Thursday, February 21, 2019

six ways to style a t-shirt dress for spring!

Today I am back with another fun SIX WAYS to style series! Today I am styling up a t-shirt dress 6 ways... by far one of the MOST requested item to feature for spring has been simple everyday dresses for spring. And believe me - that is one of the number one items on my spring wishlist too! So I am working constantly on searching them out and finding cute options. This is just one option - I hope to feature more over the coming weeks!

Today I am featuring this really cute and simple t-shirt dress. It's available in black, army green and stripes. I loved it so much I snagged it in both the striped version and the army green version. I know both will be getting tons of wear this spring and summer and of course for spring break as well. The fabric is a thicker t-shirt material, almost like a very thin sweatshirt. The fabric is a great weight and doesn't cling with a classic short sleeve.  This dress would be GREAT on it's own... there's no need to fancy it up because it can definitely stand on it's own or would be a great swim cover up as well.  But for the sake of proving how versatile it is I also styled it up a few ways in case you need an extra layer for chilly spring days or cool nights while traveling on spring break.  I found the sizing to be a little tricky as the dress runs quite large. I first ordered a size XS (down from my usual small at most retailers) and found even that to be a little too big for me. So I ended up going back for the XS petite and I feel like it fits perfectly!  So keep in mind that sizing detail when ordering.

If you are waffling on what color to buy I styled each dress, the striped version and the green version,  in similar ways so you can see how each would look.   These outfits are by no means rocket science or anything fancy or complicated! But they are EXACTLY how I would style this dress myself - simple, classic and comfortable combos for casual days or weekend days busy with mom-duties and working from home. I hope you enjoy these six looks, and excuse my white legs - I sure do need a tan (and a vacation, wink, wink)!

Outfit 1 & 2
above & below: For these looks I paired this ponte moto jacket - this jacket is the perfect spring alternative to a leather moto jacket.  Being much lighter than leather but still offering some warmth and a nice silhouette this ponte jacket is a definite favorite of mine for spring.  I love the moto jacket paired with both the striped dress AND the green dress.  With the green dress (above) I went a little dressier with a pair of mule loafers (also, why are my eyes closed!?!? haha! Bloggers in real life here people!).  When it came to the striped dress (below) I went for a sportier look with sneakers (or less expensive option).  I absolutely LOVE both looks - but the sneaker option below is something I can see myself wearing a TON.

Outfit 3 & 4
above & below: I love a simple dress paired with a cardigan for spring and even for summer. For those cool spring mornings, cool evenings on spring break or even overly air conditioned offices or stores in the summer having a lightweight cardigan on hand is super helpful and a fun addition to any outfit.  Paired with the green dress I chose a basic beige cardigan (similar, the exact is from last year) and classic sandals for an easy on the go look.  With the striped dress I chose a pale pink cardigan along with my gold Birkenstock sandals (which are back in stock!).  Either of these looks are great for busy moms or for tourist activities like shopping or sight seeing on spring break.

Outfit 5 & 6
above & below: I wear my denim jacket SO much in the spring. Probably too much if that is a thing. This denim jacket is more distressed but any denim jacket you have on hand would be cute (even a black, white or pink denim jacket would be great!). I paired it with a little handkerchief style scarf from last season for a little added flair - I love this style of scarf.  With the green dress I paired the outfit with espadrilles which again are perfect for a casual spring day or sightseeing while on vacation.  With the striped dress I went with a fun pair of silver sandals - this look would be adorable for brunch or lunch with friends or simply running errands.

So which look did you love the best? I would love to know! Stay tuned for more 6 ways to style posts for spring - I've got some more fun posts coming up!  In the meantime, be sure to check out past posts  too like six ways to style leggings, a leather moto jacket and a chambray shirt.   To see videos of all the looks in person be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my Instagram stories for videos of each look!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

my everyday style: a long cardigan to love!

If we have to endure winter for at least another month or so we might as well do it in comfort. Right!?!? I've been looking for a black cardigan for a few months now - which yes sounds a little dramatic and also silly. Wouldn't a black cardigan be like one of the EASIEST things to find in the winter? Call it bad luck or just looking for love in all the wrong places... but this baby was not easy to track down.  I wanted it longish, warm, soft and black. That's it.  Well good things take time I suppose and here I am wearing all my black cardigans dreams come true. Oh and it has POCKETS.  Which I realize isn't quite as exciting with a cardigan as it is with say a dress or a skirt. But still. Sometimes a girl wants pockets!

