Monday, February 8, 2016

my everyday style: winter cape!

I'm to the point of winter where I can hardly take another grey and cold day.  I'm daily dreaming of warm vacations, summer and drinks with umbrellas in them.  Until one or all of those can be mine... I'm depending on simple and gorgeous winter basics to keep me inspired and warm for these endlessly cold days.

This grey cape is incredibly warm and the perfect piece to throw on with jeans and boots for a simple winter look.  A simple silk shirt is a great basic on hand and is also surprisingly warm even though it's not bulky at all.

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Outfit Details
Cape, French Connection - on sale! (similar or similar)
Silk Shirt, J.Crew Factory (similar or similar)
Jeans, 7 for all Mankind (similar)
Earrings, Kendra Scott via Rocksbox, get your first month FREE with code: jillggxoxo
Bag, Michael Kors (similar, similar or similar)

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

my everyday style: a faux fur vest!

I've had this faux fur vest forever... but I had completely forgotten about it for the first half of the winter.  Gah! Now that I have remembered I own it - it's gotten it's fair share of wear. That is for sure. Last week I went on a little road trip with the kids and grabbed this last minute to wear in the car and then proceeded to wear it for the entire weekend.  It's fair to say the faux fur vest is back in my good graces again.  Though I have no idea why it would have been on the outs in the first place.

It's the perfect extra layer of warmth without a lot of bulk. And since it's not too bulky, it works for layering under coats as well if you want that extra, extra bit of warmth too.  Which I admit to taking full advantage of because this time of year I can never seem to warm up.

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Outfit Details:
Faux Fur Vest, Zara (similar, similar or similar)
Cashmere Sweater, J.Crew (similar, similar or similar)
Jeans, AG "Stevie
Boots, Sperry "Saltwater" (similar, similar or similar)
Bag, Rebecca Minkoff
Mug, Starbucks (similar, similar or I love this one!)

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Monday, February 1, 2016


Happy February!  Who else is absolutely thrilled to be just THIS much closer to spring?!?!

Valentine's Day is on the horizon and I have to be honest, while the holiday sometimes gets a bad rap - it's one of my favorites.  For a lot of reasons.  After a long and cold January a little love fest put smack dab in the middle of February is always a welcome respite.  I love spoiling my kiddos and husband and let's be honest... the candy situation is ideal for this sweet-tooth gal.

I like to make sure there is plenty of candy, cupcakes and other treats in the house and then have a fun family dinner planned.  This year I think we may do fondue and board games - doesn't that sound like the perfect winter evening?  Whether you are hanging out with a special someone, with your gal pals, or your kids - it's always fun to make the night special in big or small ways.

These are some fun Valentine's Day finds that I found that I love and that I think you will too...

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Friday, January 29, 2016

my everyday style: leather legging obsession!

Leather leggings had LONG been on my wishlist.  They were one of those pieces that I knew I really wanted, but just couldn't find the "perfect" pair at the "perfect" price.  You know? Plus, I knew I wanted a pair of leather leggings that were actually real leather (yike$!) but that were affordable.  Of course they had to be comfortable as well. 

Then I hit the jackpot.  Right after Christmas I spotted these on sale at Lou & Grey - sadly they are no longer available, but I will link to similar options below.  They were regularly $298 marked down to $75.  I considered that a great deal and thankfully when they arrived they fit (ordering online can sometimes be tricky - I always try to read all the reviews to get a good sense of the fit and thankfully I lucked out)!  So while they were still an investment at $75 I would consider them a really solid investment.  Especially since purchasing them I've worn them quite a few times.  

This particular pair is ponte leggings on the front and back with the leather overlaid on the leggings just on the front.  I mention this because a) it likely made them less expensive to only have leather on the front b) having the back be just leggings seems like it would be more comfortable than sitting on leather c) gives them a lot more stretch/better fit.  If you are looking for leather leggings (which you should!)... I would keep those features in mind.  They seem to make a difference in my opinion .  

