Tuesday, April 7, 2020

madewell try on session!

Today I've got a few items from a recent Madewell order to show you... the sales lately are crazy good and while shipping is taking a little longer than usual (or are the days just going slower!?!?) it's worth it for these amazing deals. Today there were a few items that were clear winners... and a few that were just so-so for me.  Let's take a look at the pieces... quite a few of them are on sale too!

(above) neon sweatshirt (true to size, I am in a size small)
I fell in love with this at first sight! And it's 40% off right now! You know when an order arrives and you pull one thing out and wear it right away? That's how you know you have a winner! And this piece was that for me! I wore this right away and I've worn it a few times since then. It's SO fun and just the bright spot I need right now. Even though I rarely go for bright colors I think this piece almost works as a natural too. It goes with blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans, shorts, joggers, leggings - you name it!
Shown with: blue jeans (true to size), sneakers (true to size and comfortable straight out of the box!)

(above) ruffle sleeve tank (true to size, I am in a size small)
ADORABLE. Plus, it's 40% off right now! What more is there to say? This top is cute and perfect for everyday wear this spring and summer. These are the types of tops I love to have on hand because they look pulled together but are super practical for everyday wear.
Shown with: blue jeans (true to size), Birkenstocks

(above) leather tote
I love the Transport tote from Madewell so I knew I would love this gorgeous bag too! This is a new style to Madewell with their signature leather. I love that this is simple and unfussy while still being very beautiful. It's also available in black.

(above) floral top (weird sizing, I am in a size small)
This pattern is adorable but the cut on this was not working for me. This top is tight on the shoulders and the arm bands (near the elbow) but everywhere else it felt huge. It was almost like a tent! I loved the ruffly details and again the print is darling for spring, but this was a big NO for me unfortunately. 
Shown with: blue jeans (true to size), sandals

Sunday, April 5, 2020

sale alert: 9 J.Crew closet staples that are on sale!

The sales right now are so insane and while a lot of us aren't getting dressed like we usually do we are still trying to take advantage of these major markdowns for future wear. Some of the sales are just too good to not take advantage of. J.Crew's basics and closet staples are some of the best out there. Today I am featuring 9 pieces that I own and love from the sale. Everything here is 40% off with some pieces being 50% off - and the sale ends tonight!

top row, from left: 
linen tee, I have this from last year and love it. It's a modern twist on a classic piece and super accessible for everyday wear. I went up a size to a size medium with this top.
Juliette collarless sweater blazer, this piece is so beautiful and classic. Perfect for throwing on over tanks with jeans or dressed up for the office. This piece runs super big. I went down two sizes to an xxs.
white demi boot jeans, I love this fun cut for spring and summer. They work great with tees and tanks and sandals. These jeans run true to size.

middle row, from left:
sweater blazer, I love this piece so much I have it in three colors (white, black and camel) it's super classic and comfortable while also looking very pulled together. It's a great mom on the go piece for all season. This piece runs a little big, I went down a size to XS.
striped top, every closet needs this simple piece! I wear it year round on it's own or layered with cardigans, jackets or blazers. This piece runs true to size.
downtown field jacket, this is an iconic J.Crew piece. So classic and perfect for spring and summer. The gold hardware on this is just beautiful. This jacket runs a little big, I went down a size to XS. 

bottom row, from left:
leopard swimsuit, I originally got this for spring break but it will have to wait until summer. It's SO cute though and such a fun statement. I found this suit to be true to size. 
quilted field jacket, I purchased this 3 years ago (I think!?) and it's still a favorite. It's soft and quite warm and works great for chilly spring days. This jacket runs a little big, I went down a size to XS.
tippi sweater, these simple sweaters are great staples for your wardrobe. On their own or layered with jackets or blazers they are perfect for all seasons. I own one in black and grey. They are true to size, I have my usual size small.

Friday, April 3, 2020

5 things to try at home right now!

While many of us are staying home to stay safe these days why not take the time to try something new? From a new beauty product (or two), to a friendly family challenge or just simply taking the time to write down a few things you are thankful for (with a twist!). This is the perfect time to try something new... or take a little extra step to pamper yourself.

