Thursday, March 31, 2016

12 dresses to love for spring!

We are all so, so ready to ditch the heavy layers and coats and boots and what better to replace them all with than effortless and stylish summer dresses.  I LOVE an easy breezy dress for summer... and while they don't always show up here on the blog a lot, I do wear them a lot.  Mostly over a swimsuit for the pool or beach or for a super easy weekend look.  In general, dresses happen when the camera is off and family or relaxing time is ON.  Which I think speaks volumes about the ease of use with these beauties.  Everyone needs down time, and these options are a virtual "down" outfit without looking like it.

Plus, let's be honest here... as I (we?) get older I am less and less up for shorts in the spring and summer (the legs are the first to go!).  Dresses offer the perfect one-and-done look while ALSO hiding a bevy of flaws or insecurities.  So if you can just grab one piece from your closet and that one piece also happens to make you feel super good about yourself? That's a no-brainer.

Here are a few dresses I would LOVE to add to my wardrobe this spring and summer... I think you will like them too!  Plus, they are all UNDER $150 and most are under $100 with some even under $50... so there is truly something for every budget and style here! You can thank me later... ;)

or shop all the pieces here:

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