Wednesday, January 29, 2014

shake up your winter wardrobe… go monochromatic!

Show of hands… who might be just a little teensy bit sick of their winter wardrobe by now? If you didn't raise your hand you obviously have too many clothes (kidding, maybe) or you haven't been wearing jeans and sweaters for three straight months like those of us up north here have been.  And I'm jealous of you (kidding again, maybe).

Of course I absolutely love my winter wardrobe, it's just that as February starts to roll around I am working harder and harder to keep it feeling fresh and stylish while I patiently wait for the weather to make it's slow ascent to spring.  Who's with me?

A great way to shake up our wardrobes this late in the winter season is to have some fun going monochromatic with our looks.  Try all black for a day (so European of you!) or pile on the red for a bold and sassy look… or look towards spring with a little extra white or pink for a day like the looks below.  Winter is a marathon - let's finish strong!

pink look: jeans, sweater, earrings, scarf, boots, bag

white look: flats, clutch, sweater, watch, jeans

see you around...

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