1. Treat your hair. These deep conditioning hair treatments are amazing! The instructions say to use the entire thing - but I've been just using half. I honestly feel like I have new hair after I use them. Then I will let my hair air dry (which I never do!) to further enhance the benefits by not adding any heat styling. It's not my most glamorous look - I've always been jealous of people who can let their hair air dry without looking crazy. But it feels good to really pamper my hair and let go of the pressure to style it everyday.

2. Have you tried Baby Foot? It's weird and amazing all at the same time. I did one earlier this winter and I just ordered another kit. You soak your feet, wear the slip on exfoliating packs for an hour and then in 5-7 days your feet peel BIG TIME and by the end your feet are crazy soft with no rough spots - just like baby feet! I've found it works best if you take a bath or soak your feet for days 4-7 too. It definitely speeds up the peeling. The peeling on it's own is super fascinating! Your husband will be super grossed out... but then he may want to do one himself! Haha!

3. Try a friendly family challenge. Our family is doing a family fitness challenge for April. We simply printed out blank April calendars online and then chose how we want to move for the month (I chose walking, pushups and planks - but everyone chose a different goal) and then we are doing gift cards as prizes for everyone that completes it! For each day we complete our goal we write it on the blank calendar to keep track. It's so easy to organize and execute but it's really keeping us accountable to getting moving this month! If you don't want to do a fitness challenge you could also do a reading challenge, an ongoing game tournament or choose other goals to track and reward. This obviously works best with older kids, but you can always do the challenge with just your spouse or even your extended family and friends around the country can keep accountable with facetime calls or texts!

4. Write or think about what you are grateful for right now. We hear it all the time but gratitude is proven to impact our outlook on life - and really, keeping my outlook positive hasn't been easy over these last few weeks. Instead of just saying "I'm thankful for my health and my family" I decided to get some "revenge" on this stay at home order and write down things I am grateful for specifically because of the stay at home order. Things like no 6:15am wake up call (since school is cancelled), not having to travel to a tournament for my sons soccer team that was supposed to be last weekend (after years and years of travel soccer I am so over tournament weekends! Ugh, the constant fast food and bad hotels are not ideal) and afternoon naps (no one needs to be driven to sports!) are a few things that I am very thankful for that would never have been possible without this virus taking over our world. It's a simple shift, but when I focus on the good WITHIN the parameters of what this virus has done to our lives right now it really feels good. Kind of like "take THAT virus!" - you know? Of course I am still endlessly thankful for my family and our health and our jobs during these unstable times but there are definitely some situations that the stay at home order has created that still make a lot to be thankful for.

5.  Try natural deodorant. About 3 or 4 years ago I made the switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. I'm always trying to make my skincare and beauty routine cleaner and some ingredients in antiperspirant are questionable so I was ready to make the switch. It's not an easy switch though. And sometimes I was sweaty, smelly mess while my body got used to not using antiperspirant any more. It took about a month - so now is the perfect time to try it! I recommend applying a few times a day at the beginning. Or if you are super smelly I would wipe my armpits with a warm washcloth or baby wipe and reapplying to kind of start over for the day. Now I use only natural deodorant and my pits are less smelly and sweaty than they ever were with antiperspirant.  Native is my favorite and I've found that the Lavender Rose and Coconut Vanilla scents work best for me - I've tried almost all the scents and these seem to work the best for me. You can also google "armpit detox" with some wacky ways to detox your armpits from antiperspirant - I've never tried them. But I know some people have a lot of success with that process. (You can also shop it here or here - both which might have faster shipping times right now)

Thursday, April 2, 2020

March 2020 Bestsellers!

It's April... finally! It's been the never ending winter mixed with the never ending stay-at-home month of March and I am very very much hoping that we are coming out to the other side of all this mess.  Maybe now that April is here there is a very, very small dot of light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you all are staying sane and healthy and happy. It's definitely been a time of introspection for me and lots of downtime with the family. We have good days and bad days but I think the good days are slowly starting to outpace the bad. It's taken some time to get used to the new normal and grieve some of the losses like vacations, school, time with friends and sports activities for the kids. But the weather is starting to feel a lot more like spring which brings lots of hope and opportunities for fresh air - so that is bringing us all a lot of joy!

