Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 new striped styles you are sure to love!

I never would have imagined that this glorious stripe trend would still be going strong (what is this 2? 3? years later) this long.  It's my dream come true… one, because my closet is still full of stripes and I love wearing them and two, because stripes are my number one no-brainer-go-to wardrobe piece.  Don't know what to wear? Stripes.

I tend to prefer them in black and navy blue mixed with white (that's not to say I don't love them in all colors) so here I peeped out a few of my favorite styles that are JUST hitting the stores.  Stripes are always a great spring pick and they also work great for late winter with layers like jackets, cardigans, scarves and blazers.

1. boat neck sweater 2. drop waist dress (perfect bathing suit cover up for summer!) 3. clutch 4. bow bracelet 5. striped scarf 6. striped pants (love!) 7. triple stripe elbow patch sweater 8. stripe hand bag 9. striped blazer (very, very cute!) 10. striped soludos

see you around...

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