Monday, August 19, 2019

Nordstrom early fall try-on session!

Today I have some early fall try ons for you! These are the few pieces I've added to my own closet as we slowly begin to near to fall. I'm really excited about these new pieces and to show some of the many ways they can be worn - I've styled them each a few ways. Let's take a look at the pieces...

(above) This tiered black blouse are the types of pieces that I am always looking to add to my closet. They are easy to wear and can be dressed up and down easily. It also has a invisible clasp about mid-way down on the neckline - so you can wear it more buttoned up or as a deeper v-neck. Above I paired it with skinny jeans and sandals for a late summer look. The top runs true to size - I am in a size small. (shop the pieces: top, jeans, sandals, tote)

(above) Here is the same top styled a little bit more trendier. It's also super cute paired with straight leg high waist jeans and leopard mules.  Both looks are perfect pre-fall outfits and are easy and stylish for busy moms. (shop the pieces: top, jeans, leopard mules)

(above) This striped sweater is so fun for fall! I love the color scheme and works perfectly with straight leg denim and sneakers for a mom-on-the-go look. The sweater runs a little oversized - I am in a size small. (shop the pieces: sweater, jeans, sneakers)

(above) Once we get to those in between days - where the mornings being cool and the afternoons being warm - this sweater is super cute with shorts and sandals. (shop the pieces: sweater, shorts, sandals)

(above) My white tees from summer are a little worse for the wear, as tends to happen. This creamy white tee is a nice replacement and much needed.  Paired with jeans and a cardigan it's an easy early fall look. I have been eyeing these sneakers for months and finally pulled the trigger for fall. According to the reviews they take some time to break in - which I 100% agree with - they are very stiff. But I've worn them 3 times already and they are beginning to loosen up. So I can begin to see they will work very nicely for fall. The tee is true to size - I am wearing a size small.  I went down a size in the sneakers - they run large. (shop the pieces: white tee, cardigan, jeans, sneakers)

(above) Here is the same white tee and sneakers with black jeans and a denim jacket. I love this combo for end of summer. This is an easy but classy look. Also shown is my new fall bag! I splurged on this quilted bag for fall after liking the smaller size of this same brand. The bigger size works much better for everyday and the creamy white is perfect for fall! It's SO pretty. (shop the pieces: white teedenim jacket, black jeans, sneakers, quilted purse)

(above) This bubble sleeve cardigan is another really fun piece for fall. It doesn't contain any wool so it's great for this time of year and not itchy at all. I love it with this bodysuit and wide leg jeans for fall. (shop the pieces: cardigan, bodysuit, jeans, loafers)

(above) This cardigan works great for the transition from summer to fall as well. I love it with a tank, shorts and sandals for warmer day with the cardigan for over air conditioned spaces or cool evenings. (shop the pieces: cardigan, similar tank, shorts, sandals)

Thursday, August 15, 2019

6 ways to style a white button front top!

I'm back with another 6 ways to style today! If you ever need outfit inspiration - be sure to check the archives! I've styled up leggings, dresses, joggers, a denim skirt, high waist jeans and TONS more! Today I am styling up a super classic wardrobe staple... it doesn't get easier than a white button front top! I LOVE this linen option that I am wearing here - but you may already own something similar in your closet.  After all, this post is 100% about shopping your closet for items you already own instead  of feeling like you need new items to make new outfits.

I love these simple and classic outfits and they make great outfits for fall as we transition to busier schedules and school meetings and sports and ALL that good stuff.  Plus, many of these looks would work great for a casual office environment - depending on exactly what your work policies are. I'm always getting asked for more office friendly looks and I think a few of these would work!

