Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reader Question: "Mom"-wear!

A fellow blogger emailed me recently with a great question that I think a lot of my readers can relate to. Ada-Marie of Spark! wrote the following:

I am looking for comfortable pants to wear everyday as an alternative to jeans. I find myself in yoga pants most days because they are flexible, warm and allow me to chase after my toddler. Do dressy yoga pants exist?! ;) Any ideas?

If you read this blog regularly you know I only wear yoga-ish pants at the gym and around the house. I'm not much for wearing them out in public, but I know a lot of moms like the comfort and simplicity of them. So Ada-Marie's question is a valid one. Some people don't find jeans comfortable or easy to wear (or as easy as yoga pants). Now I could go into the benfits of stretchy jeans... but I won't. If Ada-Marie doesn't love jeans, I totally respect that.

If I were to search out some type of "dressy yoga pant" it would be leggings... they are usually about the same material, are available in a wide range of colors (I still like classic black the best), are easy to wash and are usually pretty cheap. A few words on leggings as I am sure quite a few of you are groaning now:
1. If you buy a QUALITY pair they can be quite slimming (I know, I have a great pair from Gap Body that make me feel much skinnier on than I could imagine)
2. Black is slimming and hides lumps, bumps, etc.
3. Leggings are the same thing as yoga pants but with a different leg opening. Really, they are.

So without further ado... here are some perfectly appropriate outfits for moms (or just women in general) on the run with leggings.
Topshop at ShopStyle

Notice I chose tunic style tops that cover the rear... if that's your thing (it is certainly mine!).
Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Snag a button up from your man's closet and belt it... voila! You look like you just came from Fashion Week, toddler in tow or not!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

I am in love with these Superga shoes... btw, they are on GILT tomorrow (Friday). I'll be sure to snag a pair, you too, perhaps?

So what do you think? Are you sold? Are you a yoga-pant mom? Give me your feedback...


spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

I am sold! I love the idea of leggings matched with a top with a defined waist or a belt. I need to stock up on some cute tunics and fun belts. Oh, and I do like jeans, I just feel like once they are finally comfy, they aren't flattering anymore! I have looked for jeans with more stretch, but haven't really found any that I loved. I mostly dress jeans up to go out. Thanks so much for the inspiration. You rock, Jill!

Sarah-Nell said...

This is Ada's sister and I too love Yoga pants AND leggings. I totally agree with your suggestion. They have a bunch of cute leggings with vertical ribbing (also slimming) at H&M.

Jackie said...

I've been toying with the idea of wearing yoga pants for awhile because I actually love the way they look. Now I am SOLD! Want every one of these outfits.

jen v said...

Completely agree on the leggings. They are crazy flexible, stretchy, and comfortable. Love the top options..i think finding something to wear on top is the harder part, but these all look great.

Dobbygirl said...

You are spot on. I need to wear mine more, but my issue is that I have a hard time finding a good pair. The last ones I bought were from Forever 21, they are nice, but don't fit well (I like mine tighter/more secure - if that makes sense). Any suggestions?

ms. less is always more said...

Dobbygirl, I found a pair I really liked at GapBody, other great places would be JCrew or Banana Republic for a really GOOD pair. I have a pair from Target that is okay, but I think you get what you pay for with leggings! Good luck shopping!

Lesley said...

Hi Jill
You were introduced to me by our mutual friend, Jo Vanderploeg, and I really enjoy your blog. Our styles are very similar and I am a true sucker for great flats and a cozy scarf. I just wanted to share my latest find that I wear OFTEN- the knit poncho. Not for everyone, I understand, but I found a beautiful, funky one on etsy that I can't wear enough. It's a great replacement for a coat in the spring and fall and you can find a huge variety. With that, I also purchased a funky, airy, yellow crocheted poncho to wear over a tank and skirt on those summer nights. Great accessory. Anyways, keep doing what you are doing! Just wanted to share! Thanks for the inspiration!


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