Monday, March 9, 2015

9 spring dresses to love!

I can tell spring is on it's way in one super easy way… by simply walking in my closet.  This time of year I walk in my closet and want to literally start the whole thing on fire and start from scratch. That's how I know the seasons are changing. I absolutely cringe at the thought of boots, sweaters, jeans and scarves. It almost seems impossible to pull together one more winter look.  (so it's going to be a tricky month… for sure!)

In order to keep up the hope until spring actually does arrive (or at least until I can head out for spring break!) I'm doing my fair share of swooning over spring clothes.  Right now I crave simple and light, free arms and bare legs.  Dresses seem to be catching my eyes left and right these days and while I am not a huge dress-wearer I would gladly take any one of these adorable options and a 70 degree day right now!

What I love about these options is they are so minimal and effortless.  They can easily be layered with jackets or scarves or even dressed up or down.  Each of these are just so easy… and beautiful.


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