Wednesday, April 12, 2017

travel diaries: late afternoons on the patio!

One of my favorite traditions both during the summer AND when we are vacationing in a warm climate is late afternoons on the patio.  Our family loves to spend time at the pool and the beach whenever we possibly can!  We are total sun-seekers. After we've had a morning and afternoon of sun and fun the best way to wind down towards dinner is hanging out outside in the shade and finally out of our wet swimsuits. I love to throw on an easy dress and mix a few cocktails before dinner.

A few years ago on vacation my husband invented the "wine spritzer" drink that has now become my favorite vacation and summer drink.  It's light and fresh and only about half the alcohol and easy to make with whatever you have on hand while on vacation (which is usually limited).  We usually have a full kitchen while vacationing (I can't live without it!) and we keep a limited supply of food that we can finish within the week.  I like to make sure there is fruit on hand, plenty of Lacroix or sparkling water and of course, wine.  My husband simply mixes up one part wine with one part sparkling water then adds in a some sliced fruit. Just fill up a big cup with ice then fill it half with wine and half with the sparkling water. It's so easy! This is the perfect poolside or pre-dinner drink because it's so light and refreshing but is easy on the alcohol AND calories!  When we are home, or if we splurge on vacation - it's extra delicious with a dash of St. Germain thrown in.  It's hardly a 'recipe' it's so easy!

I'm a unapologetically a sucker for striped dresses and while I love THIS one for dressier events, the one I am wearing today is super affordable, machine washable and perfect to throw on when you need an effortless look. Sadly, this exact dress is only available in black right now (which I also own and love!) - but no worries... I linked to a few other easy-peasy striped options under $100 below!

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Similar Striped Dresses under $100 - see below

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