Thursday, February 9, 2017

my everyday style: the grey scale!

Somehow my outfits here took a turn for the very, very grey. It's laughable how much my wardrobe often mimics the weather.  Although I don't tend to wear a ton of color... I just love wearing grey in the winter.  There must be some very technical and real theory behind that.  But for me, it's that it feels warm and cozy and comfortable when the weather is anything but.  Choosing outfits is often more of an emotional decision than anything else.  Do you dress emotionally too?

This is the part of the winter where, like I've mentioned before, I like to switch things up to keep them interesting. I am so OVER my winter clothes at this point.  When I found this vest, I knew it was the perfect little piece to jazz up my existing winter wardrobe.   I'm not usually a vest person, but hey, I'm open to whatever keeps me warm (and stylish!) these days and this vest is perfect!

Outfit Details:
Sweater (no longer available, but similar)
Bag (no longer available, but similar)

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