As I drag myself over the finish line of winter I crave ONE thing: comfort. Give me the softest sweaters, the warmest layers and alllllll the basics. Anyone else? Here I paired this super cozy cardigan with a classic white blouse.  I bought this blouse last year and it's been a go-to for any dressy-ish occasion I have, any time I don't know what to wear or if I ever want a little extra dash of class to an outfit.  I have worn it on it's own or with blazers and cardigans alike. It's a good one! Then my go-to skinny jeans and some ankle boots and I was out the door. This outfit is so easy and fresh while we patiently wait for spring to arrive.

Outfit Details:

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

on my radar: February 2019!

February is nearly half over and each day thankfully gets us one day closer to spring and spring weather! Right now I'm ONLY thinking spring! I am loving all the new spring arrivals at some of my favorite retailers and I'm shopping for some new spring pieces for spring travel to warmer locales as I find items I love. Pastels, vacation wear and spring basics are top of mind while shopping these days. Here are some fun pieces that have caught my eye lately...

Any one else just dying to get out of town for a bit? This out of office tee tee would be SO cute for spring break!

I just snagged this pale blue stripe swim top & bottom for spring travel and it's SO CUTE. I don't usually go for the high waisted cut for a swim bottom, but I found this to be super cute and comfortable! I may be a high-waisted swim convert.

I am always looking for SIMPLE but cute spring and summer dresses.  This black ruffle sleeve dress fits the bill and the price is right too!

In my opinion, pink cross slide sandals are a no brainer! There are other colors available and the price is great on these!

I can always be swayed into snagging a pom pom straw bag - especially when it's under $35! Beach, here we come!

How about this striped sweater? I LOVE pink and army green lately and who would've thought to combine them with yellow and navy for a super fun spring sweater? I'm in love. 

This simple bubble sleeve sweatshirt dress is IDEAL for spring... pair with sneakers or sandals for bopping around as the weather finally warms up!

It's difficult to resist eyelet in the warmer months... how cute is this pink eyelet tee? It's available in tons of other colors too!

I have a mild obsession with denim jackets. So when I saw this heart denim jacket there were definitely HEARTS in my eyes. I mean... so dang cute!

Spring calls for a new perfect v-neck tee - don't you think? Layer it with cardigans and jackets or just wear it on it's own or over your swimsuit for a cover up.

You all know I am in love with Golden Goose sneakers - I've got a pari of leopard Golden Goose sneakers on my wishlist right now!

Leopard is a seasonless staple - I love it for spring because it looks great with white denim. This leopard sweatshirt would look great with denim shorts too!

Monday, February 18, 2019

my everyday style: athleisure love + my honest review of Golden Goose sneakers!

Hey peeps! Happy Monday! Today we are chatting athleisure and all the nitty-gritty details of my Golden Goose sneakers... I've gotten quite a few questions on them and I am going give my honest opinion on them.

I was and still am a little hesitant to jump on the athleisure trend... I've always been in the camp that workout clothes are for workouts. But lately my opinion on athleisure has been shifting. For me, sports bras and tanks will always only be for workouts... they just aren't my favorite pieces of clothing. But leggings, now leggings are another story. Over the past year or so I've added so many really amazing leggings to my wardrobe that not only make me feel really confident (they suck you in so good!) but are also just SO DANG COMFORTABLE that I have definitely been incorporating them into my wardrobe more and more (for a full run down of my favorite BLACK leggings, check out this post).  So my idea of the perfect athleisure look lately is leggings and sneakers with cute and comfy tops. It's a formula I love for the busiest of days since I find the ease and comfort of leggings and sneakers to, oddly enough, be like a little a little pep talk whispering to me "you can do this" to help me get through the day.  Whether it's a weekend day of errands and kids' sports or a weekday where I feel like I need three of me - leggings are my little cheerleader.  And you know, sometimes us moms need a wing-woman.

This outfit was perfect for a weekend day where I needed to run all the errands, be all the things and reset life for another busy week. These leggings are a definite favorite. They are soft as butter, such a gorgeous grey color and are super flattering too.  I've had them for a while and they are hard to find in stock most of the time... the GOOD NEWS is that I found the exact dupe for these at a much better price! So lucky you! (I tried them on here if you want to see how close they are in comparison)  I loved pairing them with this fun side slit sweatshirt with a striped tee underneath.  This was one of those outfits that once I got to the end of the day I didn't want to take it off... I still loved it!

