Wednesday, August 19, 2015

wear it now and later: boyfriend jeans!

I walked into my closet the other day totally, over the top, forget about it sick of summer shorts and found this pair of boyfriend/girlfriend jeans that I had completely forgotten that I owned.  Don't you love it when that happens?!? It seriously made my day.  Then I wore them for multiple days straight.

Yes, it's hot here.  And really, really humid. Like you walk outside and your whole outfit and body feels soaking wet instantly.  But the past few weeks have been heads-down-g.s.d. days so I am mostly in AC all day.  Otherwise jeans wouldn't be possible at all.  But this is the thing with where I am at with summer right now. My kids still don't start school for three weeks (kill me!) and I am swamped with work (I've got some super fun projects coming to the blog soon!) and fall sports are in full swing.  So we are at max capacity.  I'm over shorts. So I let myself wear jeans. I'm over being the camp counselor mom promising fun and action at every turn. So I let my kids run wild with the neighbors. My house is a disaster from neglecting it all summer. So I let it just go, or try to (I'm not good at letting this one go).  We've been traveling every weekend. So I let dinner planning go out the window, cereal anyone?

My point is that boyfriend jeans are just what I need right now… maybe you need them too? Maybe life is feeling a little upside down for you like it is me and these slouchy devil-may-care jeans are just up your alley right now too.  If so, I've got good news… you can wear them now and later.   These boyfriend jeans are perfect with a little lace top for hot days now… then layer them with plaid and a vest and some cute little boots this fall.  Voila!

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