Tuesday, February 7, 2017

my everyday style: come in from the cold!

If pink and grey aren't the happiest winter color combo, then I don't know what is!  I've been leaning heavily on pink accents in my closet this winter.  I can't imagine slowing down on the pink for spring and summer... in four month from now, this blog may be all pink all the time.  Consider this your fair warning.

There is a lot of monochromatic dressing going on over here, yesterday was all navy and today is a WHOLE lotta grey.  Until I can start sneaking in some spring pieces here and there it's all I can do to keep outfits fresh around here.  The winter always feels a little never ending this time of year... and we still have probably two solid months left here in Michigan. Yikes!  What do you do to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh this time of year? I'm almost wondering if a little closet clean out would give me a fresh perspective.

Outfit Details:
Flats (in suede or in leather)

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