Monday, January 20, 2014

what to wear: travel day!

I've definitely got travel on the mind this week as I prepare to jet off to the mountains for Alt Summit.  But I don't think I am the only one jetting off this time of year... there are not only oodles of talented bloggers heading to Alt with me, but there are just as many people heading south for warmth and relaxation as well.

When traveling to colder temperatures I like to make sure that any bulky items on my packing list like boots, scarves and coats are worn on my body to avoid having to find room for them in a suitcase (I like to travel as light as possible).  On the other hand when traveling to warmer temperatures you want to make sure you have plenty of layers so that you are warm enough at the airport where you start your travels (those jet bridges can be freeeezing cold!) and cool enough when you arrive in *hopefully* sunny and warm locales.

No matter where you are traveling I like to suggest comfortable pants for all that sitting you will be doing in the airport and airplane. I love leggings the best (especially with a nice long coat) but these legging jeans are just as comfortable if you aren't into leggings.

into the cold: 

into the warmth: 

Either way you will want a bag stocked with all the necessities as well... stay tuned later this week on the blog for a post on carry on must-haves!

see you around...

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