Monday, June 27, 2016

summer uniform - pt 4

Today I am back with another SUPER easy summer uniform...

What is a summer uniform you ask!?! You know those outfit combos that you pull out time and time again? The ones that always just "work"? Those are like little wardrobe "uniforms" - they are easy to pull together, follow a simple formula and are perfect to have in your back pocket for those mornings you are rushing around with no time to think about your outfit or if you are just feeling a little un-inspired. Instead of pulling out the outfit you wore yesterday (hey, we are all guilty of that from time to time) or just throwing on yoga pants - you can throw on one of these super easy "summer uniforms" instead. So easy, right!?!?

You can see all the previous "summer uniforms" I have put together here!  It's no surprise that striped dresses are a mainstay in my wardrobe.  They are constantly popping up here on the blog and on my Instagram too.  But for good reason, striped dresses are a total 'one-and-done' look - they are an instant outfit that is the perfect backdrop for whatever your vibe for the day is. You can go dressy with a wedge and a nice purse, you can go casual with a sandal, or like I put together here you can go for the sporty vibe with a striped dress and a pair of sneakers! This is a super easy, everyday look for summer.

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