Thursday, September 25, 2014

how to style waxed denim!

Lately I have found myself pulling from my archives for new blog post content… have you noticed that? This is why:

I think that once you wear an outfit it's not done or expired.  I wear pieces multiple times (two days in a row sometimes even!) in real life… so I really feel like I should highlight that here on the blog.  I don't always have time to shoot one piece in 4 or 5 different looks… but pulling from the archives is a great way to highlight the versatility of one piece  - especially over the years or seasons.  The clothing we add to our closet should hold up style- and quality-wise to a high number of wears over the seasons and years.

Ultimately we want our wardrobes to feel fresh and new to us even when we've already worn everything once before. Mixing and matching the pieces we love into new outfits is the way to do it… (I talked more about that here) If we are always depending on new purchases to make getting dressed fun it can be expensive and a huge disservice to the great pieces we already own.

My kids and I have started watch The Cosby Show re-runs on Hulu.  That show has to hands down be one of the best shows ever - it is rich with humor, thoughtful family scenarios and parenting advice and I never get sick of watching the old episodes, it's so fun to see my kids watch them for the first time.  Granted my outfits in re-runs don't hold a candle to The Cosby Show in re-runs… but  still.  Nothing wrong with a re-run in my opinion.

waxed denim options:

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