Tuesday, June 2, 2015

8 easy ways to wear white this summer!

Without a doubt, when summer rolls around I am most excited about breaking out my white clothing.  That is not likely news to you if you've been around here for a while… you've seen me wear white and listened to me wax poetic about it.  White jeans, white skirts, white tops, white shorts, white on white… you get the picture. 

What I love most about white is that it's a neutral - so it mixes and matches with pretty much anything in your wardrobe like brights, pastels, and other neutrals - but it's also adds a super fresh and bright feel to any look.  Swap out black, brown, grey or jewel tones from the fall and winter with a white top or bottom and you have an instant summer look.   Here I pulled together 8 easy ways to wear white this summer… I hope you enjoy them!

1. white jeans (similar) with brown sandals (similar)… a classic & easy look.

2. white on white for a striking and stylish look. (similar tunic)
3. white with grey for a casual but pulled together feel. (similar sneakers)

4. white layers for chilly summer nights at the beach. (cardigan, purse)
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7. white with a bold color like orange (similar).

8. a classic white blouse with distressed denim shorts and white clutch accent (similar).

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