Wednesday, June 11, 2014

what to pack: weekend in the city!

A reader recently emailed me about her upcoming weekend trip to New York City this summer - she was curious about what to pack!  Weekend vacations in the summer are SO fun… especially when they involve big cities.  I always love to visit Chicago in the summer and a while back I did a weekend trip to New York City myself in the summer.  There is always so much to see and do in big cities and with warm temperatures it makes for a great weekend of strolling and discovering, shopping and eating, and absorbing all the fun and energy a big city has!

New York City in the summer is HOT (or least it really can be!) but there is plenty of shade between buildings and in Central Park.  When considering what to pack for a weekend in New York City I recommend going for light layers and easy to wear pieces.  Footwear is the biggest challenge in New York City in my opinion.  I usually like to wear flip flops for comfort on vacation and even for long walking days (call me crazy, but Havainas feel like sneakers to me!) but if you wear open shoes/sandals prepare for your shoes and your feet to get CRAZY dirty in NYC.  I remember actually throwing my sandals away - ewwwww!  So pack closed toe shoes or be prepared to part with your sandals at the end of the trip if need be - here I included some inexpensive sandals for just that reason!  Other necessities include a tote for daytime shopping and walking and a small cross-body bag for evenings and of course a few lightweight layers like a jacket and scarf.

Do you have some fun weekend trips coming up this summer? Do tell!

see you around...

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Jennifer said...

Thanks so much! I've ordered that 'amazing' shirt and I'm looking forward to packing/shopping for my trip! lol


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