Thursday, January 23, 2020

instagram lately!

It's time for another Instagram round up! If you are not following me over there yet... what are you waiting for!?! There are always fun sneak peeks behind the scenes and I post my daily outfit *almost* everyday! Let's take a look at some of the outfits I've been posting over there... if you are looking for some outfit inspiration - I hope some of these will help inspire you! Getting dressed for the long and cold winter days can be such a drag, I try to keep it simple and casual but always pulled together.

This puff sleeve sweatshirt has been a favorite since fall. It's so dang cute and it's been restocked several times, so if you missed it before or if you can't find your size now, don't worry - it will be back! I love it with jeans and leopard flats. So easy and mom friendly... and so cute too.
shop the pieces: sweatshirt (true to size), jeans (I went up a size), similar loafers

I can always count on Everlane for simple but beautiful pieces for my wardrobe. These two tops are just that! The black sweater is made from recycled cashmere (love that!) and the waffle henley is so soft it's gotten tons of wear. 
shop the pieces: black sweater (true to size), waffle henley (true to size), blue jeans, black jeans, leopard sneakers or similar, veja sneakers (go down one full size)

This sweater has been a top seller on the blog for a few months and no surprise why! I've been wearing it a ton too. It's so soft, so warm and I love this gorgeous colors but it's available in lots of other colors too.
shop the pieces: sweater (true to size), jeans (I went up a size), leopard sneakers or similar

I am loving this fun graphic tee - you can see more ways to style it here. A denim jacket and black jeans are a super easy combo when you are fleeing stumped on putting an outfit together. 
shop the pieces: graphic tee (true to size), black jeans (I went up one size), denim jacket (true to size), veja sneakers (go up one full size) 

I love a simple sweater and flats outfit. It's so simple and classic. This sweater is just GORGEOUS in person and so warm too!
shop the pieces: sweater (true to size), jeans (I went up a size), flats

This simple black sweater is perfectly oversized. I love it to transition to spring because it's cotton so it's got that spring-ish feel to it. These braided headbands are SO fun - have you jumped on the headband trend yet? I love it!
shop the pieces: sweater (true to size), loafers, headband, jeans (I went up a size)

I sincerely love this sweater blazer so much I bought it in three colors. I rarely buy things in multiples but this is so worth it. I've found it to be so versatile and you can really dress it up or dress it down.
shop the pieces: sweater blazer (size down one), black jeans, blue jeans, light blue jeans, veja sneakers (size down one full size), leopard loafersflats

These are two new sweaters that have been on heavy rotation. They are both super cute and soft and the perfect fresh feel for my closet this time of year. 
shop the pieces: beige sweater (true to size), black sweater (true to size), black jeans, blue jeans, veja sneakers (size down on size), leopard sneakers or similar

This sweater is another that's in heavy rotation. I love the oversized feel with skinny jeans or leggings. Paired with leopard flats it's a super classic look.
shop the pieces: sweater (size down one), jeans, similar loafers, bag is Polene shop similar here 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

new arrivals: Nordstrom!

I'm seriously on the hunt for new arrivals these days! I'm desperate to infuse a FRESH feel into my wardrobe now that we are a few months into winter. Especially since we still are only about half way through - which is a discouraging thought!

Here are some cute new arrivals I found at Nordstrom... they are the perfect mix between cozy and classic for these seemingly endless winter days.

top row, from left: 
dotted bubble sleeve sweater - this is just the feel I am looking for this time of year! It's fresh and fun and still warm enough for these snowy days!

grey turtleneck sweater - this sweater is just GORGEOUS and I love it's oversized feel. Its perfect with skinny jeans and flats!

puff sleeve sweatshirt - I love a sweatshirt. And I really love a puff sleeve lately. It's such a fun trend and in sweatshirt form its super easy to pull off!

middle row, from left:
camel sweater, this sweater is classic and simple and another great piece for all those New Year, New You vibes!

v-neck sweater - I love how this has a simple slouchy feel and it would be a great piece to transition to spring!

