Monday, July 26, 2010

what to wear: maternity!

And so it goes... I have a slew of girlfriends that just had babies and now a new "crop" of pregnant ladies are entering into my life again. Including some readers that have emailed me to let me know they are expecting! So I thought I would round up some simple but sophisticated maternity outfits up... I chose all "mall" stores, so these items are quite accessible and not too expensive. Because we all want to look great while pregnant, but of course without spending a fortune on clothes that we won't wear in a year or so.

First up... from Forever 21's new maternity line. They have mostly just "the basics"... but that is often what you need the most of. I love this simple, simple, simple outfit. Very chic and comfortable at the same time!

Next up, Old Navy... I wore a lot of Old Navy maternity through both of my pregnancies. I loved the prices (and the sales!) and for most part I loved that their pieces were a little more trendy. It's fun to go with a little extra trend when pregnant... I felt like it added the extra spark to an outfit that I was craving. Distraction, maybe?

Since Gap launched their maternity several years ago I have always loved it. It is classic and high quality. I highly recommend their maternity denim. I wore two pairs non-stop with my second and they were no worse for the wear. This is a fun layered look. I just love these throw-back Keds in modern finishes. I saw them in person in the store last week and they are even more cute in person. I don't know about you, but my teens were chock full of Keds... nothing like a new pair!

Happy maternity trails!


deyoungsters said...

oh, perfect! I am expecting and this post was so timely. I'm just now needing to make the switch to maternity clothes, and this is helping my attitude. :) I've meaning to look through your old posts for maternity inspiration, too! thanks!

Linda said...

I love the leggings look for pregnant women right now. My sister is pregnant and she will not do the leggings look, but I think that second one would be perfect for her!

Ane said...

Thank you very much! I will need something new for my son's birthday next month and the first look is perfect for our winter.I feel inspired for more maternity shopping. When I get to the US, I will take a look at Gap and Old Navy.

PS~Erin said...

The only reason I would want to be pregnant again is to get to wear all the cute mat clothes they have now. I know it wasn't that long ago when I was, but it's seriously gotten so much more stylish.

karen★ said...

I wish I'd known about you during my last 4 pregnancies! All these up and coming baby makers will be so thankful for these posts!

Jamie said...

OH! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Love these outfits, I am pregnant and am really feeling bad about my clothes at the moment. I am getting these outfits.


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