One added bonus of leather leggings that I hadn't thought about before wearing them is how insanely warm they are. The leather adds a really warm layer of insulation without being bulky.  And with this cold winter, it makes the leggings not only beautiful, but extremely practical as well.

Here I paired them with a sweatshirt - love the athleisure trend - and a warm coat and scarf.  I could literally wear this outfit for the rest of the winter and be perfectly happy.  It was so comfortable.  Driving mocs are a another new obsession of mine in the past year... they are insanely comfortable while still looking pulled together.  A complete win in my book.

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Outfit Details
Scarf, H&M (similar or similar)
Coat, J.Crew Factory (similar or similar)
Sweatshirt, Lou & Grey
Bag, Madewell
Leather Leggings, Lou & Grey (similar, similar, similar)
Driving Mocs, Coach (similar - on sale!)
Earrings, Kendra Scott (via Rocksbox - get your first month FREE with code: jillggxoxo)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

new in navy!

We can all agree that January is just the worst.  It's so cold, the sun rarely comes out (at least here in Michigan) and we are all just patiently (or not) waiting for spring to arrive.  I don't tend to do a lot of shopping in January - there just aren't a lot of new options out there - and I like to more or less "save up" or wait for new spring arrivals.  But you know... sometimes a girl needs a little retail therapy!

This time of year I gravitate towards seasonless basics or classic neutrals as best I can when shopping.  Navy is a great color to invest in this time of year... it's perfect for winter and it's a also a great color for spring. So if you are in the mood for a little retail therapy, but want to invest wisely so that what you buy now isn't absolutely obsolete in a few months... try some of these gorgeous pieces.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Instagram style...

Have you joined me on Instagram yet!?!? We have fun over there where I feature my daily outfits, books I'm reading and other behind the scenes fun.  Here are some of my favorite recent looks that I thought you would enjoy to see here on the blog as well...

above: plaid top, jeans (I've been wearing these non-stop!), similar necklace, boots - on sale!, book, lip gloss 

above: top, book (SUCH a good read!), flats, earrings, jeans

above: faux fur vest, sweater, mug, lip gloss (my new favorite color!), similar boots

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Friday, January 22, 2016

30 winter wardrobe essentials...

This post is a little late seeing as we are about halfway through winter already, however I still wanted to take time to put it together for a few reasons.  One being, if you are like me you are already getting sick of your winter clothes... this post may work to remind us of pieces we already own but forgot about OR you may still be filling holes in your winter wardrobe and now is the time to do that with many winter pieces on sale now.  The other reason is that this is the perfect reminder that you don't need TONS of winter clothes to make for a cohesive winter wardrobe.  Winter is all about really solid basics like great jeans and sweaters and coats and boots that will keep us warm and stylish for the next couple of months.

My winter wardrobe is the one I really invest in.  Warm winter coats and boots don't come cheap and if you buy right these investments should last several years.  The same goes for sweaters and jeans... I don't want anything that is falling apart, stretching out or pilling mid-season.  Go for investment pieces this time of year and you won't regret it.

Accessories like scarves, a few delicate pieces of jewelry and a great bag or two can go a long way as well.  For bags I like to use a big tote this time of year (easy to sling over the shoulder with all the layers on) or a cross body bag to leave your hands free for mittens or gloves - or a nice warm drink!  And warm socks are ALWAYS in style this time of year... below I featured the pair I can't live without!  High quality snow boots like Ugg and Sorel are absolutely essential for keeping your feet warm.  And for days when it's not too snowy or cold, ankle boots, riding boots or even a pair of sneakers works for looking stylish - if it's warmer where you live or you get a random mild day a gorgeous pair of flats is always nice to have on hand.

This is the season for layering as much as possible, coats or jackets with tops and sweaters and scarves... layer it all on!  Being freezing cold is never in style.  So here are my top 30 winter wardrobe essentials... I hope this inspires your winter wardrobe in a positive way. I know that many of these pieces are similar to items that I own and love and depend on in my wardrobe.