distressed jeans - this brand is quickly becoming a favorite for denim. Sizing can be tricky - I usually go up a size - but they are affordable and modern cuts. This cut is my favorite. A little stretchy with a straight leg to make it both comfortable and trendy.

bottom row, from left:
twist front top - how cute is this? It's perfect with straight leg jeans and sneakers or dressed up under a blazer with flats for work. 

leopard flats - I LOVE a leopard shoe so much lately. This pair is new and SO cute! If you are looking for a pair, this pair looks great.

striped turtleneck - So fresh! So simple! This would pair well with jeans and sneakers or would be great with black jeans and loafers to dress it up too!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

how I organize my closet!

Ever since I first began blogging one of the questions I get the most is about organizing my closet. How do I organize my closet? What do I do with seasonal items? What tips do I have?  I've attempted "Closet Organizing" posts in the past but the problem was always that even a medium size walk in closet usually is so dark and small once you take a camera to it that it's been difficult to really properly capture how I organize my closet.

This past fall we decided to take our "bonus" room that was being used as a guest room and turn it into a closet and office for me. Previously I was working at a very tiny desk in our mudroom and I had about 3 feet by 5 feet to run my business.  It was tight! At the time I was using our master closet in it's entirety so my husband was a closet-less and making do with sharing a coat closet.  Our "guest room" at the time was being used maybe six to eight nights a YEAR, so rarely, and technically it wasn't even a "bedroom" because the room is a true "bonus room" - it has no windows and no closet. So really it's not 100% safe as a guest room with no egress and not practical as a long term bedroom with no closet. It was labeled as a "bonus room" when we bought the house with the option to turn it into a theatre room. If we had little kids this would be the PERFECT play room, but since we are past the toy phase and not into having a "theatre" room the guest room was kind of fall back using furniture we had from our previous homes' guest room.

My husband installed these closet cabinets from IKEA on one wall (plus a small half wall) and voila! I can now SEE all my clothes much better and this room is still in process, but another wall houses my desk and some shelves and once it's done it will have some nice soft seating as well. It's great to have a room to organize my clothes AND my business and not be in the center of the action in the mudroom anymore - I have a door!

In comparing these closet cabinets to the storage space I had in our Master closet, they are almost the same. I might have just a touch less space here in the new area. Because of that I still have a few seasonal items hanging in the Master closet since that space is still a little too big for my husband. I will move those items into these cabinets when the weather warms.

Let's take a look at how I have it all organized and then I will answer some questions you all have below too!

(above) We used PAX system from IKEA and my husband is pretty handy so he found it quite simple to assemble and attach to the wall. It took about one evening of work. Maybe two. On the left and in the middle (and below you will see a photo of one more) we used the 39 (wide) x 92 (tall) x 22 (deep) cabinets. Which are HUGE. For the left side we used the 39 (wide) x 92 (tall) x 13 (deep) cabinet. Not seen in this photo is an entrance to a mechanical room to the left. So the cabinet couldn't be as deep on the left side in order to keep the doorway free for accessing the mechanicals. It worked perfectly because I found I don't need super deep shelving for shoes and sweaters like I do for clothing.  You can also add more options like drawers, lighting and doors to these cabinets as well. Since we installed them I have considered maybe adding doors in the future. If I ever wanted to use this room for something besides my office in the future we could keep the closet in place and the doors would make it look like built in storage with a more polished feel. I love that this system is so flexible!


On the left from the top down I keep smaller purses and clutches. Then below that I have tees and tops. I keep my short sleeve shirts here alongside long sleeve tees because I have the space and sometimes I still grab for tees to layer under cardigans or blazers. For the most part I keep out of season items packed away - more on that later! I use all white hangers (these!) to keep a uniform look. Below tees and tops I have blazers and jackets and fleeces. In general I like to group like colors with like so that it's visually pleasing and also so that items are easy to find. 

