Thursday, June 18, 2015

closet staples: sneakers!

Like I mentioned last week, once a week I want to pull back from the new-new-new and really focus in on what the staples in my closet are right now.  While I, like most gals, just absolutely love getting new clothes and shopping in general. There is equal joy in pulling out an old favorite from the closet… especially when you know that the pieces that you have in your closet already fit you great, integrate into your wardrobe and your life well and of course, make you feel good when you are wearing them!

These sneakers have become an absolute necessity in my life! I don't know how I lived without them before… they are great for busy moms and weekends, farmers market and toting around town, sporting events and any time you have to walk for far. I just love 'em.  Here are some of my favorite ways I have worn them in the past!

If you are looking for a pair, these are from J.Crew… they don't make this EXACT color anymore but they still have very cool styles… HERE or HERE.  Nordstrom also has very similar pairs to these but they keep selling out, so if they don't have your size, check back. They can be found HERE, they also have some other fun colors here and here if you like bright and bold.

above: jeans & bag

above: jeans & bag

So what do you think? Are you loving sneakers too? 


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