Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my outfit: touch of fall!

Turns out, when you are sick up to your eye balls of summer but have still been at the pool all day... and you have a cold that you had last week and thought was over, but then it took a turn for the worse... and you haven't gotten the proper sleep to cocktail ratio the night before (what can I say, it was Mad Men night... you have to have a cocktail or two for Mad Men!)... all you need is some rockin' flats and a rad necklace and even the bed head melts away...

Well, mostly.

It's 90 out, but I am so sick of summer clothes. So I had to keep it cool with shorts and a breezy top. But I had to add something fall-ish in: these flats and necklace were just the thing.

I hope I am proving my point here, because I sure am trying.

It's debatable... there are considerable bags under my eyes. Pffff. I can't say I didn't try!

Top, Gap (also featured here yesterday)
Jean Shorts, DIY of an old pair (similar)
Necklace, Charlotte Russe
Flats, Sam Edelman
Handbag, Deux Lux (similar)


Dobbygirl said...

Loving the top and necklace! I'm tired of 90+ degree days too, so ready for a change.

Kelly said...

Those flats are super cute! I have a summer cold too right now - it stinks.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Ugh - I feel your pain. I'm SO SICK of hot steamy weather. Bring on the 60 degree temps, I say! Love your outfit, love the shirt, LOVE the necklaces. Cutes! Cutes! Cutes!


sara said...

Love the flats! I am so sick of this weather too. At least you will probably be getting fall weather way before I will. I'm in Texas and it's still in the high 90's. Yuck. So done with this.

Kathryn said...

I was sad that I missed buying this top during the Give & Get. Then ON/Gap just issued a code on FB for 30% off online orders today only - YAY! Got the top and a few other things ;).

b.a. said...

ooooh, baby! i love that necklace!

Linda Rose said...

this is amazing! so great! i love the necklace and top and you're really making me want to cut off some shorts!

Jacinta said...

LOL! I'm SOOO sick of winter! It is the first day of spring here and it is raining and cold. UGH.
Sunshine please.
I love the flats.


karen★ said...

i love the whole entire thing! it looks like it would be perfect for park day. (a fall park day cuz parks in the summer suck!)


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