(above & below)

Now let's look at the middle section. Starting at the top I have larger handbags and totes. Then below that I have jeans folded. I have skinny jeans on the left, leggings in the middle and straight leg jeans on the right. Below that are cardigans on the left (I use THESE hangers to keep them from getting stretched out) then scarves folded in half and hung from hangers too. I like to see the scarves and they easily get wrinkled folded. Once the weather warms I will swap out the scarves for dresses in that section. Below the scarves in baskets are hats and gloves. Those too will get put away when the weather warms leaving room for maxi dresses. Since I rarely wear dresses in the fall/winter they are kept in a small corner of my husbands closet (I don't even own that many dresses!) during the winter.


Then the final cabinet on the left is for sweaters and shoes. I fold all my sweaters and organize them by brand. This is a new technique to me - I used to organize them by color but it got a little confusing since I have so many neutrals. All the whites and beiges were blurring together. Haha! So sorting them by brand helps me easily find what I am looking for. If I am in a mood for an Everlane or Madewell sweater I just grab from that pile.  Then shoes I organize by type. From the top I have ankle boots, sneakers, black flats, leopard and brown flats and heels on the bottom. All my sandals are packed away. Once the weather warms the ankle boots will be packed away and replaced with sandals. I randomly grabbed this stool at Home Goods and put it here randomly - then realized it's perfect for sitting on take shoes on and off!


So this is the not so pretty part... but still very functional! This is a half wall around the corner from the main wall shown above. In the large grey bins (very old but similar) I keep seasonal items like Christmas themed items, sandals and shorts. I also stash my steamer (highly recommend!), a sweater shaver (also highly recommend) and a lint roller. Below that is some jewelry (similar) and sunglass storage, some hats that get a lot of wear this time of year and other accessories like headbands. Below that is a staging area I use for prepping blog posts. It's a mash up of items that I need to photograph for the blog, new items I need to try on, a basket for returns and a step stool (short people problems!).

Now to answer some of your questions...

Q. How do you store or handle out of season clothing and shoes?
A. So I answered this above - I use these fabric bins (similar) and I label them with what's inside. If you don't have open space in your closet like this then I would suggest under the bed boxes or plastic containers that can be put in a basement or attic. I used to keep everything together but that takes up so much space and also it's difficult to make outfits when half of the items I see in my closet aren't for the right season. Taking those items out makes a huge difference in just visually reducing clutter, which for me makes getting dressed easier.

Q. Hang or fold sweaters? Hang or fold jeans?
A. I am team fold both! But that is 100% personal preference. I think jeans can easily be hanging, especially if that helps you see them better. For sweaters I am reluctant to hang because they can easily get shoulder bumps from the hanger. Although using these hangers on cardigans has helped that tremendously. 

Q. How to store t-shirts in a small closet?
A. I like to hang t-shirts, but again, this is purely preference. You can easily fold them and use storage  drawers like these to keep them all in one place. 

Q. How do you store your workout clothes?
A. I keep workout clothes in my bedroom dresser. They get ONE drawer, which is tight. But it's a good reminder for me to keep ONLY what I love and when it comes to buying new I think twice because I know that drawer is almost at capacity already. 

Q. Where do you store pajamas?
A. Just like workout clothes my pjs get ONE drawer in my bedroom. Which is also quite tight because I love stocking up on leggings and sweatshirts for sleep. But again, I can't buy more without getting rid of some old ones so it definitely makes me think twice. 

Q. How do you store long necklaces?
A. I just bought this necklace organizer and it's beautiful and works PERFECTLY for long and short necklaces. I don't have a good spot for it right now, so it's next to my computer. But I'm working on that!

Q. Shoes? My shoes are always on the floor?
A. I have a strict "there is a spot for everything" rule in my whole house (just ask my kids and husband! ha!) and in my closet it's no different. Again, for me it's all about being able to SEE everything so I can quickly make outfit decisions. I stagger my shoes on the shelves, one forward and one back so that they nestle together and you can fit more shoes on a shelf. It's not always easy to return them to their proper place every night. But I try and I'm always thankful I did.