The March bestseller list is what we are here for today and it's a good one! Plenty of cozy at home pieces mixed with spring finds. You can see the archive of the bestsellers here for lots of other fan favorites. I love pulling together the bestseller list every month because it's a look at what YOU all are loving the most, instead of me blabbing on about what I like for a change!

In the number one spot is this top is weird and amazing at the same time. It's one size fits most (I would call it a medium) and is super soft and cozy. Laying flat it looks like a super weird shape but when it's worn it's the perfect drapey, cozy top! I love wearing mine with leggings but it looks cute with jeans too! The color I am wearing here is "KHAKI". For more outfit ideas, I styled it 4 ways here. (shown with leggings - now 25% off!)

Coming in at the number two spot are these Birkenstocks. They also made last months bestseller list too... and for good reason. They are so cute and will get tons of wear this spring and summer and fall and forever. They are a bit stiff straight out of the box, but I've found they soften up nicely. I've been wearing them around the house with socks to break them in. You can see them styled into 6 outfits here.

In spot number 3 is this cotton sweater that I can't stop raving about and wearing. In one month I've portably already worn is 6 or more times. I just can't resist. It's perfectly cozy while still being perfect for spring. I've worn it with leggings and jeans and love it with both. This is officially my stay-at-home-2020 sweater. It runs a little oversized. I am in my usual size small here. It's also on sale for 25% off right now!

The number four spot goes to this gorgeous cotton sweater... it's definitely the month for spring sweaters! This one is super soft, available in lots of colors and is a great price. I went up one size to a medium for a slouchier fit. This piece is 25% off right now!

(above) White Vintage Straight Leg Jeans (or more sizes here)
The number 5 spot goes to these white jeans I am LOVING lately. I love to see you are enjoying them too! They appeared in my spring capsule so if you are looking for ideas to style them... check out all those outfits here! These jeans run a little big, I went down one size. Plus they are on sale for only $75 right now! (shown with black top)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

everlane favorites at 25% off!

Everlane is sitewide 25% off right now! They've never done a sale this big (in fact, they really never even do sales!) and this is an incredible time to stock up on wardrobe classics you will own and love for years to come. My Everlane pieces are always my most worn and longest owned pieces in my closet. They are timeless, true quality and they always seem to be the pieces that just go with everything. I'm always trying to strike a balance between casual and pulled together and Everlane embodies that vibe perfectly for me. I love to throw on their sweaters with jeans and sneakers or jeans and flats. You can truly dress up or dress down so many of these pieces.

Let's take a look at some of the pieces I already own... I'm also taking advantage of the sale to snag a few pieces I have my eye on too like this jacket, this dress, this sweatshirt and this sweater.

(above) cashmere tee
This is perfect everyday chic piece! I could buy one of these in every color - it's so good! If you want more styling tips, check out my spring capsule here where this piece is featured.
Fit tip: This fits true to size and a little fitted, if you wanted a looser fit I would suggest going up a size. 

Both of these are incredibly comfortable and so simple and chic. I wear the woven pair (which is made from recycled water bottles... so cool!) the most since they are literally the most comfortable shoe ever. Like slippers! But both pairs are comfy.
Fit tip: These run true to size. I have my usual size in both.

(above) mac trench coat
This is the perfect spring jacket. So classic and easy to throw on! This first appeared in my spring trench coat review you can see here.
Fit tip: I ordered this in my usual size 2 (fits like a size small). But it feels a touch big, I reordered in size 0 to compare the two. So if you want to layer bulky sweaters underneath go with your usual size. If you want it a little more fitted go down a size.

(above) cashmere sweater (the mens version - my husband loves these!)
This is the most classic Everlane piece of all. It's beautiful and so soft and such high quality. I've owned this for a while and it hasn't pilled (which is amazing!) and it looks so pulled together no matter what I pair with it.
Fit tip: This sweater runs fitted. So I went up a size to size medium here.

