Monday, February 3, 2014

fresh finds under $50 to get you excited for spring!

I don't think we need much at this point to get us excited for spring - it's a quite natural occurrence this time of year.  But if we did/do… spring clothes usually do the trick!  This is the time of year that I start irrationally shopping for pastels, tees, tanks and shorts… even though there are a few months until any of it will be worn.  Come to think of it… I do this in the summer sometimes in preparation for fall.  It's a  bad habit, I know.

Today I pulled together 12 fresh pieces for spring that are all under $50.  I haven't officially started making a spring wish list yet… but I do know it will involved some brights, some pastels and some great neutrals as well.  These pieces are definitely getting me inspired for spring shopping and warmer temperatures!

Have you started your spring wish list yet? Or your spring shopping! Fess up! 

see you around...

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