Q. How do you store purses and belts?
A. I don't have any belts!?!? Actually I have one and I couldn't tell you where that is right now. Hmmmm.... But for purses I always store them upright filled with small pillows I had made for purses to keep them from falling over and wrinkling. If you don't have pillows for them you could use those packing bubbles that Amazon always sends that looks like small plastic bags filled with air that are so annoying!

Q. How often do I clean out my closet?
A. ALL. THE. TIME. This is ALL the space I have... no more (minus the very small corner in my husbands closet for dresses I am using right now). It's not small, but it's not huge either. If I haven't worn something in a few seasons, I find that I am just not grabbing for it regularly or I'm running out of space then it's time to clear out. I usually keep a small pile of items for donation or resale going at all times and drop them off 6-8 times a year.  I LOVE clothes and I love buying new ones... but I also hate having a lot of clothes. It's too overwhelming to me. So I'm constantly clearing items out. These photos were taken after quite a big clean out and ideally I would own even less than is shown here. I'm always trying to streamline my wardrobe and balance new with old.

Monday, January 20, 2020

J.Crew try on session!

Today I have a J.Crew try on session for you with some gorgeous winter sweaters! You all probably know by now that I wear a lot of sweaters in the winter and they are my top of choice when the weather is so cold.  Right now all these pieces are 30% off at J.Crew - so now is the time to stock up. We have a lot of winter left to survive and cozy sweaters definitely make it easier!  Let's take a look and I will include sizing info below too!

I love a mockneck sweater these days and this one is so cozy and soft!  I love the chunky knit and the slouchy feel to this one. It runs true to size, I am in a size small. 
Shown with: jeans (true to size), ankle boots

This one is by far my favorite of the bunch. It's incredibly soft and I think a waffle knit is so beautiful. It's got a great high-low hem making it super flattering too. I am wearing a size small here, it's true to size, but I also think you could size up for a slouchier feel that would look cute with leggings too.
Shown with: black jeans (I went up one size), flats

This is another FAVORITE. It's cotton so it's not itchy at all and the chunky knit is very warm and comfortable. I love, love, love this one and I've really been digging black sweaters lately. It's available in quite a few colors and is true to size, I am in a size small.
Shown with: jeans (I went up one size), flats

No one does stripes as good as J.Crew and this sweater is classic J.Crew gold. I love it. It's quite oversized - I went down a size to an XS - but I loved the oversized slouchy feel with jean and sneakers. This is another instant favorite!
Shown with: jeans (true to size), sneakers (go down a size)

(above) Sophie Blazer
I love this blazer so much I now own it in three colors. I also have camel and a creamy white and now black. It's SO versatile and while it's easy to dress up for the office with a blouse or with black jeans and flats - I styled it more casual here to show that it works great this way too. This blazer runs large so I suggest going down one size, I am in the XS here.
Shown with: jeans (true to size), t-shirt, sneakers or similar sneakers

(above) Sweater Hoodie
This hoodie is giving me all the early 2000s vibes. I was intrigued by it because I love that it's a hoodie but also a sweater and I think there is a lot of fun layering options here. But this fit SO SMALL. It was skin tight and since you probably don't want to wear it on it's own (that may be weird) I would definitely suggest going up a size. It's super soft and cute but this just didn't work for me. I am in my usual size small here - so definitely go up a size.

Final thoughts...
I rarely keep everything I try on. I treat these try on sessions just like a fitting room... try some things, see what works, see what doesn't work and then make decisions. Here are my final thoughts on these pieces...

Marled Donegal Mockneck Sweater - I liked this a lot... but didn't love it as much as some of the other pieces. Plus I have a similar chunky knit white sweater that I already own. This one is going back.

High-Low Waffle Knit Sweater - this definitely a favorite! She's a keeper!

Cable Knit Mock Neck Sweater - another big favorite. I would consider snagging this in another color too. It's really comfortable and I think the cut is very flattering too. Another keeper!

Striped Boyfriend Sweater - this one makes the cut too. I really like this and I think it's going to be really fun to style and wear this winter.

Sophie Blazer - a keeper! I can see getting lots of wear out of this one!