The easiest spring sweater ever. It's available in tons of colors, it's a great price and super soft. If there is one piece you buy... make it this one! It's cute with jeans, joggers and leggings too!
Fit tip: This top is more fitted, so I went up a size to medium for a slouchier fit.

I've talked perhaps ad nauseum about this sweater this spring. I purchased it early March and wear it at least 2x a week. It's perfectly slouchy, the perfect spring sweater. It's become an instant favorite.
Fit tip: This sweater runs a little big. I am in my usual size small and I love the oversized fit.

I bought this last year around this time and loved it so much and I'm excited to wear it again this spring and summer too.  It's soft and cozy and another piece that is the perfect spring piece.
Fit tip: This sweater runs true to size. I am in my usual size small.

This is another favorite from last year. I love a linen top and this one washes really well and then I simply hang dry it. Linen gets a little wrinkly by nature which I love for this shirt. Which makes it work really well in humid weather because the wrinkles fall out better.  Or you can steam it ;)
Fit tip: I am wearing my usual size 2 here, it fits like a size small.

(above) alpaca cardigan
This piece is definitely a more winter-y piece but I still love it for this transition to spring because while it's very warm it's still really lightweight. I love this one so much I just ordered it in the camel brown color too. It's also available in grey too. It's just so pretty in person. 
Fit tip: This fits a little oversized, but I am in my usual size small.

(above) leggings
This is another piece that I've talked about over and over. I just LOVE these - they work for workouts AND for everyday wear. I styled them 6 ways here if you want more ideas how to style them.
Fit tip: These leggings run true to size, I am in my usual size small.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

spring capsule wardrobe: 12 pieces, 15 outfits!

Last fall you all really loved the fall capsule wardrobe I pulled together for cooler weather. Those pieces were some of my MOST loved pieces last fall and into the winter and many of them are still going strong in my wardrobe now. I used that post to inspire a lot of my daily outfits and even when I look back on that post now I still would 100% wear all of those outfits today.

For me, capsule wardrobes aren't the ONLY clothes I will wear for the season, but instead they represent the foundations of my wardrobe for the season.  The pieces I will rely on the most and those that I find most inspiring for the season. Spring can be such a tricky time of year to get dressed... while I would love to skip straight to dresses, shorts and tanks the reality is that the days can still be quite cool, jackets are a necessity and so lots of layering options mixed with lightweight pieces are usually what the weather calls for the next few months.

I know that life is really stressful and topsy turvy with the stay-at-home orders right now. These outfits seem so "dressed up" compared to the leggings and sweatshirts so many of us are living in right now (myself included). But there are two reasons why I still really wanted to bring the spring capsule to life here on the blog during this difficult time. One reason is very selfish. Coming up with outfits and posting regularly here on the blog and social media helps keep me busy and creative. It's a great outlet to take a break from thinking about all the unknowns in life right now. It's helping me A TON to show up here. I will continue to do it even if no one is watching for my own mental health. The other reason is that I hope it's a distraction and/or inspiration to you all too. Maybe you are getting 'dressed' these days, maybe you aren't - or maybe you are striking a balance in between. I know for myself that getting dressed and ready for the day can really help keep my mind positive. Continuing on with small things like these daily rituals help me keep some normalcy in my life right now. Or maybe you can use these outfits as inspiration for when this entire mess is behind us and we can start going about our daily lives as usual again.

Now let's talk about the capsule. Everything is easy to layer, easy to wear and strikes that perfect balance between casual and pulled together.  We will take a look at the outfits first and the I will break down all the pieces and sizing information at the very end! Also there are so many sales going on right now it's a little dizzying. Almost every single items featured here is on sale right now so I also noted which items were on sale at the end of the post too.

