Wednesday, September 10, 2014

on my radar/September!

Just a few things catching my eye lately… what's been on your radar lately?

druzy bracelet… obsessed with anything druzy lately. So gorgeous, right?

distressed jeans… I'm perfectly okay with adding another pair to my harem.

cozy swingy roomy sweaters… this one in every color please.

j.crew scents… of course I have to hop on this bandwagon. Has anyone smelled these in person? Curious to know how they smell.

eyeglasses… back to school season always has me craving a new pair of specs.  You know?

vintage LV… vintage LV has been on my mind lately and I just discovered Piperlime is carrying select styles. Very intriguing. I would love to hear your thoughts on LV/vintage/vintage LV.  Do tell.

classic green Hunter boots… winter is a b*#$%! why not have another pair of boots to make it easier to handle.

Also, on a completely different note.  A blogger that I had never heard of (and am SO glad I discovered her blog) recently sent me some love by linking to me.  So insanely sweet of her. Remember the old days when bloggers linked to each other other the time. I realized I miss those days.  So as an added bonus:

Here are a few bloggers on my radar lately… 
Un-fancy, she was so sweet to link to me and I just LOVE her blog and the premise of her seasonal shopping strategy. Seriously, check this gal out.
Burlap and Lace, she can decorate my house any time. Girl's got style.
Merrick's Art, she sat next to me at Garance's keynote speech at Alt Design Summit, since then I've been a fan.
Brown Eyed Fox, my hair dresser just told me about her the other night, she doesn't blog much but her Instagram is great.  (I kinda want her dog)

Just a few blogs I'm loving on lately… I'll bring you some more soon!

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