Sunday, July 25, 2010

my outfit: 11/30!

30 for 30 Banner

What?!? Are you in the right place? Me, with a skirt on??? I know, I know. This is the one that I own. Well, actually I own three skirts, to be exact. The other two are very "business-y". I love this skirt though... it's so easy for summer and more comfortable than shorts. Plus, being white, you can whip it out for just about any type of day with any type of shirt and voila! Easy peasy.

I finally found my achilles heel with this 30/30 challenge. And it's not pretty. I am SICK of taking pictures. Ha! Thus the disgusted type look of a teenager with braces that whines "MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!" when her mother wants to take her picture yet again. Instead I'm whining... "KEEEEENNNNNNDDDDDIIII... again?" But seriously though Kendi, no offense. I love this challenge, I just wish that my camera would take my picture without asking, and also edit them. That's all.

Chambray Top, Old Navy (similar)
White Skirt, Gap (similar)
Sandals, Forever 21 (similar)
Handbag, Rafe for Target (similar)
Wrap Bracelet, Forever 21 (similar)


Melissa said...

I love this skirt! It's great with the chambray shirt too.

I don't mind taking pictures every day...probably because I don't actually edit them. I just upload, write and post.

Heh. Maybe I should work on editing.

Elena said...

Super cute! I love the white skirt, and the chambray top really goes well with it.

Kelly said...

Those nude sandals are so cute! I'm headed to the mall today to search some out!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

skirts really suit you :)

karen★ said...

another one for my top faves! i actually wore this outfit (almost!) on friday when i went to the hospital! it made me so much happier to be dressed in something other than jammies when i made my entrance!

no skirts? you have great legs & skirts do an awesome job of showing them off. just sayin'!

sorry about the pictures...just in case it makes you feel better, you look like you want to be in all of them! AND, when this challenge is over you will be so happy, as will all of us who are getting so inspired by these posts.

Love you Jill!


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