Thursday, May 20, 2010

my outfit: it's all a variation!

You know the saying... "there's nothing new under the sun" - oh, how true it rings. Especially today... you've seen these jeans, these shoes, this jacket and this top, oh and this belt. But... VOILA! Here it is all together in a new variation. This is how I roll peeps.

But that is what this little old blog is all about right? Making your wardrobe work for you and making it look easy. Also, today it's apparently about my really dorky smile. Who knew?

Make it easy. Ha! Funny, because it's not. A friend of mine said to me the other day (a very FASHIONABLE friend of mine... she has me beat by leaps and bounds) that even though her closet over-flows with clothes, she can never find anything to wear. And I know for a fact that this girl has got clothes (I mean CLOTHES people!). She was under some assumption that I don't have this problem. That is so false. I can stand in my closet for embarrassing amounts of time pondering what to wear. It's a side effect of the "fall" - ha, maybe, probably not. But it's age old. So don't think that I am immune to it.

I love this leopard print belt... it adds a touch of sass to any outfit. Also, an update on the "hand wash" status of this top. I did wash it on the "hand wash" setting on my front loader washing machine in a pillow case tied closed. (whew, got that?) Then I dried it all by itself on a normal setting. It seemed to come out fine! Yippee!

Jeans, Seven for all Mankind
Jacket, Gap (similar)
Top, JCrew (similar)
Belt, F21 (similar)
Shoes, Cynthia Vincent for Target
Bangles, Charlotte Russe (similar)


Today Hilary... said...

Kudos to you for following those wash directions so carefully, I'm the worst at that, I throw it all in the machine and call it a day........

I opened an online boutique offering vintage and designer clothes - all $30 and under. Let me know what you think...

Dobbygirl said...

Your smile is not dorky! You look great! Oh I wish I could have gotten my hands on a pair of those shoes ;o)

Wicked Thrifty said...

what a pretty top! i LOVE all of the embellishing and ruffles that are out there right now... but i fear if i picked something like this i'd poke someone's eye out. i don't think it's a look for the super-buxom :P

Elle Sees said...

Again, that shirt, loves!!!!

Melissa said...

That shirt is gorgeous! And your belt makes me want to run out and find one just like it. Truly.

So pretty!

karen★ said...

Love the ruffles! And, the bracelet is pretty too....just like your smile! Dorky? What? Not even close!

Joi said...

I love that top and the shoes! I've tried to find the shoes in my area but have not had any luck!


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