(above) Outfit 1

(above) Outfit 2

(above) Outfit 3
black dress, hat (color Khaki), flip flops

(above) Outfit 4

(above) Outfit 5

(above) Outfit 6

(above) Outfit 7

(above) Outfit 8

(above) Outfit 9

(above) Outfit 10

(above) Outfit 11

(above) Outfit 12

(above) Outfit 13

(above) Outfit 14

(above) Outfit 15


The 12 Capsule Pieces:

striped button front top (or here) - runs big, I went down a size to XS (on sale!)
white v-neck blouse, runs big, I went down a size to XS (on sale!)
cashmere tee - true to size, I am in a size small (on sale!)
black button front blouse - runs big, I went down a size (on sale!)
white v-neck sweater - runs big, I went down a size (on sale!)

denim jacket - true to size, I am in size small
white sweater blazer - runs big, I went down a size to size xs (on sale!)
trench/Mac coat - runs maybe a size big, I am in a size 2 but may exchange it for a size zero (on sale!)

white jeans (or here) - runs big, I went down a size
black jeans - runs small, I went up a size (on sale!)
blue jeans (or here) - runs true to size (on sale!)

black dress - runs big, I went down a size to XS (only $20!)

Monday, March 30, 2020

the perfect bath!

I have always loved a good bath soaking session, but now that we are all stuck home and I am craving quiet and peace, the bath has an elevated place in my daily routine. Or my almost daily routine... I try to pop in there at least every other day for an escape.

I've found that sneaking off to the bath with my kindle, a yeti mug (there might be wine in there!) and  my favorite bath soak is just the quiet time I need to escape the stress of life right now. I usually light a candle first, take my cbd oil* and make sure cozy slippers and pjs are waiting for me afterward.  Not only is it a great escape from the world and some quiet time for me, it also sets the stage for better sleep, which I have really been struggling with lately.

Creating a small oasis in the middle of my own home has been just what I need these days - hopefully you will be inspired to do the same. Or if baths aren't your thing... lock the bathroom door and do a nice hot shower instead!

kindle, I've been reading A LOT on my kindle since the library is closed, it's been a lifesaver!
pjs, so cute and on sale!
cbd oiluse code: jill.gottgleason for $20 off your first order plus the entire site is 10% off right now! These have helped me calm my anxiety a lot lately.*
bath tea, I recently discovered these and they are so indulgent!
bath soak, my favorite bath soak for silky soft skin!
mug, usually filled with tea, sometimes wine!
bath robe, my bath robe is getting so old and ratty. I def need a new one!
slippers, yes, please!
candle, I love this candle... I just burn it a little here and there and it still smells amazing even when it's not burning.
body scrub and body butter set, 10% off for a limited time and one of my favorite combos for silky soft skin.

*I am not a doctor or medical professional, if you have questions about incorporating cbd oil into your daily routine consult your doctor or one of Equilibria's dosing specialists.

Friday, March 27, 2020

6 ways to style: black leggings!

While most of us are at home these days it's probably safe to say we have been living in lounge wear. I know I have been about 50/50 with pjs all day or leggings and "real" clothes. Same with "getting ready" - I've done my hair and makeup a few times and then gone without quite a few days too. Although I will say doing hair and makeup and getting dressed feels REALLY good right now.

Today I've got 6 ways to style leggings since we sure are wearing them a lot! These looks are perfect for hanging at home with the kids, getting some fresh air in the yard or on a walk or even for popping on a video conference without looking like you just rolled out of bed (tempting!). Whatever life is bringing at you these days (and it's A LOT, I know) clothes can make us feel good in a special way. The combination of comfort and style is one I am always seeking and now I see how important it has been to my mental health during these difficult times too. I hope you get some inspiration from these looks!

Let's chat about these leggingss first... I have SO MANY favorite pairs of leggings but this is truly the only pair I own that work both for the gym (they really stay put during a sweaty tennis session) AND for wearing around the house/dressing up. They are a true unicorn that they can do both. I have leggings that work for day to day but look much more casual and somehow this pair is perfectly refined AND perfect for the gym. These run true to size, I am in my usual size small. They are also available in ankle length. Mine are a touch long on me, but I don't mind it... if I bought them again I would likely go for the ankle length. Plus they are under $60 and right now are on special two for $90. I am eyeing the grey pair too!


