Friday, January 23, 2009

Fashion Friday... Toy Watch!

I just CAN NOT believe that it is Friday again already! But you won't catch me complaining! Who doesn't love Friday?!?! In this installment of Fashion Friday (where every Friday I make an ensemble from one of the items I highlighted this week on the 'ol blog)... I chose to go with the Toy Watch. Which I have nothing but pure love for. Oh, and also the pair of $19.50 patent flats I got from Old Navy. Because if lovin' $19.50 patent flats from Old Navy is wrong... I don't want to be right! I got these little sweeties in the mail today and they are adorable! Cuter than in the pic even! Without further ado... Fashion Friday folks:

toy watch love.
toy watch love. - by Jill GG on

Don't forget... if you are interested in joining Gilt - here is your personal invitation!


citysage said...

Gilt is SO dangerous! I've yet to buy anything for myself---their women's sales don't tend to be as awesome as the men's stuff---but my husband and my male clients have DEFINITELY been reaping the rewards!

Couture Carrie said...

Fab collage!


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