Thursday, April 12, 2018

top 10 SAFE & affordable beauty must-haves!

You guys already know that I am quite passionate about using safe beauty products in my everyday routine. I first became aware of nasty ingredients in beauty and skincare products right after my son was born (over 13 years ago) and since then I have never looked at beauty products the same.  I'm always searching for safe alternatives to beauty and skincare favorites whenever I shop.  Thankfully there are so many more brands committed to safe beauty today than there were 13 years ago. So while it sometimes still feels like I am searching for a needle in a haystack, at least the haystack is getting smaller.

Today I thought I would round up the top 10 safe beauty products that I love that are under $50 (most are much less than that!) - often times "safe" is equivalent with "expensive" but it doesn't need to be! It's hard to define exactly what 'safe' means in the beauty industry because there are so many variations on "safe" or "organic" or "green" - but for me I look for products without: parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrances and mineral oil to start.  Beautycounter has a really handy list they call their "never list" that outlines the ingredients that they vow never to use. So that is a good place to start as well.  A big part of my push for safer products has included me becoming a Beautycounter rep - I absolutely LOVE their products and they do an amazing job at creating safe products that truly work.  But there are other brands I've found that offer great safe products as well!

Honest lotion  - I think this is actually baby lotion, but I've been using it for quite a few years and my kids use it too. It's very lightly scented and is the perfect everyday lotion for dry winter skin or sunburned skin or really whenever your skin needs some extra moisture. I don't use it on my face - but it's perfect for kids' faces, for me it's just for the body.

Beautycounter Lip Conditioner in Peppermint - it can be really difficult to find a good lip balm without mineral oil (which is a derivative of crude oil - yuck!). I love this safe option that is super minty flavored and so refreshing. I keep one of these in my purse and one next to my bed.

Native Deodorant - I have LONG been on the hunt for natural deodorant and have tried about 99.9% of the options on the market. There are plenty of natural deodorants that are "okay" but until I found this one I never found one I truly, truly loved. This stuff is LEGIT.  There are tons of flavors but the rose/lavender is my favorite.  Sometimes I need to reapply mid-day, but I just had a week at the beach with this stuff and had NO sweaty or stinky armpits at all. This stuff is borderline life changing.

Beautycounter Blush - makeup can be one of the worst offenders for nasty products. I love that this blush is just as beautiful as the fancy department store brands but with none of the bad ingredients. 

Juice Beauty Peel - one of my biggest challenges in using safer beauty products is finding really strong and effective products for the face. This peel is safe AND strong. I love it and think it's about the best peel product you can get for at home that is safe.

Beautycounter Dew Skin Foundation - I just can NOT justify rubbing stuff all over my face that is potentially unsafe. I LOVE this foundation because it's safe and gives my skin a natural dewy glow with an SPF included.  It's the trifecta!

Beautycounter Hand Wash & Lotion - I keep this hand soap and lotion duo at all the sinks in my home. They smell great and I know the whole family is getting clean with clean ingredients too.

Beautycounter Makeup Wipes - these new wipes from Beautycounter are the BEST. I've been using mine non-stop when I am too lazy to wash my face, need a mid-day makeup change or last week I used them at the beach to wash my face between SPF applications since my skin doesn't always react great to lots of SPF.  I can't say enough good things about them! They are also great for tweens/teens that are starting to incarnate daily face washing into their routine.

Andalou Hydration Mask - what girl doesn't love a good face mask session? I've avoided a lot of the current products on the market because of ingredients. I really love this hydrating mask while enjoying the peace of mind of safe ingredients. 

What are some of your favorite SAFE beauty products these days? I would love to know!

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