Okay let's talk about GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKERS, shall we??  Here's the backstory... I had seen them around and my first thought was "who would buy sneakers at that price... much less one's that looked like they were used?"  But the more I saw them around and on other bloggers I really started loving them.  They are super hip, they seem to go with any outfit and as far as sneakers go they were quite attractive and not frumpy or clunky.  The more I researched them the more I fell in love with all the crazy styles and unique designs.  For Christmas I told my husband NO GIFTS - except one. I wanted these crazy sneakers.  He was game and at first I wondered if I was crazy.  Let's all admit they are CRAZY expensive. And I don't tend to splurge on big ticket items like that often.

So in the end... do I think that Golden Goose sneakers are WORTH IT? Listen - only you can decide when it comes to designer duds if something is worth it.  But I will say this: I do not regret buying them, I wear them MORE than I thought I would and if I had to do it all over again... I would buy them again.  So, for ME they are worth it. Again you have to decide for yourself.

Here is what I love about them... The unique designs and the fact that they are handmade in Italy make each pair like little works of art.  If you start shopping around for Golden Goose sneakers you will see that there are so many fun and crazy designs. The sky is the limit. They feel super hip but also are not out of my league as a 40 year old.  I count that as a win.  Another thing I love is how comfortable they are. On a scale from 1 to 10 (one being stiletto heels and 10 being orthopedic shoes) I put them at a solid 8. I wore them to the airport for travel - which is always a resounding vote of comfort - and walked over 5 miles in them on vacation when we were in Phoenix. Golden Goose sneakers definitely get the comfort vote from me.  Two other features that aren't obvious by looking at them that I love are that they have a small wedge in the heel.  So you get about an inch or maybe even an inch and a half of height from them - which is great for short gals like me!  The other feature I love is that they are lined with terry cloth.  Think of your favorite cozy bath towel and that is the lining.  I mean, who ever thought of this genius idea deserves some praise.  Especially for those of us that don't like wearing socks (me!) it's an extra dash of comfort.  I have worn them both with no-show socks (these are my favorite) and no socks and personally I prefer no socks, but either works!

The only thing I have against them is their price. I mean, it's steep.  But I am also the one who is over here jonesing for another pair.  So!?!? You win, Golden Goose, you win.  A few girls I've talked to say they are like an addiction... you start with one pair and then instantly fall in love and want to start collecting them. I am seeing how this can happen first hand. Yikes! And if you keep an eye on them they do go on sale from time to time.  You can get them in a very basic style like this pair, or more crazy like this glitter pair! I also love this animal print!

Let me know if you have any questions about my Golden Goose - I am happy to answer them!

Shop the pieces:
Sweatshirt - I'm in a size small, it's a little oversized!
Leggings - my pair is sold out, but this pair is almost exact and less expensive!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

my everyday style: follow your heart!

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I have loved this holiday ever since I can remember!  I still have such fond memories of the Valentine's Day parties at school and my mom always did a little something special for us on this day like bake cupcakes.  I love doing the same for my kids and husband on Valentine's too! Some candy, some treats and maybe a small little gift go a long way - especially this time of year when winter has us down and at the grey days are endless.

How are you celebrating the day? I always like to do a little something special to spoil myself as well. I scheduled a massage for myself today - I can't wait! And while I try to eat healthy about 95% of the time - I will enjoy some pizza and wine and treats tonight for sure. Valentine's is a little ray of sunshine in this terribly gloomy time of year.

I also happen to be a sucker for HEARTS - it's my most used emoji (of course!) and any time I find a shirt or top with a heart on it I fall instantly in love (pun intended). So when I saw this heart sweater I knew it would get a ton of wear not only in the days leading up to Valentine's but beyond that as well. Since it's grey and white it's versatile enough to be worn past the holiday. I think it would be super cute with white jeans too.  When it's snowy I usually don't leave the house without winter boots but I've been so sick of them lately I had to pull out the sneakers... which MIGHT have been a mistake but I will never admit it.

ANYWAY, I hope above all that you enjoy this day and get spoiled by those you love, take some time to spoil those you love and also of course to spoil yourself... you deserve it!

