Wednesday, September 1, 2021

fall capsule collection!

Happy September! Can you believe its here! I'm sooooo ready for the fresh start of fall and I'm really excited to bring you a fall capsule collection full of great closet staples for fall and lots of corresponding outfit options for the pieces I selected. Of course, there are TONS of outfit options for these items so feel free to do some mixing and matching on your own too... this is just a place to start!

This fall I'm approaching my closet in a much different way from last year. Last year I craved comfort and lots of lounge for what felt like an impossibly hectic time of life. This year I crave comfort but in a different way. I'm craving more structure, more femininity and lots of classics. It could be my age or just that the world seems like it's falling apart around us in perpetuity but I find myself moving away from trends and frivolity with clothes and really wanting to dig in to classics. There is a certain feeling of not caring what is "in style" and more just working to tune into what I truly love.  In a world that feels crazy and heartbreaking and out of control, I want my clothing to be the exact opposite - curated, beautiful, a known entity.

With this in mind I pulled together a small group of clothing items that are inspiring me for fall and hope that you all enjoy them too. These items are simple and easy to wear while balancing comfort with style. I crave feeling pulled together after a long season of leggings and sweatshirts. But I'm also not afraid to seek extreme comfort in my wardrobe when needed. I've always said I'm a very emotional dresser - I dress for my emotions that day and how I am dressed for the day often inspires my day. Classic comfort like a big oversized sweater and a great pair of jeans, helps me face a tough or super busy day and feeling pulled together with a blazer or blouse, always helps me be more productive. Maybe it's silly, but clothes very much make a difference in my day. They are my ever present pep talk throughout the day.

Let's take a look at the pieces I pulled together and then I'm excited to share some outfit ideas with the pieces as well!


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