Outfit 1 (above):
Keep It Simple Silly is what I would call this look. White top, jeans and black flats. SO. EASY.  I dressed it up a bit with some fun earrings and a crossbody bag. This would be great for a casual office, a date night or school meeting. (shop the pieces: white top, jeans, mules, earrings, crossbody bag)

Outfit 2 (above)
I'm always trying to find more ways to dress up leggings for any season (wink, wink). And this pair of leggings is so comfortable and flattering and has a nice thick fabric so they look a little dressier too. I tied a denim jacket around my waist (or wear it!) and slipped on these super comfortable flats made from recycled water bottles.  With a tote you are ready for all the mom-duties that fall brings! (shop the pieces: white top, leggings, flats, denim jacket, tote)

Outfit 3 (above)
I just can't stop the white on white looks lately. First of all it's the easiest pairing. Ever. And also it just looks so crisp.  I think we have at least through September and maybe into October to keep wearing white jeans without feeling like a total rebel.  I added a brown belt and flats to keep it looking like fall and added this striped shawl for a fun extra layer. I LOVE this look. (shop the pieces: white top, jeans, belt, flats, shawl)

Outfit 4 (above)
This sweater blazer has been worn SO much. It's such a great wardrobe staple for all seasons. Here I paired it with black jeans (or swap for black trousers for the office!) and leopard and a brown bag for a very fall look. This is classic and pulled together while still being comfortable. (shop the pieces: white top, blazer, jeans, leopard mules, circle bag)

Outfit 5 (above)
 I snagged these camo jeans from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I am smitten. How fun are these for fall? The pattern acts as a neutral and can be paired with so many fun tops. Here the camo jeans work perfectly with a classic white top and loafers for a pulled together but fun look. I love it with a sweater thrown over the shoulders as a psuedo scarf or extra layer as needed.  (shop the pieces: white top, camo jeans, sweater, loafers, cross body bag)

Outfit 6 (above)
How could I pass up the opportunity to include a simple cardigan? Everyone loves a cardigan for fall and I am no exception. This outfit is about as easy as it gets. I paired it with heeled mules to dress it up a bit but sneakers, flats or ankle boots would work great too! (shop the pieces: white top, cardigan, jeans, similar mules)

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

my everyday style: back to school stock up!

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.
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I can hardly believe we are here friends! This summer has absolutely FLOWN by - and I feel like I say that every summer, but it's never been as true as this time. My daughter heads off to Middle School and my son will start at the High School this year. How? Why? What? I'm dumfounded.  But I do know they are both ready for these big milestones, even if I am not so ready for them to go.  I will be honest; it's been an emotional summer for me.  The kids are so independent lately and with these big milestones ahead of us I would be lying if I said I don't have a lot of emotions about it all. Each phase of parenthood has its joys and its challenges but the teen phase seems to have the most intensity of them all. Very, very joyous moments and some very, very challenging moments too. My role as a mom has changed so much over the past three months even and it's both exciting and heartbreaking to see them spread their wings and begin to need me less.  But enough of my emotional roller coaster over here, there is important business at hand these days and that is back to school prep!

We are in back to school prep mode all day every day it seems - can we just start school already!?!?  And while most of that prep seems to be in the form of scheduling, meetings and paperwork - the FUN part for our family is always the back to school shopping. We finally got our lists together and headed out to Walmart so the kids could pick out their favorite pencils, binders, notebooks and what seems like a million other necessities.  Thank goodness for Walmart's super low prices to check everything off the supply lists stress-free. Or you can go the super stress free route and just order them all online... which - wink, wink - from one mom to another isn't a bad idea at all!

Both kids were super excited to pick out some fresh outfits for back to school from Walmart as well.  There lists seem to be never ending and since both kids have seemingly doubled in size over the summer - how are they so tall these days? - they pretty much need a whole new wardrobe for fall. We've been shopping for basics like overalls, teessneakers, jackets and athletic pants to make sure they are set for those first memories in their new schools. Walmart's prices can't be beat and I'm happy we didn't all break the bank in the process. Plus the most important part - the kids LOVE the clothes too! And teens can be so difficult to please!

Now we are just hoping that spilled pencils are a good luck charm!  Also don't forget that Walmart has FREE 2 DAY shipping & returns on orders over $35 - so don't worry if you have procrastinated. Walmart has you covered!

On my daughter:

On my son:

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

my everyday style: a simple black tee!

There is nothing like a SIMPLE black t-shirt when you just don't know what to wear. And I am definitely at the point of the season where I'm feeling super uninspired by summer clothes. Grab a black t-shirt and some jeans and a fun accessory or two and you are done! I've pretty much given up on shorts for the summer, my thighs are very happily in hibernation again thankyouverymuch. And I know some people are 'no jeans ever' in the summer, but that's just not me. Especially since most of the days I am indoors working or in and out of stores for errands - so I'm not dying in jeans. To each their own.