(above) Look 1
This long sweater blazer is just made for pairing with leggings! It's a natural fit. At the core this outfit is simple a white t-shirt and leggings, but by adding a cardigan you can feel more pulled together, or maybe warmer or just cozier for around the house.
Shop the look: leggings, t-shirt, cardigan (runs big, I went down two sizes), flats

(above) Look 2
This look is a little sportier and perfect for hanging with kids, heading out for walks and staying comfortable all day. I love this fitted striped top - so comfy! And it works great with a denim jacket and leggings. 
Shop the look: leggings, striped top, denim jacket (on sale! true to size, I'm in a small), sneakers

(above) Look 3
Business on top and casual on bottom - you know? This blouse and cardigan is perfect for hopping on a video conference but it's still super casual. 
Shop the pieces: leggings, blouse (runs big), cardigan, flats

(above) Look 4
Another perfectly casual look for hanging at home, keeping the kids busy and walking the dog - which is my exact life right now. But somehow it still feels cute while being super comfortable.
Shop the look: leggings, similar t-shirt, jacket (runs big, size down), Birkenstocks

(above) Look 5
A simple linen button front top and leggings are the perfect work from home look. This top is a favorite of mine from last year and I'm excited to wear it again this year too. And maybe the jacket and mules are overkill at this point - but maybe not! Just do what feels right these days.
Shop the look: leggings, linen top, jacket, mules

(above) Outfit 6
This is a look I've been wearing a lot. I mean, I'm pretty sure this is the third time to wear this exact look in two weeks. It's a great combo and repeat worthy. I love this oversized sweater with jeans but it works really well with leggings too!
Shop the look: leggings, sweater (slightly oversized, but I am in my usual size), sneakers

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

SALE ALERT: Madewell 25% off new arrivals!

Madewell just released TONS of new arrivals today and they are all 25% off! Whoa! There are adorable dresses, fun florals, great sandals and all the perfect spring pieces you will want this season. Sure, spring break may be cancelled but spring will be here before you know it and I don't know about you, but some cute new clothes to go with sunnier skies is just what I need right now!

top row, from left:
navy patchwork dress (adorable!), leather tote (can't decide on black or brown?), knotted headband

middle row, from left: 
rust drapey tee (love this color for spring!), ruffle sleeve tank (in my cart!), floral puff sleeve tee (also in my cart!)

bottom row, from left: 
neon sweatshirt (a little out of my comfort zone, but also so fun!), leather multi-strap sandalstie dye t-shirt dress (perfect casual piece for spring and summer!)

my everyday style: the perfect HUG of a sweater!

I took these photos several weeks ago... when my roots weren't an inch long and times were simpler. Ya know? I haven't done any official "photos" for the blog minus a lot of mirror selfies since school has been cancelled and we've been put on a shelter-in-place order by the State of Michigan. I might sometime soon... but I might wait, I just haven't decided yet. But these are the last of the photos that I have hanging around - so I hope you like mirror selfies. haha!

I'm glad I took these photos though because I simply adore this sweater and I think it's everything I need in my life right now. It's comfy like a hug, but pulled together like I feel I need right now. It's truly the perfect piece for staying home and relaxing but not feeling sloppy at the same time. So far I've been getting "ready" - as in dressed, hair and makeup - about every other day or every third day. It feels SO good when I do it and then it doesn't feel like I'm a total sloth when I skip the next day because I know I just did it yesterday. I don't know if any of that makes sense, but that's how I justify it to myself. So far it's working for me.

Any way, back to this sweater... it's a touch oversized, super cozy cotton and perfect for this transition to spring. I am wearing a size small here. So go with your usual size for the perfectly oversized fit or go down a size if you want it more fitted or if you are between sizes. I've worn it with both jeans AND leggings and can testify it works great with both. Oh and it's so cute with joggers too... another great stay at home staple. Here I paired it with some cropped demi boot jeans (so cute for spring!) and simple sneakers for a great hang around the house, go for a walk, FaceTime some friends look.

Outfit Details:
Sweater (fits a bit oversized)
Jeans (true to size)
Sneakers (true to size)
Bag is Polene, similar bag


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