Friday, July 8, 2016

shop the summer sales...

It's summer sale season ladies!  And as usual, there are a million ways to blow a paycheck on all the crazy markdowns right now.  Eek!  I love to shop the end of season sales... but I have a few tips and tricks I use to make sure I am shopping the sales smartly.

See, end of season sales can be tricky.  Let's be honest, they are basically what the retailer bought too much of for the season or (whomp, whomp) what no one wanted at full price.  That's the ugly truth.  SO with that in mind I always shop the sales with my guard up a little so that I'm not getting burned on a piece I won't love next year or that doesn't fit great.

Here are my tips for shopping the end of season sale:

1) Don't buy something JUST because of the price.  Ask yourself if it's something you would have bought full price? Or is it something you have had your eye on but you were just waiting for the price to drop? Make sure you are not being blinded by the great price for a piece you don't love or that doesn't fit great.

2) Ask yourself on the spot if you can come up with three ways to style the piece.  I use this rule in general for shopping... but especially during sale season when it's easy to snatch and grab than truly think out your purchases.

3) Think about the long view.  Sure there are two more months of summer (and maybe even more of summer-like weather) to wear your newly acquired summer sale pieces.  But will you wear them again next summer? Or maybe for a warm-weather vacation this winter? Maybe now is a great time to shop for next year's spring break? Think about how you will not only wear the piece in the immediate future, but over the next few years as well.

4) Does the piece fit!?!? Ladies, we've all fallen prey to "settling" for a piece that is a great price but that doesn't fit great.  Me included.  Let's just not do that, okay?

5) And lastly, go for the classics.  I always try to cull through the sales to see what pieces are offered that are true classics.  These will be your best deals.  Hopefully in 3 years you will still be saying how you "got such a great deal" on  your summer sale finds, right!?

And speaking of those classics... here I pulled together quite a few classic pieces that are currently on sale for GREAT prices.  I love all these pieces because they are easy to style (rule #2!) and will stand the test of time in your closet (rule #3!).  Happy shopping ladies!

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