Wednesday, May 16, 2018

what's in my makeup drawer!

I posted this photo of my freshly organized and cleaned out makeup drawer in my bathroom to my Instagram Stories last week and was inundated with questions and inquiries about what was what, what colors I use and love, etc, etc. So I thought I would post the ENTIRE contents here today!  Bear with me as there is a lot of products here so I will try to go through each one!

One of the best feelings is cleaning out my makeup drawer! I try to eliminate items I don't wear, items that are likely expired (that lip gloss you bought 10 years ago!) or just go through and make sure the items I have on hand are still my style.  If I don't love it - it's out!  I found these clear organizers at IKEA several years ago, but I found almost the exact trays here or here for a great price as well.

1. Beautycounter Tint Skin is Beautycounter's classic foundation. It has great coverage and is what I usually reach for when I have an event or want something a little heavier. I wear color Linen
2. This is an illuminizer that Burberry sent to me - it's gorgeous to mix half and half with foundation for an extra glow for date night or an event. 
3. By far my favorite product in this whole drawer are these two. It's Dew Skin by Beautycounter. I have color No 1 and No 2 and LOVE this dewy and lightweight foundation that also has SPF. I wear this about 99% of the time.
4. This highlighter by Burberry has a GORGEOUS finish. It's perfect for highlighting the cheekbones or above the brow for a little extra glow. 
5. If you want an highlighter with safer ingredients I love this one by Juice Beauty. The wand has two ends, each with a different complimentary color stick in it. 
6. Like #4 this is another highlighter by Burberry but in stick form. It's just gorgeous. 
7. If you are looking for an illuminizer with safer ingredients I really love this one by Juice Beauty.  Again, I just pump a tiny amount of this into my foundation or Dew Skin for an extra glow that is subtle but beautiful.
8. I love this inexpensive sharpener. Perfect for my brow pencil. And it never breaks the color off.
9. This liquid eyeshadow from Beautycounter was a special edition from the holiday season - supposedly it's coming back, so stay tuned!
10. The Glossier Boy Brow has cult status as one of the best brow products out there. I like it, but more for special events... this isn't an everyday wear for me.
11. Glossier's Cloud Paint is another super popular product that's a liquid blush. I like it, but it doesn't get as much wear as my other blushes. 
12. I am obsessed with the Bare Minerals "Well Rested" - so much so that I have two on hand! It's an under eye concealer/illuminizer so it covers and gives a little glow all while looking super natural. 
13. Beautycounter Highlighting Sticks are another favorite that unfortunately were available only for a short time over the holidays. I have heard they will be back, so stay tuned!
14. If you want a cream blush, I highly recommend this one from Beautycounter. It's soft and natural and really easy to use. I have the "Hibiscus" color and it's so pretty!
15. My Beautycounter powder blushes are my absolute favorites. I have two colors: Bloom/Tulip and Tawny/Whisper. Both are AMAZING. These are just as good or better as the expensive department store brands.
17. This brow pencil is a pencil and brow brush in one - I love it and it's so easy to use!
18. If you are really passionate about safe beauty then you will love this mascara... it's not the one I use all the time because it's formulated with coconut oil so sometimes it's a little dry (warming it in your hands or under hot water will loosen it up perfectly) if you are okay with this extra step you will love it!
19. This Volumizing Mascara is my go-to and has been for years. It gives amazing volume and is a good price.
20. These concealer pens have amazing coverage - you only need the tiniest amount for really great coverage. I have two colors (Fair and Light) but I prefer the Fair... the Light is darker than I would have thought.
21. Beautycounter has the market cornered with their safe lip sticks. I LOVE this bold classic red or these are softer and easy to wear, I have Poppy and Petal.
22. I love these lip balms by Glossier. They are perfect for after washing your face or before bed and the flavors are so yummy!
23. I absolutely LOVE my Beautycounter lip glosses. They are what I use 99% of the time. I have a few in this drawer and a few in my purse. 
24. These Stila lip glosses used to be my favorite... I still use them from time to time but the Beautycounter option is a clear winner for me these days. 

Let me know if you have any questions at all! I think my comments are finally working again (I was working on it forever and I think I got it...) so feel free to ask any questions or chime in with other products you are loving! I always love good recommendations!

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