Tuesday, March 13, 2018

my everyday style: trench re-run and why I'm blogging at almost 40 years old!

I've got a big confession to make... I've been really burnt out on blogging lately. Like really. Like really, really, really.  I think this is common in any job to feel a little stuck, feel a little underwhelmed and to really question what it is you are doing with your life. This isn't the first time it's happened either. So I've been here before.  Also a huge part of this is just the winter-blahs... January and February are both so cold and gloomy, it's hard to be excited about anything not having to do with vacation.

This blog I've built from nothing is such an amazing blessing in my life, it's something I dreamed about before I even knew what I was dreaming about. The dream of working for myself on my own time, the way I wanted, with flexibility for my family and financial and creative independence has always been the dream.  I love DVF's quote: "I didn't know what I wanted to be, but I knew what kind of woman I wanted to be" that quote thoroughly sums up my experience growing up to now (I still feel like I am "growing up" each day). I was sick of working dead end jobs to make other people look good, I wanted to pull myself to the top with my own grit and hard work - not depending on the next review or promotion for a raise. I wanted to call the shots.  So this has always been the DREAM. And I still pinch myself that it is real.  But in the last month or so I have felt lost.

I started this blog when I had just turned 30 - a few things have changed in my life since then to say the least.  When I started this blog I was in the throws of baby and toddler life with my kids. I was trying to figure out how not to lose myself in all of it as I quit my work outside the home and became a "stay at home" mom.  I was trading in my work-wear for what!?!? I didn't know! So I started the blog to help me work through finding my style in this new role. And SO many of you joined along with me. You guys were in the same boat! And we worked through it together. And it was and IS amazing.

But you guys, news alert: I turn 40 this year. Whoa!  There's always been a little nag in the back of my head saying "this isn't a REAL job... this will just carry you through for a while... do you really think you are going to take pictures of your outfits when you turn 40 and be serious about it" But here I stand folks. I'm 40 (in just a few months). Will I still be taking photos of myself at 40 I kept asking myself? Really? Is this a thing? I'm here to say that I'm still taking pictures of myself at 40. I mean... I will be in a few months at least.  And lately I've been feeling so burnt out because the question I keep asking myself is WHY? WHY does this blog matter (besides a paycheck)? What does this blog mean after 10 years to me and my readers? The 'why' was really bugging me.  What does this blog offer my readers that the girls that are cuter, younger and have more energy than me doesn't offer?

And then last week I had a HUGE 'a ha!' moment. This blog means the same thing today that it meant 10 years ago. It's here to guide me (and hopefully you) through "what's next" in our lives just like it did when I began.  Facing 40 is a big mental shift.  And while I was a little scared about it at first, I am not any more. I feel more confident, beautiful and capable that I did 10 years ago - or ever really - and as I go into my 4th decade I'm still figuring out my style.  What works for the 20 year old bloggers or even the 30 year old me DOESN'T WORK FOR ME anymore.  And maybe you feel the same way. Maybe you look and feel young even though your kids are almost as tall as you are, like mine.  Maybe you wonder how you can stay trendy and on style but not dress like a 20 year old, because you just aren't that person anymore.  Maybe you've decided that you put your everything in to being a mom for too long and now that your kids are a little older you need to put a little bit of something back into yourself. Maybe it's just a little escape from the everyday. I think it's all that, and more.

So here I am. Ready for 10 more if the good Lord takes me there.  I hope you will continue to join me on the journey. Your support this far has meant the world to me.  We've GOT this ladies! I'm so excited for my 40s and whatever age you are - I hope you too know we are only getting better with age friends.

On to the outfit... shall we? I told you I was going to wear this trench A LOT this spring... and so far I have kept my promise (you can also see it styled here).  It's been perfect for throwing over sweaters for cool days or tees for warmer days... I'm pretty sure I am allergic to my winter coats at this point.  This cotton sweater is SO soft and I love the slightly cropped fit with high rise jeans. It's the perfect spring and summer staple.  I know you have seen these knotted flats on the blog A LOT lately, but that's for good reason. They are seriously SO comfortable and I have yet to find an outfit that they don't seem to work perfectly with.

Outfit Details:
Necklace (no longer available, but I love this one too!)

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