.

(above) Pasta with Meat Sauce
This one is so simple and classic but always a crowd pleaser. I made this for the family a few months ago for the first time in like 5 years and now our family is obsessed. It definitely evokes nostalgia! We love Banza pasta because it tastes just like regular pasta with extra protein. I simply boil the pasta and brown the meat and mix in the sauce. This meal is done in like 20 minutes. I'll usually add a side veggie too depending on what I have on hand. Last time I made this we did green beans. Yum!

Friday, March 17, 2023

under $50 finds for spring with Walmart!

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Spring weather is right around the corner (hopefully!) or maybe it has already arrived where you are and today I have some great spring basics to share that I think you will love! This winter has felt like the longest winter ever and I am so ready to break out tees and white jeans and fun shoes and sandals again. It seems past due to shed the winter coats and heavy boots for lighter and brighter pieces for the season. 

Today with Walmart I am featuring some really great spring wardrobe staples on a budget that I know you will love! These high waisted white jeans are super comfortable and flattering and I love this creamy white as we ease into warmer days, it's the perfect shade of white. If you are looking for some great basic tees for spring to wear on their own or layered, I can't recommend these tees enough. I went up a size for a more slouchy fit. They are so soft, fit *perfectly* and are just $10 (ten!). I purchased the tee in both navy stripe and white and they will definitely be staples in my spring and summer wardrobe. The trench coat is one of the hottest items for spring this year and this navy trench coat is gorgeous in person. It fits great, the perfect trench coat fabric (a little stiff, but not too stiff) and you can tie the belt in the back (like I did here) or the front. Lastly this side-tie blouse is darling for spring, I love the high low hem and classic stripes. Everything is under $50 so it's a great way to stock up on basics for spring without breaking the budget. 

I love that with Walmart you always get FREE and fast shipping with orders over $35 and easy returns.

(above & below) Shop the look: gold sandals (true to size), striped tee (I went up a size for a slouchy fit), white jeans (true to size)

(above & below) Shop the look: raffia slides (true to size), side tie top (true to size), white jeans (true to size)

(above & below) Shop the look: navy trench coat (true to size), white tee (I went up a size for a slouchy fit), white jeans (true to size)

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Amazon finds: March!

 It's time for another Amazon round up... it seems like it's been a while, but maybe that's just because this winter is dragging of for seemingly forever. Ugh. But let's talk about non-winter things like these fun finds for spring from Amazon. I'm picky about my Amazon finds... so just know that these items are *good*! I wouldn't let them in if they weren't, especially since I know shopping on Amazon for clothing can be a bit all over the place.

Let's take a look at this month's finds...

black gauze dress, I just love this gauze fabric for spring and summer. It's soft and lightweight and so easy to wear. This dress could double as an everyday dress or a swim cover up. It's a great mom on the go piece with a modest length and tie neck. I went with my usual size small.

braided sandals, I love this style for spring and summer and the square toe is very on trend right now. I feel like sandals get so beat up in the warmer months so for me finding less expensive pairs makes sense. I'm usually between a 6 1/2 and 7 in shoes and got these in a 6 1/2. I need to exchange them for a 7. So go with your usual size (I am 90% of the time a size 7 but sometimes go down a size in sandals since they fit closer to the feet, this wasn't necessary)

striped sweater, this striped sweater has been my long, long time favorite. The black and white stripe (shown here) goes in and out of stock quite often but I have the blue and white stripe in my cart for spring! I go up a size in this sweater, I'm in a size medium.

black cropped tee, the cropped tee is definitely the "it" style this spring and summer. I went up a size to medium to make sure it's not too cropped and it works really well with high waisted jeans. I love that it's kind of swingy and drapes really well. This is a great piece to dress up or down for warmer months.  A true closet staple.

Recent Amazon bestsellers:
This half zip sweatshirt that's a great look a like for a big brand. Both my daughter and I have one and love them. I went up a size to medium.
This quilted reversible coat. It's great for chilly spring days... not too heavy and not too light.
This all cotton sweater is so cozy and perfect for spring. Lots of color options too! I went up a size to medium.
I'm obsessed with this insulated cup. It's the perfect size, fits in a car cupholder and stays cold for a long time. I got mine in December and I use it every single day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

a day in the life made easier with Walmart+!