Outfit Details:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

winter to spring transition pieces!

The midwest is getting pounded with storm after winter storm and all everyone can think about at this point is SPRING.  While we still have some serious time left for winter it's the perfect time to invest in some transitional pieces that we can wear now and that will be great later when spring finally does arrive.

graphic tee or a striped top are great for layering under cardigans, vest or jackets now and will be perfect on their own when the weather warms. Cropped white jeans or cropped high waist straight leg jeans can be worn with flats or ankle boots now and sandals later. Extra layers like a knit moto jacket,  a long drape front cardigan or a green surplus jacket are all great for layering to keep warm now and also perfect for spring layering over tanks and dresses later.  Leopard print and florals are always great transitional pieces - you can wear them with black jeans or blue jeans now and pair them with shorts or white jeans later.  And some new accessories like a pale pink bag or gold platform sneakers can make any outfit feel like it's hinting spring!

Happy spring shopping friends... and here's to surviving yet ANOTHER insane snow storm!

bottom row: tie-front top (available in four colors!), gold platform sneakersthermal hooded topknit moto jacket (available in three colors)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

my everyday style: winter whites!

At this point we are all SO over winter... and the crazy thing is we are only like half way through - at least here in Michigan. Oh my. I'm always trying to do my best to embrace it (like I chatted about in this post) - but I'm only doing so-so on that goal. Haha. Such is life. I will say we have been taking our winter Netflix duties VERY seriously.  We are completely smitten with Schitt's Creek - which is seriously so funny and entertaining, which is perfect for those winter blues. And we watched BOTH Fyre Festival documentaries - we like the Netflix version best although the Hulu version does have some unique perspectives not previously covered in the Netflix version.  When we are feeling super down about winter we dig deep and watch some HGTV Island Life or Caribbean Life On Demand.  We can't decide if it's fun to watch people buying houses in tropical locations in the dead of winter or just depressing.  Ya know? And lastly I have caved and decided to watch this season of Bachelor. The Bachelor enterprise has always been a favorite but I'm not loving Colton... so this might fall under a 'hate watch' because while I hate it... I also love it. What can I say? Once a Bachelor addict, always a Bachelor addict. What are your winter tv habits/obsessions these days?

Now let's talk about this outfit... this sweater keeps popping in and out of stock which is very unfortunate because I love it so much and it's a big bummer to share things I love with you gals only to have it sell out. But if it looks like something you would love too... keep an eye on it because I have a feeling it will come back in stock in no time. And I will keep an eye on it as well. I'll send out the call when I see it back in stock over on Instagram Stories.  I love how oversized and soft it is, here I paired it with some of my favorite skinny jeans.  I love the stretch in these jeans, they are perfectly form-fitting which makes them easy to wear under over the knee boots. My pair is last year's version - so the finish may be a touch different but the cut is the same. Now let's talk about over the knee boots, shall we? When I posted a photo of me out with my family on Instagram Stories recently I had a lot of inquiries about which boots I was wearing. Unfortunately mine are old from Blondo and no longer available.  The pair that is MOST similar to mine is THIS pair, but they are quite pricey. So I also found this pair that is more affordable too.  If you are going to invest in over the knee boots I highly recommend a pair that is suede (like mine) or leather. This boots are surprisingly warm being real suede so they are practical for cold days while also being stylish as well.

Outfit Details:

Monday, February 11, 2019

late winter try-on session!

After taking January almost completely off from shopping (I bought one winter coat on mega sale) I was itching to do some late winter shopping.  The stores are beginning to populate with spring finds, but my goal was to find a few fresh pieces for my wardrobe that would be ideal for the transition from winter to spring. Meaning something fun and fresh to wear now that would also work when the temps start warming to above 50 as well... t-shirts, shorts and tanks will come as we get closer to spring break.

Here are the items I purchased... keep in mind that since I do about 95% of my shopping online everything here is subject to approval.  I try things on... maybe make a few outfits out of each piece and then determine if I like it or not and if there is room in my closet for it.  If I already own something similar or if I don't TOTALLY LOVE it - it gets returned.  So not everything you see here is something I will be keeping.  And if you will remember I have a pretty straight forward and strict intention for making decisions this year (you can read all about it here) so new clothing pieces are going to have to REALLY win me over to stick around in 2019.  I always get asked to share if I kept an item or not and to be honest... usually at the time I post this I still don't have an answer.  Sometimes I know right away if something doesn't work (usually I won't feature it here because it's just that awful) but sometimes it takes a week or so for me to decide.  SO if you see it later on the blog or Instagram you will know for sure I kept it! If you never see it again that means it was a "no" for me... for whatever reason, but not always because I didn't like it... sometimes I just realized I didn't NEED it.  So I am sure that answer is as clear as mud, then, huh!?!?

