Thursday, March 4, 2010

my outfit: coral sweater!

I mentioned earlier this week that I found this sweater at Old Navy, and to be honest I wish I would have bought one in every color! It is so soft and comfy - I just love it. I decided to go up a size for a more relaxed look as that seems to be trendy lately rather than the tight fitting tops of years past (not that there is anything wrong with a fitted top... I still like those too). It's fun to play around with proportions in clothing, I'm glad I got the bigger size. Feels like I am borrowing a worn in sweater from my husband or brother.

Lately the sun has FINALLY been shining... turns out it easier to take photos on the cloudy days and lighten the photo with photoshop than deal with the glare. I'm no pro, that's for sure.

I couldn't resist throwing this scarf on today... gold jewelry would have been fun as well. And I did experiment with it at first. But this scarf just goes so perfect for a spring time look. It's a $1 thrift store find, by the way. I think it was originally one of those old lady hair scarves, as it is polyester.

And can we discuss hair!?!? So I went with the blunt bangs and you saw them first here... but I don't think they "fit" my face that way. So I tried them side-swept a bit today (just like I always have). I like this better. Does that mean I am wimping out on the look? Hmmmm. I hate the be the old lady stuck in a hair rut. The troubles of growing old...

And it just feels weird in my time of life to not be able to "figure out" my hair. Sheesh. I should have these types of things figured out by now it seems. Enough of my rant.

Do you like the $20 sweater?

Scarf, Thrifted (similar)
Jeans, Old Navy (similar)
Sweater, Old Navy
Shoes, Nine West (similar)


Tara Hope said...

i definitely liked your hair with the blunt bangs! i mean the sideswept bangs are great too for a different look, but i thought the blunt bangs looked great on you! they totally "fit" your face...maybe you just have to get used to them!

Kelly said...

I agree, loved the blunt bangs! Loved the way they looked with your hair down in the business formal picture, but thought they looked cute and fresh in the last pictures with your hair pulled up too!

PS. Like the sweater too :)

Jackie said...

LOVE the sweater-the color looks great on you! And paired with that awesome scarf it's just perfect.

I feel you on the "old lady hair rut" thing. I have had a short a-line bob for years now that I am finally trying to grow out but I'm having a hard time. It's at that horrible in-between stage right now and I want to chop it all off again so bad! We'll see. I thought your blunt bangs looked good-but if it jut doesn't feel right, you won't enjoy it. Go with what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Instead of thinking it as being stuck in a hair rut, think of it as your "signature style". Hee hee. It's all in how you look at it!

Okay, done with the worlds longest comment.

sara said...

I am always having issues on what to do with my hair. I think you look great with the bangs. I always end up growning my bangs out when I cut them. Oh and love the sweater!

Elisa @ whatthevita said...

NO! Keep the bangs! Take it from me, who LOVES BANGS to death but can't pull them off due to my round-square-ish face. Keep them, please, you looked so stylish with them :)

thirtynothing said...

I think the blunt bangs look great on you, but if I had to choose what I like better, I'm a side swoop kinda gal! You'll get used to them, give them at least a week. Wait, has it already been a week? Well, give them another week. Sometimes they have to "settle." And yes, good score with the cheap coral sweater, and going a size up.

Dobbygirl said...

Love this outfit! I liked the blunt bangs too!

I can't even discuss a hair rut - I'm in a hair hole. Too many ponytails. I'm on the hunt for a new cut for sure.

氣死我 said...
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ms. less is always more said...

wow gals, thank you for all the input on my hair! I'm still waivering back and forth :)


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