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No two days are ever the same when you are self employed and a mom... my days can really be all over the place. But in general there are some daily routines that are always in place, mostly surrounding feeding the family for the day and what feels like constantly keeping up with the household with work squeezed in the nooks and crannies. 

I wake up between 6:30 am and 7:00 am (depending on how much I need the snooze button that day) and start with a big glass of water and my vitamins. I mostly try to be present but "out of the way" for the teens in the morning. Teenagers don't love mornings, if you haven't heard before ;) so I make sure to say good morning and be around but not too around, if that makes sense.  I make sure to stock plenty of on-the-go snacks for the kids to stock their backpacks for the day and after school activities. After the house empties out, I do a quick tidy of the kitchen and take the dog for a walk before I begin my day.

On this particular day we were low on groceries mid-week and I didn't have anything planned for dinner so that was my first priority. I love using my Walmart+ membership to get groceries and household supplies delivered same day in a pinch. Walmart + saved me on this day because we were low on almost everything around the house. I quickly logged on to the Walmart app and placed a grocery order to be delivered later that day right to my doorstep for FREE with Walmart+. This saved me tons of time so I could get some work done and a workout in for the morning. 

I loved that I could multi-task working and getting groceries at the same with Walmart+. After my workout I made a big protein smoothie and just as I was finishing the groceries arrived to my door! Yay! By the time I unpacked the groceries and got the fridge organized the kids were almost home from school for another round of snacks (of course!) and the sports and homework routine took over. 

We finished the day with tacos as a family which is always a crowd pleaser. I love that my local Walmart carries the grocery brands our family loves and I can get it all delivered same day with Walmart+. Walmart+ not only offered FREE same day grocery delivery (over $35) from your local store but you can also take advantage of other benefits like FREE online shipping with no minimum and 10 cents off every gallon at over 14,000 gas stations nationwide (see Walmart+ terms and conditions for more information).

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial of Walmart+ now and after that your membership is only $12.95 a mont or save  by signing up for an entire year for $98.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

celebrate Valentine's with Walmart!

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My *favorite* holiday is right around the corner! I love spoiling my family for Valentine's Day and today I have a fun and easy idea for a special celebration your family will love. The best way to celebrate Valentine's Day is with lots of sweet treats - or at least that's how we like to do it in our house! 

I set up this fun and simple sweet treat spread with Walmart and it was easy and affordable and my kids' eyes about popped out of their heads they were so excited - and it's not easy to get a teenager excited! I stocked up on candy and baked cupcakes with extra sprinkles and served strawberry lemonade. I found so many fun supplies at Walmart like this cake stand, candy jars and all the party essentials like plastic utensils, paper plates and fun decor. You can't beat their prices when stocking up on seasonal favorites like Valentine's candy. Plus their FREE and FAST shipping on orders over $35 makes it easy to pull together a fun spread like this without running all over town for supplies.

And you can snag my super cute peplum top from Walmart too!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

amazon finds: February!

 I'm back with another Amazon Finds post for you today! It's been a while since I've featured some of my favorite Amazon buys so I'm excited to share this batch with you. You can see all my past Amazon Finds posts here if you want MORE. I've said it before but I'm pretty picky about Amazon finds so when I share something here know that I LOVE it and highly recommend it. I know it can be tough to wade through what's quality or not on Amazon and I hope this helps, even if it's just a little bit. Let's take a look at this month's finds...

This month's Amazon Finds...

This fitted ribbed sweater top is a piece I've been looking for lately. I just wanted a simple fitted black top. It's 50/50 a sweater and a top, like a thin sweater. I love it paired with wide leg denim for a fresh silhouette for 2023. It runs a bit big, if you are between sizes you could consider going down a size. I went with my usual size small. (shown with jeans, I'm in my bigger size, and mules)

I've owned this boxy chunky knit cotton sweater for a while and when I was cleaning out my closet over the holiday break I found it wedged behind two other sweaters. It was a very pleasant surprise since this sweater is so soft and cozy and ALL COTTON! I went up a size for a more oversized fit, I'm in a size medium. There are a lot of color options too! (shown with jeans, I'm in my bigger size, and birks)

This reversible quilted fleece coat is a real find! It's quilted on one side and fleece on the other and it's fully reversible with buttons. It's quite warm and great for layering with sweaters for cold winter days. I'm in my usual size small, it runs a little big so you could go down a size too.