Sweater Hoodie - I really wanted to love this. But the fit was too tight... so it's going back.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

6 ways to style: Anine Bing graphic tee!

I'm back with another 6 WAYS TO STYLE post for you all today! It's been a while since I've pulled one of these posts together and it was nice (albeit a little challenging) to put my creative styling hat back on today to bring you these 6 looks. Today I am styling up my Anine Bing graphic tee... these are quite trendy right now and while I don't always love trends, it's fun to jump on them from time to time. If you aren't loving the price on this tee I found this one and this one that are a friendly price!  And a quick note on sizing... I went with my usual size small in the t-shirt but it runs a touch big. I don't mind the looser fit, but if you wanted it more fitted I would suggest going down a size.

Let's get to the looks... shall we? There is really something for everyone here from a little dressed up to super casual looks. And if you want more posts like this one, be sure to check out the archives of the 6 ways to style posts here!


Outfit 1 (left, above)
One of my classic styling tricks is pairing blue denim with black denim. So you've probably already seen a similar combo at some point on my blog. It's easy and comfortable to wear and looks super pulled together. You could pair this with sneakers too, but I went with loafers. It's easy and cute!
Shop the pieces: tee (similar or similar), denim jacket (true to size), jeans (I went up a size), loafers

Outfit 2 (right, above)
Leggings and an oversized cardigan is another combo that I love wearing. This cardigan is a little too big, I just pulled it out of the box and loved the color with the Bing tee, so I'll exchange it for a smaller size, but you get the picture. Paired with my favorite and most flattering leggings and sneakers this is the idea mom-on-the-go or weekend look. 
Shop the pieces: tee (similar or similar), cardigan (go down one size), leggings (true to size), sneakers (go down one size)

Outfit 4 (left, above)
This is such a fun rocker-chic look! It would be so cute for a concert, date night or girls night out. Or if this is a vibe you love - it's perfect for everyday wear too! Skinny jeans, ankle boots and a suede moto jacket is a classic combo.
Shop the pieces: tee (similar or similar), similar or similar less expensive suede jacket, jeans, ankle boot

Outfit 5 (right, above)
If you want to take the tee in a more preppy direction I love pairing it with a sweater blazer and leopard flats. So chic and unexpected pairing. This is perfect everyday look or would be fun for a casual day in the office.
Shop the pieces: tee (similar or similar), sweater blazer (size down one size), jeans, similar leopard loafers

Outfit 5 (left, above)
A look doesn't have to be overly styled to still be very cute! I love this tee on it's own (for warmer days... they are coming!) with mom jeans and birks. I rolled the sleeves for a little bit of texture. This is the perfect mom-on-the-go or weekend look. 
Shop the pieces: tee (similar or similar), jeans (I went up a size), birks

Outfit 6 (right, above) 
I'm alllll about athleisure these days and these joggers work with SO many pieces in my closet including this tee. I threw a cardigan overtop and this is the PERFECT weekend look in my eyes. Casual, comfortable for all the weekend things and great for lounging too.
Shop the pieces: tee (similar or similar), cardigan (true to size), joggers (true to size), similar sneakers or similar less expensive sneakers

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

my everyday style: the amazon sweater I am obsessed with!

Do you buy clothing pieces you love in multiples? I'm super curious to know your take on this!  I never really have... for the longest time if I found a top or sweater I loved then I would enjoy it and find other tops I would enjoy too. For a while it just seemed kind of like hoarding to me. Do I really need a cute top in 3 colors? But lately I've found that when I find a piece that I love - like really, really love - I am drawn to buying in multiples. I didn't even realize I was doing it first... I had found Spanx leggings I loved, so I bought a few more. I had a blazer I loved and found myself thinking, I would wear this a lot in other colors too. And when I found this sweater and tried it on the first time I knew more colors were in my future.