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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

my everyday style: tweedy!

The good news!?!? We are over half-way through January (ugh, January is the absolute worst!! Who's with me?).  The bad news!?!? It's colder than cold here.  I'm doing my best just to get dressed each morning.  Much less looking remotely stylish.  I find myself reaching for a lot of black and whatever warm and cute coat I can get my hands on.  I wish I could just wear sweats and Uggs everyday... but even that gets old before long.

I featured this jacket on both Instagram and Facebook and many of you were curious about it's fit.  I randomly found it on the Anthro sale rack (which I historically don't have much luck with) for a great price and fell in love with it instantly.  It's not a super thick coat but is surprisingly warm - which is nice when this time of year I feel like I can hardly move my arms with all the layers I have on.  I also love the roomy fit for layering over blouses (like I did here) or over bulky sweaters - both work equally well.  For reference I am wearing a size small here.

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Outfit details:
Jacket/Anthro - on sale!
Jeans/Citizens of Humanity
Boots/Coach (similar or similar or similar)
Earrings/Kendra Scott (via Rocksbox, get your first month FREE with code: jillggxoxo)

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Monday, January 18, 2016

the damage, 2016 v. 1

I hear you, I hear you... so many of you are sorely missing the old The Damage posts.  If you are new around here The Damage posts were a monthly series where I outlined my monthly shopping budget by featuring what my monthly wardrobe purchases were. About a year ago I jumped ship on The Damage posts - for a lot of reasons - but mostly because I just didn't know if they fit where I was ultimately going with the blog.  And because, I'll be totally honest, I wasn't keeping really great track of my budget and the whole thing got to be a huge drag to pull together each month.  Also, I don't love talking about money here on the blog. It just all felt a little weird to me.  It still does a little.

BUT, you gals have asked for these posts to come back time and time again.  My theory is that there are two reasons you miss these posts... one being just pure curiosity.  Am I right!?!? There is a reason why "haul" posts are so popular.  The other reason being a lot of you like the outfits I put together and if a shirt doesn't show up on the blog until 3 months after purchasing, it's hard to get a similar look.  Those are my theories. I could be totally wrong.

I want to try to bring this post back in a way that serves you gals and works for me.  This is the current plan... I am posting these first to Instagram (so follow me there!).  Then I will round up a few of them and post them here.  I can't promise this will be a monthly feature or a regular series, but I will do my best.  How does that sound?

I either was stocking up on essentials or was shopping the after Christmas sales.

Coach Driving Mocs (similar) I loved the gold pair so much I snagged these at Nordstrom Rack too!
Lou & Grey Leather Leggings (sold out, similar or similar)
All of these are coming to the blog soon... so stay tuned!

FYI, I ordered size small for all of these... they fit just like the online photo.

Others to mention... 

This coat on major sale at Anthro! I ordered a Small, FYI.
These jeans from Trunk Club... have you ever tried a mail order personal styling service? I liked this one! It was fun to get a huge box of clothes to try on at home!

So that's it... those are my recent purchases.  Have you gotten any good deals or great finds lately?  Do tell!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

my everyday style: boots + a blazer!

Riding boots and a blazer used to be my GO-TO look.  As in, my almost everyday look.  Why the "used to"? Well, I guess I just got sick of it after a while... but then, I wore it again recently (with photographic evidence no less!) and was like 'woah baby' - where have you been all my life?!  I think I am back on the blazer + boots bandwagon again.  And I totally love it.

Blazers can be a little tricky in the dead of winter... they are perfect for fall and spring when the temps are more mild. But it's a look that can still be accomplished this time of year.  Just wait for a milder day.  This blazer is quite warm and you can easily pair it with gloves and a scarf as needed.

If I had to name one look my "signature" look... this would probably be it.

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Outfit Details:
Bag (no longer available; similar style or similar color or similar)
Boots - on sale! But sizes are going quick!

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