Also if you want to see the items "in action" - head over to my Instagram Stories today where I will show videos of each item - but go quickly! The stories expire after 24 hours!

(above) I was obsessed with this heart sweater from the moment I saw it while shopping in Madewell over Christmas break. They didn't have it in my size in store and since I mostly didn't shop in January I never went back for it. But I couldn't stop thinking about it... which is always a good sign. I absolutely LOVE it... not just because it's almost Valentine's Day but also because I am obsessed with anything with hearts.  This sweater is super soft and I love the balloon sleeves. This sweater runs true to size, I am wearing a size small here. (also wearing: jeans, sneakers)

above: If you are a spring sweater lover like me then you will LOVE this sweater.  It's like a thermal knit, but in light as air sweater form and it feels like heaven on!  This is a great sweater for layering now with blazers, moto jackets, denim jackets, etc and it will be fabulous this spring with sandals and/or shorts. I also love the casual high/low hem. I style it into a super cute spring outfit on my Instagram Stories today - so be sure to check that out! This runs true to size, I am wearing a size small here. (also wearing: jeanssneakers)

above: Sweatshirts are literally the BEST right now.  They seem to come in all shapes, sizes, colors and silhouettes and can be either dressed up or dressed down. This grey v-neck sweatshirt is super soft with a gorgeous v-neck both in front and in back (seen below). I love this paired with jeans for a casual everyday mom look and I think it would be equally as fun for throwing over a workout tank after the gym. The double v-necks are so feminine. It runs true to size, I am wearing a size small here, but you could also size up for a roomier/oversized fit. (also wearing: jeanssneakers)

above: It may be breaking my "will transition to spring" rule here - but this chunky knit turtleneck sweater is so amazing I couldn't resist. It's super soft without being itchy, has a great high/low hem and I love it both with black jeans or blue jeans or even leggings would be great. It runs true to size, I am wearing a size small here. (also wearing: jeansclogs - see Instagram Stories for my review on these clogs)

above: I popped into Aerie to try some swimsuits recently (I fell in love with this bikini top and this bikini bottom, I bought both in size medium) and couldn't leave the store without this crazy soft sweatshirt. I am obsessed with olive green lately and I love this sweatshirt for wearing with leggings, it's super cute with white jeans and would be great for chilly summer nights too.  This sweatshirt runs big, I am wearing a size small here for an oversized fit. (also wearing: jeanssneakers)

above: I am a sucker for a good cardigan (always) and was looking for a new black cardigan specifically to get me through the end of winter. Again, this may not be ideal for spring... but I KNOW it will get a lot of wear before then. This cardigan is very soft and warm and I love the dramatic long length. It's going to be great for layering and works with jeans or leggings alike.  If you are looking for something more spring-like - it's also available in pink or grey and other colors.  This cardigan runs big, I am wearing a size XS here and could've even gone down to an XXS. (also wearing: jeans, loafers, tie-front top - see below)

above: This tie-front top is the PERFECT winter to spring piece.  It's a lightweight sweater/t-shirt combo (be sure to see my Instagram Stories for a more up-close look) that is perfect for layering now with a cardigan, a leather jacket or a blazer and will be super cute on it's own for spring. This top runs true to size, I am wearing a size small here

above: This is another fun cardigan but this time it's much more suited for spring. This heather pink cardigan looks more peachy pink in real life and is super soft. Since it's not too long it's great for wearing with jeans or leggings now and shorts and dresses in the spring. I found this ran a little big, so I am wearing a size XS here. (also wearing: jeanssneakers, t-shirt - see below)

above: This adorable heart embroidered t-shirt is SO cute! I love a good t-shirt and this one is darling for layering with cardigans now and wearing on it's own for later... you can see the heart in more detail on my instagram stories. This t-shirt runs true to size, I am wearing a size small here.

above: Last but certainly not least is this awesome split hem sweatshirt. It's hard to describe the fabric on this - it's definitely a sweatshirt but has a more pebbled finish.  Either way it's super cozy and the split hem is fun and edgy. I plan on wearing this with jeans and leggings for a casual look or over my workout clothes for before and after barre. I am smitten. This runs a little big, I am in a size small here but could've also gone down to an XS - I like the oversized fit, but you can decided what works best for you. (also wearing: jeanssneakers)

Friday, February 8, 2019

healthy living: 4 easy low carb meals!