This black hooded sweatshirt is a dupe for a more expensive brand and it really is so nice in person! I originally ordered it in a size small and it was a touch too small for me, so I gave that one to my daughter and reordered this one in medium. It's super soft especially after washing it and I love it over workout outfits or just around the house. (shown with leggings, true to size, and sneakers, true to size)

Recent Amazon Bestsellers...

This all cotton sweater, I went up a size.
I just LOVE these leggings. True to size.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

fitness finds for less with Walmart!

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I'm not much of a "new year, new me" type of person although I love the fresh start feel of the new year. It feels like fall in some ways when the kids go back to school, like everything gets a little restart. And while I don't make fitness goals ever for the new year, my motto is that there is honestly nothing better to do this time of year anyway - so why not get back into a workout routine or amp up your current workout routine?!?!  January is such a blah month... might as well be doing something good for yourself! 

New clothing for work outs ALWAYS puts some extra pep in my step and I found some really fun pieces from Walmart that I am loving for hitting the gym this winter! If you need to stock up on basics these joggers are a great material (not too thick, not too thin!) and if you want something new and fun try these ribbed leggings that are super comfortable and stretchy. Both this puffer coat and this fleece jacket are the perfect extra layer for to and from the gym or outdoor walks, errands or running around with the kids on an athleisure day. Getting to the gym in the winter is NOT easy... but you can at least look good (and save money) doing it with Walmart.

You always get FREE & FAST SHIPPING with Walmart on orders over $35 so it's always a great time to shop!

Shop the look: ribbed leggings (true to size), puffer coat (I went up a size for an oversized fit), sneakers (runs big, size down a full size), black tank (runs small, I went up a size)

Shop the look: joggers (run big, I went down a size to XS), sneakers (runs big, size down a full size), cream fleece jacket (true to size)

Friday, January 13, 2023

transitional staples for your closet with Banana Republic Factory!

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Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

I'm slowly starting to think about my spring wardrobe even though we are very much in the depths of winter... but hey, I like to plan! And really, what is more fun than planning for spring during these long and dark days? Now is the perfect time to start adding a few spring or warm weather travel pieces to your closet to prep for spring and Banana Republic Factory has a HUGE promotion going on this weekend!

From the perfect spring dresses like this t-shirt dress or this tie waist dress (I just bought this one for myself!) to more transitional pieces like this cable knit sweater or collared sweatshirt, Banana Republic Factory has the perfect spring and pre-spring pieces for your closet. This beautiful blouse or leather tote are great year round and they also have some great sleeveless tops like this striped top for layering with blazers or cardigans now and wearing on their own later. 

I love that Banana Republic Factory has beautiful closet staples that you will depend on for multiple seasons at budget-friendly prices. And for this weekend only you can get 50% off everything + an extra 20% off your purchase. Bonus: An extra 60% off clearance! This promotion ends January 17, 2023. Here are my top picks... there are so many good pieces here! Happy shopping! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

under $100 finds for January!

If you closet is needing some fresh updates for the New Year without breaking the bank I have a great roundup today! From classic wardrobe staples to a few fun spring-like pieces that you can wear now, everything here is versatile and practical and also under $100!

Monday, January 9, 2023

my tips for cleaning out your closet!


I did a HUGE closet clean out during the week between Christmas and New Years and it felt SO good. I usually do big clean outs about 2 times a year and smaller clean outs maybe 3-4 times a year. My closet is decent sized but it's not huge so space is at a premium and also when my closet gets messy or unorganized I tend to forget the items I own and love and just pull for the same things over and over or feel like I need new clothes when I really don't. For me, cleaning out my closet is an activity I really enjoy. Mostly because I know the end product will make me feel more creative when I choose outfits and remind me that I have plenty to wear and that I do really love my closet. It brings creativity and contentedness to the forefront.

