Monday, January 28, 2008

move on... move up...

one great thing about paring down your closet, is that if you shop smart to begin with you can move on and move up at the same time.  what i mean is this... by buying high quality pieces the first time around.  you can use ebay, craigslist or a consignment shop in your community to sell items that are a year or so old and getting a little eh to you and then turn around and use the money to continue to invest in additional quality pieces for your closet.  it's recycling - for money!

i don't know about your community, but mine has GREAT consignment shops.  in fact i've found two new ones in the past couple of months.  i am particularly drawn to the ones that have great window displays.  of course they are putting great stuff out there to draw you in, but then of course you know that they have great stuff!

i like consignment stores over the online stuff for two reasons.  the first is i am a tactile person, i like to see the clothes, touch the shoes, try on the purse, swing the skirts, flaunt the scarves, etc.  and because i usually "run into" things that i would have never thought to search for on ebay.  or maybe that's why i shouldn't shop them. er.

lastly, a good quality consignment shop will offer a donation service as well.  when i drop clothes at my local c.s. - whatever isn't sell-able or is out of season will get donated, in my name, to a local women's shelter or women's clothing mission and i get the tax benefits for it.

life the good life and spread it around.  it'll make you feel good.

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