Monday, July 26, 2010

my outfit: 12/30!

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{If you are new here... I am taking part in the 30/30 Challenge. For the challenge you choose thirty wardrobe pieces and mix and match them for thirty days. My 30 selections are HERE, my previous outfits are HERE}

I know, I know... I was all boo-hooey about taking all these pictures yesterday. It's true, I don't love the every day picture taking part. But what I do love is the peace of mind that my wardrobe is being put to good use. I love that I don't feel the need to buy anything new to keep my outfits fresh, I know I just need to mix and match. I also love knowing that my readers appreciate that they may see the same thing two or three times and that they are okay with it. It seems that I'm not the only one. I've seen other "fashion" or "outfit" bloggers talk about how they feel so relieved that their readers are okay with seeing similar or duplicate outfits.

In general, it totally makes sense. We may pick up new readers here and there who haven't seen a particular outfit... or it could remind others of a look they wanted to try themselves before that they forgot about. So from now on I give myself permission (even after the 30/30 Challenge) to repeat wardrobe pieces freely. Is everyone on board with that???

Be honest though... when you read blogs where the blogger posts her (or his) outfits, do you want to see new and fresh each time... or more practical outfits where there may/will be repeats? I'd love to hear your honest thoughts in the comments!

Top, JCrew (similar, similar)
Shorts, Old Navy (similar)
Sandals, F21 (similar)
Purse, Rafe for Target (similar)


Kathryn said...

Practical outfits with repeats is great by me. I love seeing how you change the look of an outfit with just one swap (ie shorts for jeans).

jill said...

jill, you do a great job of wearing and accessorizing outifts real women (and real moms) can wear! i have recommended your blog to many people for that exact reason and everyone i've talked to loves reading it!! i know i've implemented a lot of your ideas.
i don't mind repeats - or small tweaks - at all. most of our lives move so fast it's hard to remember that it is a repeat. or, if you're like me, you read enough blogs that it's impossible to remember every detail of every one! keep up the inspiration!! thanks :)

Sarah Lenhart said...

I like seeing pieces of clothing repeated because then you can see different ways to style them as well as realizing that just a few good quality pieces can be worn a million different ways; making my small wardrobe seem much bigger.

thirtynothing said...

Repeating pieces (and even entire outfits) is a HUGE value. Let's be honest, very few of your readers can afford to wear something new every day and it makes economical sense to see how to mix and match pieces and get that longevity from a piece from season to season. One of my favorite features in Lucky (or is it Allure) is the How to Wear it Now and Later concept, but to go one step further, what about Now - options 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 all with the same piece reused! Keep up the awesome work with the 30/30 challenge! I've really enjoyed logging in and seeing your outfits!

Hillary said...

Totally on board with you repeating items and outfits more frequently! I know that when I fall in love with a piece I have a hard time taking it out of rotation initially, so this will hopefully give us some more ideas about how to style the same or similar items differently.

Laura said...

I love that you repeat clothes. I read blogs that show the author's sense of style and creativity, not where the person ones the latest, most expensive pieces. This is a great way for real people to learn to wear their own clothes in new ways. Thanks for your posts!

karen★ said...

I really love seeing the outfits repeated....although, because I'm on catch-up-on-blog mode, I don't recall any repeats so far. But, isn't that what makes you so successful at this challenge? Using your expertise to make us think they are all different? You are doing an amazing job!


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