Wednesday, December 7, 2016

holiday 2016 gift guide: sleepwear for the whole family!

I've got another great gift guide today for you... if you are just tuning in, check out all the other gift guides here!

In our household we are super SERIOUS about our cozy clothes.  We like to wear them as much as possible, and we like them super cozy.  So it's no surprise that sleepwear is one of the top gifts under our family tree.  My kids go nuts for the Hanna Anderson pjs - yes, even my 12 year old boy! They like them because no pjs are warmer and softer, I like them because they wash really well and are free from chemicals that lots of kids pjs have.  But my kids will pretty much take any cute pjs!  And me too... there is nothing like sliding on super soft robe or pair of pj pants at the end of the day. Or waking up first thing and putting your toes into soft slippers instead of on the cold floor. And for once and for all I really need to get myself one of those eye covers for traveling.

And I don't think our family is alone.  Everyone loves great pjsrobesslippers and blankets this time of year.  That is why they make for some of the easiest gifts to give! Here are some sleepwear inspired gifts that will be just perfect for any loved ones on your list this year.  Think babysitters, aunts, bffs, boyfriends, nieces, nephews and on and on.

Shop all the pieces by scrolling below...

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