Friday, August 29, 2008

now more than ever...

so it's been a while, i know. i know.

lately "living the good life for less" has come to mean quite MORE to me than usual. this past week i decided to take a step back from a career path that was going in all the wrong places to focus on my kids, myself, my marriage, my home - in essence, my life. after all, what good is having all of those things if you are too stressed, raged, tired and/or useless to enjoy them.

any ho0 - enough about me!!! after surveying the toys in this house (i could run my own daycare here with all of these!!!) i realized that storage is key for organization and for my sanity. (brightly colored plastic junk all over nearly makes me crazy!)

whether you have kids or not, i think you can appreciate some of these stylish options. on the cheap of course!!

First up... a good-life-for-less go-to. IKEA. I present the BRANAS

at $7.99 a pop these are a steal. i probably own a dozen or so of this style in several sizes. they hold up well to toys, diapers, magazines, whatever. plus they are neutral enough for any style. (picture courtesy of IKEA)

next up is one that is a little more kid centered, but with so many colors could easily mix in with modern and contemporary styled homes/bathrooms/pantries.
these are the "strapping" series from land of nod. there are several styles to choose from and range in price from $7.95 to $14.95 which is not bad at all. i could definitely envision these going in the kids bath (or an adult bath for that matter) very nicely. towels, toiletries, extra tp - you name it. (picture courtesy of land of nod)

lastly - call me creative. or crazy. you choose. but i am thinking of a wall with a bunch of hooks on them or a wall with a hook... and then these little guys holding all the misc. things of my life (toys - the little tiny pieces that drive you crazy), mittens and scarves for winter, bubbles and bubble blowers for summer or maybe even underwear... you name it!) hanging in these tres affordable and eco friendly bags. courtesy of one of my all time favorite online stores... Delight. at$15.50 for four this rounds out our options as the cheapest - albeit most creative. (picture courtesy of

stay cool. stay cheap.

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