To keep the simple black tee looking fresh I paired it with some high waisted jeans, a leopard clutch and some fun earrings. Sometimes it's all about the accessories when you are working with wardrobe basics. They can take the look to the next level with minimal effort.

Outfit Details:
Jeans (here or here)

Monday, August 12, 2019

Everlane try-on session!

Today's try on session is with Everlane! I recently ordered a few new items for late summer/fall and I am excited to share them with you. I have long been a fan of Everlane. They believe in using ethical factories with radical transparency in both how they work with those factories and in their pricing model - you can learn more about it here. Plus they make high quality everyday pieces that stand the test of time - meaning that you don't need to be replacing these pieces in your closet, making for less waste overall.  I still own many Everlane pieces from previous years because they are so classic they never go out of style and are so well made that they rarely end up on the "donate" pile after a season is over.

I love Everlane's minimalist style! All of their pieces are easy to mix and match - which is my favorite way to build a wardrobe - with really simple and classic pieces that can be mixed and matched so many ways. And while everything is perfect for a casual look with jeans, the pieces can easily be dressed up for the workplace too.  Let's take a look at a few of the pieces I ordered, plus I included a few pieces from previous seasons that I still love too.

cashmere crewneck (above) - this classic wardrobe staple comes at a great price for cashmere. This sweater is more fitted, so size up if you want a more relaxed feel. Here I went up to a medium.  There are lots of color options too! 

cotton linen crewneck (above) - I bought two of these sweaters (the other is in black) this past spring and LOVE them. They are the perfect transition piece between seasons being not too hot and not too cold. The linen cotton mix is so soft and I love the slouchy fit. I am wearing a size small here. 

soft cotton square crewneck - this is another piece I have owned well over a year from Everlane. This sweater is perfect for spring and fall and since it doesn't have any wool - it's not scratchy at all. I love it with jeans but you could also wear it with leggings in place of a sweatshirt. It's so comfy to throw on! I am in a size small here - this one runs oversized.

recotton henley - this top is made from recycled cotton - how cool is that!? It's very soft and a great layering piece for fall with lightweight jackets or cardigans. I was disappointed at how slim the fit was on this - I am in a size small and it felt WAY too small. I recommend going up at least one size.

linen relaxed shirt - I've been looking for a relaxed white button front top that wasn't too crispy but a little crispy. You know? This one is perfect!  The linen is super soft (sometimes linen can be scratchy!) and the fit is perfect. I am in a size 4. I am very excited about this piece!

texture cotton crewneck - I am a sucker for a chunky sweater! This one is gorgeous and super soft - again if you are sensitive to wool this sweater is perfect for you! It's soft and gives that cozy wool vibe with none of the itchies.  This one also has a great oversized, casual feel - I am in a size small.

striped bodysuit/white bodysuit (above & below) - I am the first to admit that I am hesitant about the return of the bodysuit trend. But this piece makes me a believer! The front is double lined and while the fabric is TIGHT it also sucks you in! Like leggings for your torso! haha!  I tried the striped version (above) and the white version (below) and really liked both. They will be great for layering this fall with cardigans, blazers and jackets. I am in a size small. If you are between sizes order one up. Also note these looked so small when I pulled them out of the box I almost didn't even try them on - but again, they are like leggings for your body. Once I put it on it stretched perfectly to fit.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

my everyday style: mock necks and trend talk!

Mock neck style tops are officially BACK. Sure they have been popping up a little here and there, but I am seeing them everywhere for fall. I kind of like the look. And yes, it totally reminds me of high school. But I think I am still good with it. (Unlike the overalls trend, that I just can't bring myself to resurect in my closet.) I think this sleeveless mock neck top qualifies as a mini-mock.  You know, not too much... not too little. It's just right. Especially since as we transition to fall there is no way I am wearing a turtleneck of any kind until the weather cools.  This mini-mock is a perfect nod at the trend while still working for late summer. Plus, it's under $20 - so it's a great way to try the trend!

