Thursday, March 5, 2015

10 everyday easy "mom" outfits!

One question I get a lot from readers is how to achieve the balance of style with motherhood.  I've been a mom for over 10 years now (hard to believe!) and while it does get easier as the kids grow up, I think style and motherhood can easily go hand in hand.  Even right from the beginning.  No it's not always easy, yes you might get muddy hands on your new jeans or puked on or spill something. But don't let those little insignificant trials stand in the way of looking and feeling your best.

Easy mom outfits depend on a strong foundation of machine washable pieces… but even within those boundaries there is a lot of room for creativity and to break the rules a bit.

7 tips for easy "mom" outfits:
- Make the foundation of your wardrobe machine washable basics. Jeans and properly fitting t-shirts are a great place to start.
- Always keep a few "add-ons" on hand to mix up the jeans and a tee (or sweaters or tanks) look like blazers or scarves. These keep outfits looking pulled together and keeps your basics feeling fresh.
- Necklaces, earrings, or bracelets can always add creative element to any look. If your babies are very young you may have to forgo these for a few months if they are pulling or chewing on them - but keep perspective on how quickly this phase goes. You'll be back in jewelry in no time!
- Easy to wear but stylish shoes are key.  It's easy to run for flip flops and gym shoes time and time again but if you have a few nice pairs of flats or ankle boots you will be surprised how easily they can dress up a look.
- Ditch the yoga pants.  Find a few pairs of jeans or really high quality ponte leggings that fit you really great and that you feel amazing in.  Pair them with classic tees and sweaters and you will instantly feel feminine and beautiful.
- Stock up on stain treatments.  I love the Shout Wipes for my purse and the Oxy Stain Spray for at home. The stains I have gotten out of clothes with these two is amazing.  Stains and spills are a part of motherhood so make sure you are prepared!
- Have fun getting dressed each day! Treat your outfit as a sacred part of your daily routine.  Get up, get dressed and have some fun with it - be that confident and beautiful woman that your kids and husband already know you are!

Why I love this look: Distressed jeans and simple striped top, paired with leopard flats is a timeless look that is easy to wear for whatever your day throws at you. Bonus, the whole outfit goes in the wash at the end of the day!

Why I love this look: All black is stain proof and mommy-brain proof. Just grab two black pieces from your closet and you are set for the day. 

Why I love this look: Investing in a nice winter coat can really dress up a simple outfit all winter long. Ditch the puffer jacket and try a lady like coat for cold days.
Get the look: coat, sweater, jeans, leopard flats, bag.

Why I love this look: A blazer and a graphic tee is a REALLY easy outfit combo that can be worn again and again and for many seasons.  This look takes no time flat to pull together in the morning.

Why I love this look: An army inspired jacket like this one is warm and comfortable and instantly pulls a look together.  
Get the look: jacket, plaid top, jeans, leopard flats, bag.

Why I love this look: This is the same outfit as the first photo, just with different accessories! How easy is that? Here I just added ankle boots, a scarf and a denim jacket.

Why I love this look: Oversized casual layers are super easy and comfortable to wear and even can hide the midsection of your body where a lot of women have problems after having kids.  Trendy sneakers can instantly make a look more modern.
Get the look: sweater, gingham top, jeans, sneakers.

Why I love this look: Jeans and a sweater are great combo - but if the look needs a fresh take - just add a vest!
Get the look: sweater, jeans, vest, ankle boots, bag.

Why I love this look: Be weather ready with the right footwear!  Hunter boots are great for splashing around with your kids, walks to the bus stop or just general errand running in foul weather.

Why I love this look: A leather jacket with the classic striped tee and jeans combo (again!) up a notch!  Trendy sneakers keep the look modern and comfortable.


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