Thursday, September 19, 2019

my everyday style: a chunky knit sweater to obsess over!

I recently answered the question "what does a day in the life of a blogger look like?" in my Friday newsletter - you can sign up for that here!  So if you subscribe to my newsletter it will be a re-run for you today!

Working for myself, my schedule is super fluid. It looks similar each day but is always a little different depending on what is going on in our family on that day. I also front load my week with more "work" than the end of the week which I use for catching up on errands, chores or personal appointments.  So my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are usually jam packed with work while Thursday and Friday is work with some laundry, errands and general "mom" stuff mixed in.  I usually work in 2-3 hour bursts and try to be ultra focused during those times so that I don't have to work later in the day. As a blogger I work weekends too... which I don't love, so I try to be most efficient with my time during the week to help ease the inevitable weekend work.  Parts of the job like photoshoots and weekend social media posts are kept to a minimum amount of time investment if I can prep a lot of that stuff during the week.

I don't tend to procrastinate because I love the feeling of it being "done" and because being self employed I know when I am done, I get to do whatever I want! And I love that freedom.  I'm also hoping to do a post on how I manage my editorial calendar and daily to-do lists for work and personal stuff in the future - so stay tuned for that!

Here's a random day-in-the-life from a few weeks ago, but this is pretty standard for how most days go:

6am Alarm goes off and I allow myself one snooze. Then I go make sure the kids alarms went off too. Next I brush teeth, get a drink of water, jade roll my face and have my vitamins and sit down to work by 6:20am. Since my kids are older they don't need much help from me in the mornings and they ride the bus or my husband drops them on his way to work. I work at my desk for a while in pjs and then quickly slip on some gym clothes. This morning I wrote a blog post for today, responded to emails, double checked that today's post and social went live on time and then posted to Instagram - so it was a productive morning!

9am Workout - usually tennis but I've been experimenting with some other group classes. Or I will go for a walk. My goal for fall in moving once a day - no matter how small. This is tough for me because I am what I call "workout adverse" - haha!  But I find I feel better when I work out... even though some days climbing in bed with tea and The Today Show would be much more fun ;)

10:15am More work! This morning I had to shoot flatlays for Instagram and usually like to do those in batches once a week or once every other week. I also had to shoot the pictures of sneakers for this post which was cutting it close to posting date since it's been cloudy and it was finally sunny this morning. I like to work in advance as much as possible! I also take some time to respond to DMs on Instagram.

noon Eat breakfast, shower and get dressed for the day!

1pm Tidy around the house and put all the clothes away from the flatlay shots. Make the bed, do dishes, reset what's messy around the house, etc. I love to crank some music or listen to a podcast while I am working home alone. Lately it's Taylor Swift's new album LOVER on repeat, repeat, repeat.

1:30pm Quiet time. I usually take an hour or so of quiet time in the afternoon like a lunch break. I read, do laundry, maybe take a little nap, catch up on a show or run an errand or two. The most important part of this is PUTTING MY PHONE down. I usually put it on silent and don't touch it. It feels good! I quickly grab a photo of my outfit while the house is quiet to post later today.

3pm The after school routine begins. I quickly finalize any work I have for the day and check and double check my to-do list to see if I forgot anything before I am in the car for the afternoon. I run carpool for my daughter for tennis and then run to Starbucks and then to my sons soccer game. In between driving I pop back to my desk to finish this newsletter and emails. Or work on my phone editing photos or doing social media. It's leftovers for dinner since no one is really home all night. I have a bowl of last nights leftover chicken soup before I leave and grab an RX bar for a snack at the game.

8pm Everyone is home and the kids start showers and winding down. I prep my final Instagram post for the day and post that. I also catch up on DMs again - those stack up quickly and check stats to see how the blog performed that day. I'm watching tennis tonight! I've been looking forward to it all day! While I watch tennis I will post some sale alerts or fun finds on Instagram stories (ideally, unless the night gets away from me).

10pm The kids are *supposed* to be in bed and lights out at this point - but I quickly run to their part of the house to double check. Kiss them goodnight and help them pick up their living areas (because MAN they get messy!). I check Instagram once (or maybe four times) more and read for an hour and hopefully fall asleep by 11pm. Whew! Busy day!


I hope you enjoyed that look into my day... it's always evolving as the kids get older so it's kind of a moving target to post about. But as I am sure all moms know everything is just a "phase" with kids... our lives as moms are evolving all the time. My kids are more independent every day so I'm able to take more time for work (or for myself!) as they need me less. This evolution sometimes feels like an amazing relief and also at times like a very sad thing. I still struggle with it somedays.

But anyway, should we talk about this outfit? I mean... THIS SWEATER is so good. I love a chunky knit sweater and admittedly they can sometimes be so heavy and hot - but this one is surprisingly lightweight. It almost feels like a cozy sweatshirt in sweater form. And that is something I can definitely get excited about! I am such a sweater lover... so beautiful and comfy options like this one get me super excited. And I have about worn these AGOLDE jeans to death... but still love them and I've found that since they are more classic denim fabric with no stretch that they have started to really get that "worn in" feel that is SO GOOD. So good, you guys. They feel like they are formed to my body now.

Outfit Details:

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