Tuesday, January 21, 2014

what to pack: the streamlined carry on!

When I travel with my kids or on longer trips my carry on is a disaster... laptops, iPads, cords everywhere, snacks overflowing and with maybe even a stuffed animal in tow.  But when I am traveling alone or with just my husband for a 3-5 day trip, a simple and streamlined carry on will do the trick. Thank goodness!  As I prep for Alt Design Summit I am carefully planning my carry on bag contents.

I try to keep it simple and lightweight but still pack the necessities... for me that is to start with a large purse.  Then I make sure to add my iPhone and iPad (stocked with perhaps a movie and definitely a few books) and a power cable.  Then other small personal necessities like hand cream, lip gloss, hand sanitizer and small bags to keep all the items organized are a must.  I finally broke down and bought a travel pillow (nerd alert!) because I really don't fly "well" and would prefer to sleep... so I am hoping this eases me into some serious zzzzz's.  Lastly a scarf to keep warm if need be and some sunglasses to say "don't bother me" or for a sunny locale when I land.  I'll probably also add some trail mix and a few of my favorite tea bags in case I want a healthy snack on board or while waiting at the gate.

What are your carry on essentials?

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