Monday, January 26, 2009

i have a small addiction forming...

...and it is for, of all things, reusable grocery or "shopping" bags... I just can't get enough of them!

Envirosax from Red Envelope

Eco Techno Tote from Target

Cindy Kirk I'm Not Plastic from Piperlime

Are you using them these days... if so, DO DISH, what are your favs?


Miss Aimee said...

oh and so do I. I get the ones at central market! I love love them! Can't beat the price either.

Blair said...

Oh, i love the first one. i definitely use them and always feel guilty when I forget them. I work at a non-profit land conservation org so I had some made for our donors and I have snagged a few extra for myself:)

Rachel said...

I'm a Baggu girl, all the way. They fold up into a little pocket, which makes it easy for me to keep a couple in all of my bags. The checkout person is always astonished when I whip them out of my purse.


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