Friday, March 15, 2019

beauty review: the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Today I am SUPER excited to review the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer. I LOVE this little gadget and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

I recently had a 15+ year old hair dryer finally quit on me (well, it was throwing sparks... so technically I quit it) so I did the same thing I had done 15 years ago and basically showed up at Target ready to buy the cheapest blowdryer they had. I purchased the cheapest one and took it home and about a month later noticed that my hair was SUPER knotty all the time, like really big and painful knots in my hair. It was especially knotty while I was blowdrying it. I started to suspect it was my blowdryer... since that was the only thing that had changed in my hair routine. When I took to Instagram Stories to get you all's opinion on it a lot of you told me I was crazy - but quite a few of you said you had the SAME hair dryer and the SAME knotty mess while trying to dry your hair with it. I knew I wasn't crazy! Ready to plunk down some cash and finally get a grown up, REAL blow dryer I asked for you gals' opinions.  Right off the bat the T3 blowdryer was a clear favorite. The T3 gets tons of good reviews, both from you gals and from reviews on Sephora and thankfully it was on sale at the time. But a lot of you were ALSO talking about this crazy looking contraption, the Revlon One-Step. 

The Revlon One-Step isn't nearly as sexy looking as that expensive T3 but it ALSO gets rave reviews and it's a mere fraction of the price - so I couldn't resist buying this one too.  I'm not going to review the T3, it's a GREAT blowdryer that does exactly what it says it does.  But the reason why I want to review the Revlon One-Step is because it's unlike anything I have tried before and really works SO SO well for the price that I excited to share it with you.

If you want to see the product in action I've got a video on IGTV today

The Revlon One-Step "What I Love"
1) This crazy contraption is SO easy to use. I am not great at doing my own hair and I can't believe how easy and quick I get a salon quality blow out with this device.
2) Did I mention a salon quality blow out? I've paid for expensive blow outs and I always love the way my hair feels after my stylist does my hair and I'm am not lying when I say that my hair feels JUST as good when I do it at home with the Revlon One-Step.  It's THAT good.
3) The price is amazing. At under $60 this is a STEAL compared to the over $200 price tag that many  higher end blow dryers have these days.
4) It gets REALLY hot. One of the hallmarks of a good blowout is a lot of heat and this device REALLY heats up. Both giving you a quick blow out and a long lasting blow out.
5) It's a blow out that lasts. I find that my hair looks JUST as good the next day and rarely gets kinks in it from sleeping on it or from hair ties. Again, the sign of a great blow out!
6) It's great for a novice hair styler. I am NOT great at doing my own hair. Holding a round brush AND a blow dryer is completely out of the question for me. I love that this device gives me the LIFT and VOLUME of using a round brush without the hassle.
7) If you love volume, it's really easy to get it with the Revlon One-Step. After I am done drying my hair I do one more quick circle around the roots on the crown of my head to give some zhush and it works great!

The Revlon One-Step "What I Would Change"
1) The biggest thing I would change about the Revlon One-Step is the heat settings.  It has "HIGH" "LOW" and "COOL" settings.  I've found the high to be very high and the low very low. I could use a medium. But this is just me being very particular!
2) The Revlon One-Step does begin to feel heavy in my arm after a while. Maybe I'm a wimp!??!

Have you tried the Revlon One-Step!?!? I would love to know your experience with it... and don't forget to watch the full video at IGTV.

p.s. I always disclose when posts are sponsored - but today I wanted to note specifically that this post is NOT sponsored. I just genuinely love this product!

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