Wednesday, March 30, 2016

my everyday style: spring in-VEST-ments!

The best thing about slowly investing in quality basics for your wardrobe is that one day (I would argue EVERYDAY, but for this instance)... you can pull an outfit from your closet made from pieces you gathered here and there - nothing really "new", mind you - and have what feels like a brand new outfit.  You know, like a "brand new" outfit.  Those outfits you buy, rush home from the store, pop all the tags, put on and feel like a million bucks in!?!? Yes THOSE kinds of outfits are great, too.

But when you can feel THAT good without popping any tags, without spending a dime from your clothing budget and when you can do it in about 2 seconds flat.  That feels soooooo much better than spending a bunch of money on a new outfit.    You know what that feeling is for me.  It's the feeling of hard work and smart spending PAYING OFF.

THAT feeling my friends is what this blog is all about for me.  Yes, yes, yes... I LOVE to pop me some tags.  But I also love the quiet confidence of waking up in the morning and knowing that I can completely avoid the "I have nothing to wear" dread... because I do.  I DO have something to wear. I've been working for years to have something to wear and it pays off.  It really does.  There is no more a damsel in distress in my closet.  Besides... she's got stuff to do.  She's a busy lady!

So while I am like a broken record around here about "investing in basics," "finding season-less staples," and "make sure your wardrobe can mix and match!"  It's because it all comes down to this.  Pulling out a classic pair of black jeans, a simple utility vest, a pair of loafers and a striped top and calling it - not good, but - GREAT.  And more importantly, calling it "done". Because you've got stuff to do too. You're busy. You're important.

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Outfit Details:
Vest, Old Navy (similar, similar or similar)
Black Jeans, Gap (old but similar invest, similar save)
Loafers. J.Crew (old but similar, similar)
Necklace, Kendra Scott via Rocksbox - get your first month FREE with code: jillggxoxo

or shop the look below...

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