Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hump day...

I am over here braving out the last week of summer vacation (well, my son starts next week and daughter starts the week after) and dealing with this nasty summer cold that has me spelling "here" as "hear" and "well" as "weel" and the list goes on and on. I am one sentence into this post and have had like 10 spelling errors. Which usually I am pretty good about (minus the button in my side-bar... I know, I know... I'm too lazy to fix it).

*** Edited to add: a sweet reader emailed me a "fix" to my spelling error - so spelling error no more! Thank you!***

I actually had an outfit post I was going to do today, but the photos screamed: I don't feel great. boo!

So the verdict is: it's not pretty. Not at all. So I'm going to take a "day" if you don't mind... and feed you with a bunch of re-runs.


  • Did you catch my 30/30 Challenge this summer? I mixed thirty wardrobe pieces for thirty days. Nothing more, nothing less. Check out all the posts here. A few of my faves are here, here and here. And of course THIS post was likely the first legally documented photo of me drinking beer out of a can. Do the math, that means I haven't drank beer out of can in about 12 years or more. Good times!
  • Did you know I have some videos in the archives? (be kind, these are old) They still have some useful bits in them though... and they remind me that I should start these bad boys up again!
  • Please tell me you have bought the fall looks:book already? DO! DO! DO! It's SO full of great fall inspiration... so far I have had quite a few happy customers, you should be one!
  • Have you checked out casa good life yet? These are some glimpses into my humble abode and how I pull it all together on a dime. I have done A LOT of new projects around the house this summer that need to photographed, in the meantime... check out what I have done already!

Enjoy and thanks in advance for letting me off the hook today! I'll hopefully be back tomorrow fully refreshed! Or maybe I can pull myself together this afternoon... time will tell.


Kirsten & Maria said...

hope you feel better sweetie

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you're sick! Hope you feel better soon so we can see more cute outfit posts! :)

Kelly said...

Feel better soon! I liked going back and seeing all your before/afters!

kristen said...

feel better soon! :)

Linda Rose said...

get well soon! stupid summer cold. who does he think he is anyway? glad you left us with something to read tho. i'm loving the pics of your home!

Jacinta said...

Aww rest up and feel better soon. :)

jill said...

hope u feel better soon! the weather is so gloomy here in chicago today...but it's bringing cooler air, which means we can start dipping in to more fall clothes :)

karen★ said...

i know you are feeling a little better this week, but i personally think that as busy as you are, you deserve a little break now and then! you know...twinkies & dr. pepper...& lots of crappy tv!


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