Many of us set goals in the New Year and often times they involve eating better, but how are you doing now that January has already passed us by? Being realistic and flexible with your nutrition plan as well as finding quick, easy, and healthy recipes to add to your family's meal rotation is one way to make sure you stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. Check out these easy lower-carb but delicious meals below if you are looking for some new food inspiration! 

(above)  Bell Pepper Pizzas 
 I was brainstorming ways to make a healthier version of one of my favorite foods (pizza) and almost used portabella mushrooms but decided to go with bell peppers instead as the "crust". I made these for the first time recently and can already say with certainty that they will be at least in my monthly meal planning rotation. Did you know that bell peppers actually have more vitamin C than oranges? With this recipe, you will literally eat an entire bell pepper in one sitting. Add on a side salad to up the nutrient density and satiety factor of the meal even more. The whole family will like this recipe and you could always use English Muffins for some of them instead of the bell peppers for the kids. 

 To Make: Cut the top off of the bell peppers and cut them in half. Remove the seeds and veins. You may need to trim some extra off of the side of the pepper to make them flat and easier to top. Top the pepper halves with pizza sauce, cheese (full-fat melts the best), and toppings of your choice (I used onion and nitrate free Pepperoni). Bake on 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until cheese starts to brown a bit with an option to broil for a couple minutes at the end to crisp them up. 

 (above) Taco Lettuce Wraps 
 This is another recipe that the whole family will enjoy and you can always have some taco shells or chips available to make "real" tacos for family members who aren't looking for a lower carb meal. When buying ground beef, I always suggest buying grass-fed beef as it is more nutrient dense than conventional beef. 

 To make: Cook ground beef (add in some onions and peppers for more nutrition if desired) and sprinkle in taco seasoning. Mash up an avocado with lime and salt for a quick guacamole. Wash the romaine leaves and use them as taco shells. Top the romaine with the seasoned ground beef, guacamole, salsa, and whatever other toppings you want! Sometimes I will crumble just 1-2 tortilla chips onto the lettuce wrap for a little crunch. 

(above) Sundried Tomato Turkey Burgers
Let's be honest, regular turkey burgers can be a little boring and bland, but these turkey burgers with sundried tomato and feta added in are super flavorful and delicious. I would suggest getting the sundried tomatoes that are packed in olive oil because this helps keep them from drying out. You can usually find these in the tomato sauce aisle. You can serve the burgers on a bed of spinach or mixed greens and top with a basil aioli (basil mixed with mayonnaise). I used the tube of basil that you can find in the produce department since it's not basil season. For a higher carb option serve with sweet potato fries (homemade or frozen). 

 To Make: Combine 1 pound of ground turkey in a bowl with about 1/4 cup of feta cheese and 1/4 cup of chopped sundried tomatoes. Sprinkle in other seasonings as desired (like salt, pepper, and garlic powder). Make the mixture into 4-6 patties and grill on both sides until they reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. 

(above) Cauliflower Egg Fried Rice 
 I'm all about frozen cauliflower rice because ricing your own cauliflower makes such a mess in the kitchen. This cauliflower "fried" rice couldn't be easier and you can season it however you want. You can leave the peas out and replace with broccoli or bell peppers if you are looking to keep the carbs super low. 

 To Make: Sauté the onion and carrots in oil of choice (I suggest olive or avocado oil + a little sesame oil). Mix in the frozen cauliflower and peas and cook down until they are warm. Add in some tamari or soy sauce and garlic powder for flavor. For the eggs, crack them into a bowl and whisk them up with a small amount of water. Move the cauliflower mix to the side of the pan to leave an open space for the eggs. Scramble the eggs up and mix into the cauliflower mix. Enjoy!

Kelsey Stricklen, MS RD CLT is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in women's health and food sensitivities. She runs a  virtual private nutrition practice out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can find here at Root Functional Medicine online or on Facebook


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