Buying multiples of the same pieces doesn't feel superfluous or overly materialistic anymore (not that I was ever staunchly against it). Instead, it feels like doubling down on the items I KNOW I love and that work well in my wardrobe right now. It feels like I'm accessing a level of maturity in my clothing decisions that says "GO WITH WHAT WORKS" and leave the rest behind. It feels like a start at streamlining and simplifying my wardrobe that feels like a uniform in the best way possible. It feels like honing my personal style where myself and others would say "yes, that's a Jill top." Kate Middleton does this so well - you know her style and what to expect from her. It gives off an amazing vibe of confidence. It's okay to come to terms with the idea that my outfits don't need to "wow" anyone... but instead my clothing choices are able to give me freedom (from wearing things that may not be for me) and confidence (in what works for me).

This all brings me to today's outfits... I found this sweater on Amazon and it's so good. I loved it instantly and have worn it so often I knew purchasing it in more colors was a great idea. I started with the black, snagged the grey next and then realized I couldn't live without the white. I love them ALL. I also love that it can be worn with leggings for a more casual look or with jeans for a little bit more dressed up, since both are in heavy rotation in my closet. And the sweater is SO WARM and cozy, it's perfect for winter days. The black sweater is size small but both the grey and white are size extra small. All three are oversized, so depending on how you want it to fit - keep that in mind for sizing!

Here are three ways to style this sweater... I hope you gain some inspiration here. They are all ways that I personally love to wear this piece and speak to its versatility.

Outfit Details:

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Old Navy Try On Session!

I recently noticed that Old Navy had some super cute new arrivals for January. Shopping in January can be so tricky! On the one hand it's still very much "winter" but I find myself (maybe you too?) craving something wintery but still different than fall and "Christmas" pieces. I always love neutrals, but this time of year I think they are particularly fitting. Neutrals are the freshness we crave after the holidays while also being very easy to transition to spring - even though it's a few months off still.

Let's take a look at some of the pieces I found recently! I found a lot of cute pieces although I struck out a bit on sizing on some - but my missteps will hopefully be helpful for you because I have all of the sizing info below!

This sweatshirt is SO cute and the pattern definitely feels more expensive than it is. At first glance it reminded me of Madewell. It has a dolman sleeve cut to it making it more voluminous on top, with a slight crop. I went up a size to a medium to make it a little extra slouchy, but I don't think it's necessary. You can definitely go with your usual size here. It's easily paired with skinny jeans and sneakers or I love adding a camo jacket for some fun pattern mixing. 
Shop the pieces: polka dot sweatshirt, skinny jeans, similar camo jacket, sneakers (runs big, go down one full size)

I originally thought this mock neck brushed knit top was more of a sweater. I would call it more of a top or thick t-shirt material. I love the cut and the color but keep in mind it's a tad oversized (as you can tell here). I am in my usual size small and it feels a little too big. I paired it with this tweed button front coat which I have mixed feelings on. This coat is very cute and fits great (I went down a size to an XS) but it's not really so much a coat as more of a lightweight jacket. So it won't be warm enough for me here in Michigan. But if you live somewhere warmer than me, definitely check it out!
I originally thought I ordered this in a light grey... but on closer inspection the fabric has a very faint leopard print pattern to it - and I ended up loving it! But again, the sizing on this one is tricky... I am in a size small here and it felt very tight on the shoulders, armpits and sleeve area. And since this is a more casual piece and one you might layer underneath, I highly suggest going up a size. I think the medium would've been perfect. I paired it with leggings and a utility jacket which is super cute for a weekend look. 
Shop the pieces: funnel neck microfleece, leggings, jacket, sneakers (size down one full size)

This is my favorite cut of denim from Old Navy. It's super flattering and comfortable and modern. The distressing on this pair of black jeans is perfect! I found them to be true to size (I am usually a 26 or 27 and I am wearing a size 4 here) but a little long. On the left leg I cuffed them to a perfect length and on the right leg you can see they are a little long. I will likely end up doing a raw hem on them myself to get the perfect length because I really like them! 

Monday, January 13, 2020

my everyday style: 3 favorite winter coats ON SALE!