I posted this photo of my sweaters organized by color (or by neutral hue, you might say) and lots of you had questions on how to start the process of cleaning out your closet and how to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. It can be a daunting process and I while I do enjoy it, I always have to be in a certain mood for it too (mostly my mood is: fed up with the mess and disorganization).

Deciding what to keep and what to either give away to friends, donate or sell is a personal decision. I can't tell you what to keep and what not to keep and I would never say "this style is OUT - throw it all away!" Style is so personal and it's all about what makes you feel your best and your most confident. So in the end you will have to decide for yourself. But these are some of the "rules" I go by...

How to decide what items to get rid of in my closet:
- Items that don't fit, if you are in a life transition like pregnancy or weight loss or gain (both are TOTALLY natural during a woman's life, even just a few pounds can drastically change how clothes fit) and you need/want to keep items that don't fit then I suggest storing them elsewhere so you can see what fits NOW in your closet. It makes getting dressed so much easier. If you are still thinking you might fit in those jeans from high school or the like, they should go. I think looking to the future with clothes is better than looking back. Focus on the items that fit you now, that you love now.
- Items that I haven't worn from previous seasons, if you are looking at a pile of summer stuff you didn't wear at all last summer... it's time for them to go! (again barring any type of major life change like pregnancy, etc) If I didn't love it last summer, it's unlikely I will grow fond of it between now and the next warm weather season. Same goes for cold weather season... if I didn't love it last winter, then its unlikely it will become a piece I run to this winter.
- Items that I don't look forward to wearing for the upcoming season, spring and summer are up next and some of my warm weather pieces from previous seasons I am either sick of or they just got worn to death and are looking rough from a lot of wash cycles. In addition, there are always the pesky items I "thought" I would wear but didn't. Sometimes I feel a little shameful about it, but in the end, those items are out for me... I want to focus on places I need to fill in for the new season and items I am excited to repeat this coming spring/summer.
- Items that don't feel like "me", this one might be more difficult to describe but there may be a sweater that is just gorgeous but I never really wear it because it just doesn't "feel" right. It's okay to say, this isn't for me and move on. It's easy to get attached to items because we paid money for them or because they mean something more than just their physical properties. But if it's taking up space, it needs to be something I love.

As far as organization goes, this is generally how I organize my closet:
- sweaters folded, as shown above.
- tops are all on hangers long sleeve on one side, organized by color and short sleeve/sleeveless on the other side also organized by color. 
- lightweight jackets and sweatshirts also share a hanging rod, also organized by type and color
- jeans I hang from s hooks on hanging rod too (you can see that in this post!)

How I handle off season items in my closet:
- Seasonless items like jeans, tops, shoes stay out all year.
- Some items like jackets/blazers and some seasonless sweaters (cotton and some lightweight cashmere) also stay out all year.
- Items that are super season-specific like boots, sandals, shorts, etc get packed away in fabric storage boxes and put on the top shelf of my closet depending on the season. Underbed storage or even big plastic tubs put in the basement work for this too. We happen to have tall ceilings so I use the vertical space since I can't reach it easily to access daily.

Let's get to some of your questions about organizing your closet...

Q. What to fold/hang, by color or type of item?
A. I like to fold sweaters (and sometimes jeans too) and hang tops and blazers and sweatshirts and jackets. I organized tops by style, then by color. So button up tops are together by color and tank tops are together by color, for example. It depends on how your own closet is laid out, but this is how I prefer it. 

Q. Where to sell or donate?
A. I usually donate to Goodwill, give/sell to friends and sell on ThredUp. Keep in mind reselling clothes is NOT lucrative, you will make a very small amount on reselling clothes so to avoid disappointment, don't get your hopes up.

Q. No shelves, how to store sweaters?
A. Search it up on Pinterest! There are some cool tricks for using hangers to hang sweaters without getting bumps in the shoulders. I will say that I LOVE a shelf for sweaters... I've been known to rip out hanging bars in past closets and buy a free standing shelf to put in a closet before!

Q. Do you keep sweaters out all year or pack some away?
A. Super season specific sweaters get packed away in the off season. So for example I have a few very light cotton or linen sweaters that are packed away until spring. Come spring, all the heavier wool and cashmere sweaters get packed away in their place. Some cotton and light cashmere sweaters stay out all year.

