Thursday, March 22, 2018

home tour: family room!

I'm back with my final home tour post (for now!) today... it's hard to believe that we moved into this home almost two years ago now. It's been an absolute whirlwind of renovations and decorating and mostly just really, really enjoying this home.  If you've followed along for a while we really loved our previous home but it had started to feel so small with two growing kids/teens/tweens and space-wise we were really due for an upgrade.  We looked for what seemed like forever for the "perfect house" - almost 2 full years of house hunting.  And spoiler alert, there is NO perfect house! We found the house we thought would be our forever home, quick sold what was starting to feel like a 'tiny' house and then the day before we closed on our new forever home the entire deal fell through. The sellers wouldn't hold up their end of the bargain on some hefty repairs that needed to be made and it left us no choice but to walk away.  We were officially homeless and heartbroken.  Our realtor quick found us three options that we could get into quickly that were in our desired neighborhood and price range and we settled on this one. So it was meant to be!?!? Or not!?!? We still haven't decided.  But what we do know is that while this house probably isn't our forever home, we LOVE it right now.  We don't regret for one minute making a size upgrade (which we debated endlessly). And the kids really love this neighborhood, so everyone is happy.

So far I've shown you the renovations we've done to the kitchen, living room, and dining room.  Today we round out the tour with the family room... or as it's pretty much known as these days: the kids room.  They destroy this room on the regular, but hey... that's kind of what it is for. It's the TV room and it's right off the kitchen so this room sees a lot of use. We love to light the fireplace and all lounge in here... and of course the kids like to make sure it's messy and full of half eaten snacks at all times. And I have to say, they do a pretty good job of it (wink, wink).

So without anymore chatter... here is the family room, and of course as always... page down to the bottom to see the before photos.

Updating the tile around the fireplace and freshening up the lighting was the first step in this room.  We also added lighting to the wall with the bookcases.

In our previous home we did a large gallery wall with family photos but in the new house I wanted to try something different so we went with these photo ledges and I LOVE them.  The walls flanking the fireplace looked so bare and these are just perfect!

My dream is to one day have the entire wall where the bookcases are be built-in book shelves.  We obviously aren't there yet... so for now we are enjoying the bookcases just as they are. 

The huge windows in this room, and really the entire house, provide such a light and bright room to hang out in.  The fun sputnik style light was something that was on my wishlist from the start in this house and I think this is such a fun room for it. 

Sofa, IKEA
Photo Ledges, IKEA (but similar found here)
Bookcases, IKEA
Grey Chairs, Home Goods (online here)
Fireplace Screen, Pottery Barn
TV Console & Coffee table, Craigslist
Throw Pillows, Home Goods

Now for the before photos!  As always, these were taken from the real estate listing when we bought the house... every time I look at these I almost can't even believe it once looked like that!


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