Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i'm feeling...

...uninspired and unoriginal. bummer, huh?

Would you care for some re-runs since you are here and everything? Just so this wasn't a waste of your time? Well, okay then.

This set on polyvore was ridic popular... over 52 thousand views, WHAT?!?! It's just jeans and a tee and a sweater. Oh yeah, and a drop dead gorgeous handbag.

Today's Outfit Casual
Today's Outfit Casual - by Jill GG on Polyvore.com

But then, wait a minute, this one got almost 3x that. Seriously?

But of all of them, I think this one of mine is my favorite. It's just super "me."

How do you get out of your creative/writing ruts?


Shannon said...

That bag calls my name. I may dream about it tonight.

Kotori said...

I agree with you, that last one is fab. Love those boots!


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