Friday, August 8, 2014

on my radar… August!

Who's excited!?!? Fall items are hitting the shelves at your favorite retailers and I'm giddy at the thought of it.  I plan on doing my usual seasonal posts featuring the best of the season and the must-haves but in the meantime… here are a few things that have already caught my eye.

leather bag: this bag is gorgeous and also comes in navy (!!) and the price, well, it can't be beat.

orsay flats: J.Crew finally is jumping on the bandwagon with this style and of course, it's beautifully executed.

j'adore tee: you have to check out these graphic tees from Old Navy - spot on for style and price!

surplus coat: this coat is gorgeous. I have an ongoing affair with army style jackets and since I already own two, I probably don't need another… but this one. Love it.

mixed media sweater: I don't want to think about sweater season, but at the same time this sweater is making me very excited for it. Part sweater, part oxford. My kind of sweater!

black grey skinny jeans: I'm not much of a black jean gal - but I'm kind of craving a pair for this fall. Are you a fan of the grey/black jean? 

track pants: hello comfort and style! If 'they' say cozy pants are in style, who's to argue right? Can you see yourself wearing this trend this fall? I may have to try it.

gorjana necklace: I'm having a moment with delicate jewelry lately. They are so fun to wear and layer. Rocks Box successfully got me hooked on Gorjana.  Eek! They are a touch on the pricey side but so so gorgeous!

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