Friday, January 25, 2008

closet secrets...

there was a point in my post college days (when i actually had money to fund my closet) that quantity ruled over quality... i'm sure we've all been there before.  a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  in fact i was complaining about that recently in front of my toddler son and he literally walked over to my dresser, pulled out a shirt and handed it to me and walked away.  like "yes you do mom, here."  he didn't even look at... to him it was good enough. 

unfortunately for most women, "fashion" isn't as easy as opening a drawer and pulling something out quick.  it has more to do with our mood, our plans for the day, the weather, the trends and more.  with all of those variables, it's no surprise we can never find anything to wear in a sea of clothes.

lately i have been focusing on contentment in all areas of my life, including in my closet.  friends, this is not easy.

there are two things i have found that help me feel content and inspired in my closet.  the first is *paring down* - eliminating those things from the closet that even though you may not "love" them, you still keep them around.

the second is *shopping smarter* - buying things i love even if they are a bit more expensive.  sometimes investing a little more money and a little more time in your wardrobe can pay you back in the future.  

this is by no means a fashion blog - but check back for more closet secrets...

go live it!

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