Wednesday, January 22, 2014

put a bling on it.

If you are like me this is about the time of year that you are starting to get sick of your winter clothes... sweaters, layers, coats, gloves, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Choosing outfits each morning based on the wind chill is a major downer.  I often feel trapped by how many layers I have to wear or knowing that I should choose that really, really warm sweater AGAIN even if it's not what I am in the mood to wear. You know?

But since we still have about two more months of cold and snow (sob!) it's time to take a refresh and get creative in our closets.  This time of year I am drawn to sparkly baubles and blingy jewels.  It's not only respite for the eyes from the cold and grey but it also is a great way to add a little something to those tired winter sweaters and flannels.

At this time of winter... a little bling goes a long way!

see you around...

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