Wednesday, February 8, 2017

what to pack: spring break!

This is the time of year where I have exactly ONE thing on my mind... and that is escaping to somewhere warm and sunny!  I know I'm not alone... whether you live in the cold north or midwest or even in the south, everyone loves to head to warmer locales for spring break in the coming weeks and months.

We tend to take very beach or pool heavy spring break trips in our family.  I usually pack just a few outfits for occasional sight-seeing, plenty of bathing suits and cover-ups and a few outfits for dinners and then call it good.  I always try to pack as smart as possible.  In order to keep my suitcase as minimalist as possible I try to stick to a general color theme for a trip.  Lately I'm drawn to pink (maybe you've heard!?!?) and blue is always a given for a trip.  It's just so easy to mix and match.  For my upcoming trips this spring I am also packing plenty of white... it's not always the easiest for traveling (hello, Tide stain stick!) but lately I seem especially drawn to fresh and crisp white pieces.

Here is a little peek into what will be in my suitcase this spring...

from top left, 
a gorgeous pair of classic sunglasses!
this striped linen top the back of this is so cute.
easy to slip on sandals (under $100!) for the pool or dinner.
I always love having a good pair of denim shorts on hand.
this side tie cover up (under $50!) is so fun for throwing over your suit for the pool or boat rides.
I always love a good one piece swimsuit... but this one is also available in a bikini too!
how cute and easy to wear is this classic white mini skirt?
this striped sweater is ideal for throwing over your shoulders in the morning or for cool evenings.
this pink v-neck top (only $20!) is perfect with white jeans for dinner or with shorts for day trips.
I love having a small bag like this gold cross-body bag on hand for shopping or sight-seeing.
floral maxi dress is easy and beautiful to throw on at any time.
striped espadrilles are fun and comfortable and spice up any outfit!
this ruffle sleeve top (only $25!) is perfect for throwing over your bathing suit or wearing to dinner.
And seriously... how cute is this fringe tote (under $100!)??? Perfect for a book and sunscreen!

Shop all the pieces by scrolling below!

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Lillymom said...

Hi Jill,
I always love your packing guides. Will you do a ski spring break packing guide too??? XOXO


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