Another fun trend I am loving for fall: this cropped flare look. I will admit it took some time to grow on me (as most trends do) but I think it's a fun way to include a new silhouette into your wardrobe for fall. I'm by NO means ditching my skinny jeans - especially for winter when ankles showing isn't an option and boots are everyday wear - but for fall I am here for it!

When it comes to new trends there are three types of people in my very unofficial opinion/research. First there is the 'early adopter' - she LOVES a new trend and she's the uber stylish gal pal of yours that always rocks those new trends first. She scours the blogs and fashion mags to discover trends early and she owns them.  Then there is the 'observer' - she first has to observe the trend in the wild for a while. She may jump on the trend fairly early, but only after she's seen her favorite blogger or celeb rock the look first for some inspiration. Next there is the 'wait it out' gal - she carefully guards her style choices and won't jump on a trend until it's really proven itself. She's picky and she's not ashamed to admit it. She will embrace a new style once it has a multiple season track record of sticking around. I personally think I am am 'observer' with MOST trends and with a few I will be an 'early adopter' or a 'wait it out' kind of shopper.

Outfit Details:
Top - true to size, I'm in a small
Jeans - I went up a size
Blazer - oversized, I'm in a size xs (or less expensive option)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

on my radar: August 2019!

Each month I love to round up a few items that have been on my radar... it's no surprise that this round up has a lot of nods to fall.  I'm loving the gorgeous summer days we've been having but with the kids starting school in a few weeks and the "back to school" prep ramping up, I think I am ready. Plus all these cute fall clothes will definitely make the transition easier.

I just snagged this leopard sweatshirt and I'm obsessed. It's cute and comfy and will be so fun to wear this fall. 

How about this cute tortoise earring set!?!? It's under $25 for all three sets!

I'm all about classic sneaks - this pair of gold accent Stan Smith sneakers this the BEST. And such a good price too!

I purchased these slit ankle high waist jeans during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and now they are back in stock! The slit is such a fun detail.

This black henley is made from recycled cotton! How cool is that!? It's perfect on it's own or layered as the weather cools.

Having a major "add to cart" moment with this bobble cardigan! So cute!

I can never resist a cute pair of striped lounge pants.

This black button front dress is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall. Wear it now on it's own and later with a cardigan or denim jacket. 

I love the hardware on this nude tote - so classic and beautiful for fall!

It's easy to have mixed feelings on the bodysuit trend re-emerging. But I've heard great reviews of this striped bodysuit and it would be so easy to layer with a moto jacket or cardigan or blazer this fall.

So many of my favorite beauty products are on sale with the Beautycounter Friends & Family Sale! Beautycounter sales are so rare - be sure to take advantage of this one.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

my everyday style: late summer slump!

I don't know about you, but in my house the dog days of summer are here.  We are tired - hello, we've done ALL. THE. THINGS., we are bored because we've also enjoyed a lot of down time (which is great and all... but it's been A LOT) and lastly we are a bit like zombies without a clear purpose because the days are long and unstructured. Ya know?  We have had an amazing summer and at least here in Michigan there are a few weeks until school starts so we still have some fun planned. But it's all feeling a little like a blur at this point. I simultaneously don't know how we have made it this far and also am proud that we have. It's complicated.

Same with my summer clothes. What was shiny and new when spring rolled around - shorts! tanks! tees! sandals! - all seem tired and over worn at this point. Some mornings I look in my closet and wonder what I have even been wearing all summer - it's all blurring together at this point. Again, can anyone else relate? This is usually how I feel about my winter clothes in February and since it's exactly 6 months later - I think I am sensing a pattern.  Both around the house and with my clothes I am in survival mode. I'm fulling committed to doing the bare minimum. And just making we all survive August the best we can.

White jeans that were a closet staple in the spring are back... they are a great transitional piece to fall and paired with easy and comfortable basics like this grey top (GIVE ME ALL THE PUFF SLEEVES!) they make for a successful 'bare minimum' look for these hectic last weeks of summer. And sneakers and a tote are must-haves because the back to school to-do list is making the days extra hectic (how many meetings and forms are necessary!?!? This is feeling like overkill!).

Outfit Details:
Jeans (find them here or here)


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