Winter is keeping on with it over here in Michigan... and although we are having a quite mild winter so far (or so it seems!?! knock on wood!) it's still prime bundle up season. Today THREE (yes 3!) of my favorite winter coats are on sale mega sale (50% off!) and it's worth sharing because whoa, that's an amazing price and also we still have quite a bit of winter ahead of us... no?

First up... this white puffer! If you aren't into a white winter coat, fret not! There are other great colors too! I went bold with white because I already have a few black puffer coats and they get a little boring after a while. White is FUN and surprisingly it has stayed clean very easily! I found this coat to be a little oversized. I went down one size and I am wearing a size x-small here. It's warm with a huge hood and I love that it's gathered at the waist for a flattering cut - well as flattering as a puffer coat can get.

Next up (below), this grey wool coat is just gorgeous and the one I have owned the longest. It's very warm even though it's not super thick and the faux fur hood is NEXT LEVEL chic. Every time I wear this I always feel so ladylike and stylish. Which isn't always easy to pull off in the winter. Again, this coat is oversized so I went down to a size 0. It's beautiful and warm and is available in quite a few color options. You can't go wrong!

Finally, the absolute warmest of the bunch (below)! All these coats are quite warm, but this green parka packs some serious insulation for cold days! When the weather is nasty and blustery this is the one I go for... of course, I still wear it on pleasant but cold days too. It zips up really high, has a HUGE hood and is features coated canvas so it's also the most waterproof too. This one is also a little oversized so I sized down to an x-small.  This one is also available in quite a few color options, so if the green isn't for you be sure to check out the other colors.

Outfit Details:
White Coat - 50% off! (go down a size)
Grey Coat - 50% off! (go down a size)
Green Coat - 50% off! (go down a size)
Pom Pom hats - 50% off!
Sneakers - (go down a size)

Friday, January 10, 2020

my travel style: part III and MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote Review

Today is the FINAL day of my travel week series here on the blog... I think I covered everything as far as questions you have asked, the gear I use and outfits I like to wear for travel. To review you can see my Longchamp Tote review here along with the first travel outfit, my huge Disney Q&A and tips and tricks post here, my Madewell Transport Tote review and go-to travel leggings post here and then my travel gear must-haves are all in this post.  Whew! What a week! Thank you so much for following along, I think this was a really fun way to start the year and it seems like you all really enjoyed these posts too. Whether you are a jet-setter (me, I'm a wannabe!), a road warrior or a weekender or a mix of all three... I hope that when you hit the road in any form these posts will be helpful.  Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

This is my NEWEST travel investment and to be honest I haven't used it yet... so it's just based solely on my first impressions. Which are VERY GOOD. First of all, this quilted MZ Wallace Tote in size large is gorgeous. It's light as a feather, extremely roomy and includes three separate zip pouches to organize the bag. The 3 zip pouches really got me, I mean who doesn't love freebies? Especially freebies that involve organizing! The shoulder straps are nice and thick for added comfort and this bag is HUGE! This bag would also work as a weekender too because of the size. I do think it will have no problem still slipping under the seat in front of you on a plane. So even though it's on the big side I'm not worried about traveling with it. I imagine this fabric is quite durable, so it's going to be great for kids sporting events and weekend activities too. I also ordered it in the Medium size to compare the two, but I think the Large is the size I prefer. I also love the gorgeous quilting and this bag is available in lots of fun colors - so you can have some fun with these for sure!

Favorite Travel Outfit Combination, Part III
I'm back with the same leggings as this post, just in the camo this time. I can't stress enough how much I love these leggings... and how amazing they are for travel! They are quite thick, the waist band doesn't dig in and they suck you in at all the right places. The camo print is so subtle on this pair, I love them!  Paired with an oversized sweatshirt - I love the turtleneck on this one, so warm - and sneakers this is the perfect comfy and cozy travel look. For air or road travel you will be comfortable all day in this look.

Outfit Details:
MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote (or the Medium is a nice size too)
Turtleneck Sweatshirt (fits a little snug, if between sizes, go up one size, I am in a small here)
Camo Leggings (True to size, I am in a small here)
Sneakers (Runs big, go down a size)


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