Q. How to not feel overwhelmed and know what to get rid of?
A. I clean out my closet a lot so I have a pretty good confidence in my ability to do it. But if you are new at it or haven't done it in a long time it can be SUPER overwhelming! I get it! I think it's most overwhelming because people worry they will "regret" getting rid of something. This is a trick I've used before and I find it very helpful... if you are feeling worried that you might get rid of something and regret it then just store it somewhere else for now. So do your big closet clean out and take everything you are going to give away and just put it in a big storage tub out of sight (make it very out of sight, like the depths of your storage room). Then wait. Wait 3 months or even a year - then go through it again and see if you missed anything in there. If not... send it on to friends or donate it.

Q. Do you wash sweaters or dry clean?
A. I follow the instructions on the tags. Anything with wool or cashmere can NOT be washed, even hand wash can be tricky, with a very few minor exceptions. Those items go to the dry cleaner. I also love products like this to refresh sweaters between wears. Or wear a cami or t-shirt underneath to keep them cleaner longer. I don't think sweaters need to be washed after every wear unless there is a spill. Sweaters that are cotton or other washable materials get washed in the washer on delicate and hung or laid flat to dry.

Q. Parting with something that cost money (or still has tags on) but you know you will never wear it again?
A. This can be very difficult and here is my take on it, I'll speak to my own goals for my closet here. Keeping in mind that I want my closet to inspire easy outfits the second I step in - it can be difficult to make outfits when there is a lot of "noise" or unused, unliked items in there. I want to step in and know that everything fits and everything is something I love. There is a phrase my husband uses that I love and it's "addition by subtraction" - sometimes taking things out of your closet make the closet a better place. For instance, we had these half dead plants in our landscaping and I couldn't think for the life of me what to replace them with, so I left them there. One day my husband dug them up and threw them in the woods. Addition by subtraction. Sure the landscaping had a small open spot now, but at least it wasn't filled with half dead plants. It actually looked so much better - and it wasn't at all the gaping hole I thought it would be.
Wish the item well in it's next life and move on... :)

I hope this post was helpful for you! The New Year is a GREAT time to clean out your closet and start fresh for 2023. It can be difficult to feel inspired by my closet in the dead of winter, so I hope this will help making getting dressed a little easier and more fun for these dark cold days!

Friday, January 6, 2023

on my radar: January 2023!

I just LOVE the fresh start of a new year... it's so cheesy, but I do. It gives me such a good reset mentally especially after a nice long break for the holidays. I'm excited for all that 2023 holds, but also... for the fun new clothes too! I'll be honest! I'm looking forward to spring styles, new trends and fun new inspiration and I love to find inspiration in clothing. Today I'm rounding up some new finds that are inspiring me this new year... I hope they inspire you too!

suede bucket bag, bucket style bags are going to be a big trend this year and I love a tote and a bucket bag is like half a tote ;) so I am really into this trend! This suede option is gorgeous!

striped sweater, the striped sweater had a big resurgence in popularity this past fall. It's always been a classic and this one is here to stay during the winter and into spring. It's so easy to wear!

black checked coat, winter has me craving all the beautiful coats! This tight check pattern is so chic and is giving off major 'cool French girl' vibes.

brown cotton ribbed sweater, new year, same me. I just LOVE a good sweater. Especially a cotton sweater lately. The fabric is seasonless and so easy and comfortable to wear.

split hem jeans, a fun take on the classic skinny jeans! These split hem jeans are SO fun! It's also another way to ease into longer hemlines, which will also be making a comeback this year. I love an ankle crop, but I'm open to trying new things too.

pebbled leather tote, this tote just screams "New Year" to me. Simple and streamlined, beautiful and practical.  Everything I crave for my closet.

shearing lined Birkenstock clog, I might break down and buy these. I just love my Boston clogs so much and these would be perfect "house shoes" - and I would wear them out as long as there is no snow too!

straight leg jeans, these seem to be the style everyone is talking about these days. They have been in my cart for a few weeks!

heart bracelet, anything and everything with a heart, please. Especially near Valentines day!

sherpa toggle coat, I saw something similar on Shea from McGee & Co on her new Netflix show (it's so good and her outfit are SO good!) and I can't stop thinking about it. It's in my cart!


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