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home tour: my master bedroom with Havenly!

Today I am kicking off a home tour series here on the blog! To kick the series off I am featuring my master bedroom... which is (now) one of my absolute favorite rooms in the house.

A few years ago my husband and I invested in beautiful furniture for the room and then, well, we just stopped there.  The master bedroom with it's beautiful furniture was then the cast-off room for unwanted accents that didn't fit around the house and without any real "style".  For some reason I had taken seriously the decorating of my entire home including the dining room, my office, the kids rooms, etc. but I had never taken the time to put the finishing touches on our master bedroom.  Such a shame, right!?!?

Enter Havenly.  Have you heard of them? Havenly is an online interior design service.  For a flat fee you choose a designer based on your style (there are SO many talented designers on hand there!), you send them before pictures and you choose your inspiration or what you want the room to look/feel like and bam! They get straight to work!  After uploading photos and answering a questionnaire on the site, my designer and I chatted briefly on the phone and then she got started on my room.  It was so easy, and quite honestly REALLY fun to see her work and tweek and design.  I was included in the whole process start to finish with lots of iterations on the room.

My designer at Havenly took my room and put the most beautiful finishing touches on it!  Now it is an absolute oasis from our busy home for our husband and I.  And the whole process was really fun and easy.  Let's take a look at how the room turned out!

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Stunning... right!?!? My designer really "got" me and she instantly had a vision for my room based on my style.   Here was the final design mock up I worked from to transform the room: 

With my budget I decided to purchase the rug, throw pillows, new knobs for our basic dresser, the feather accent and the light above the bed.  I really loved the lamps, the mirrors and the bench that the designer suggested, but with our budget right now I am going to work towards purchasing those in the future.  It's the perfect balance of loving the room RIGHT NOW and still having inspiration for the future if/when we want to add new pieces. 

I love to decorate my home, but I get overwhelmed with the decisions. Am I alone? That is why Havenly worked out so great for me.  I got amazing selections and ideas from my designer, but in the end I get to work within my budget and essentially pull the room together in real life on my own.  The design plan is so flexible and self-serviceable that whether you are clueless when it comes to interiors or if you enjoy decorating your own home but need some help - this service is for you.  Another major bonus is that Havenly takes care of all the ordering and tracking of the delivery of your items.  So you don't have to follow it all - they do the dirty work for you!

Let's take a closer look at the completed room:

 Is there anything more fun than new throw pillows? I'm so in love with them! The lamps are really old from Home Goods and at first I thought they were on the chopping block, but they looked PERFECT with the new room design and I was happy to save money there. 

The biggest change to the room was the one I was most skeptical about... the rug!  I didn't feel that it was worth the money (hey, rugs are expensive!) to put a huge rug in the room over the carpet (and half under the bed).  But in the end this is the part of the room that I love the most.  It's amazing what a difference the rug makes to the look and the feel of the room.  It really pulls it together and gives the room a very cozy feel that wasn't there before. 

The biggest inspiration for the room was these family photos from Torrey Pines State Reserve in Southern California (photo credit: Maria Johns).  I loved the grey, gold, peach, cream and silver tones from the photos and wanted the whole room to have that soothing, beachy feel to it.  My designer picked up on that immediately and I am so thankful for it.  She definitely pulled it off!

Adding new knobs to our basic IKEA dresser was another huge "a ha!" moment! I love these dressers for their practicality and voila - just like that the dresser is suddenly beautiful as well.  Another big win for my designer!  

To say I am in love with the overhead light our designer chose is an understatement.  Isn't this light a beauty!?!  This is by far my husband's favorite part of the room.  He likes to have input on the house too and he agreed that this piece really made the room. 

The feather accent above the bed is another thing that I never would have splurged on for the room, but with the suggestion of my designer was a great addition.  I've struggled with what to put over the bed since we got it and this piece was perfect. It adds a piece of fun and whimsy to the room. 

So there you have it!  A big thanks to Havenly and my designer Nikoletta for this stunning new retreat.  I feel like a queen in here!  And the best part... after years of never making the bed - I am suddenly addicted to waking up and making the bed and enjoying this room to it's fullest every day!

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Don't forget! If you are interested in working with Havenly to design the room of YOUR dreams in your home... use code: GOODLIFE at checkout to get 20% off your design services!  

A big thank you to Havenly for sponsoring this post. 
Thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog. All opinions are my own. 

Room Details:
Dressers, IKEA
Light, West Elm - c/o Havenly (or similar, but larger)
Rug, NuLoom - c/o Havenly
Throw Pillows:
Pink, West Elm - c/o Havenly
Cream, Home Goods (similar)
Grey, Home Goods
African Feather Hat, Etsy - c/o Havenly
Gold Knobs for Dresser, Anthropologie - c/o Havenly
Lamps, Home Goods (old, but similar)
Bedding, Target 

If you want... you can view the "before" photos after the jump!

Pretty blah, huh!?!? I am so thrilled that this room has new life to it now!

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