Tuesday, February 9, 2016

7 great love stories to read this week!

With Valentine's week upon us I thought I would suggest a few of my favorite love stories.  I've been absolutely terrible at updating my (now defunct) book blog. But I know you gals love to know what I've been reading lately.  I've been posting books as I read them (mostly) on Instagram - so join me there for book updates as well.  But for today I thought it would be fun to pull together some of my favorite lovey-dovey picks.  Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little  love story and these 7 books are some of my all time favorites.

Read on to see why each of these has a special place in my heart.  And choose one (or four!) of them to indulge in this week!  You won't be dissapointed!

Brooklyn - a darling story of a Irish immigrant in New York City as she discovers love and herself.  The movie is very sweet too!
Pride & Prejudice (how cute are those book covers!?!?) - my all time favorite classic love story. And I could watch the movie on a continuous loop and never tire of it.  Bonus: it's streaming on Netflix right now!
Charleston - a love story about honoring your past and trusting your future all set in the delicious South.
The Shoemaker's Wife - I'm reading this right now and LOVE it.  Set in Italy and New York City, two immigrants follow their hearts and blaze new trails in a new world.  You must read this!
The Royal We - inspired by Kate Middleton and Prince William this book will make you fall in love with a prince and wish you went to England for college.
Along the Infinite Sea - a page turner of a book set both during World War II Europe and 1960's America with unforgettable characters.
The Swan Gondola - this love story comes alive with the backdrop of the Omaha World's Fair in 1898.  Carnival rides, crazy exhibits, swan gondolas and star-crossed lovers.

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